Two-Face: Part 2 (Batman: The Animated Series)

Two-Face: Part 2
AirdateSeptember 28, 1992
Production Number11
Airdate Number18
Running Time22 minutes
Directed byKevin Altieri
Written byRandy Rogel
Previous EpisodeTwo-Face: Part 1
Next EpisodeIt's Never Too Late

Two-Face: Part 2 is the 11th episode of Batman: The Animated Series. It first aired on September 28, 1992.

[edit] Plot

It has been six months since Harvey Dent escaped from the hospital after his face became deformed from the chemical explosion. Now calling himself "Two-Face" and wearing a half-white, half-black suit, Dent sits in a car that is parked outside of a bookie joint run by Rupert Thorne. He pulls out a coin and says he will flip it to decide their next move, with the good side meaning leaving the place alone, and the bad side (the scratched side of the coin) meaning they will go in hard. Not too long afterwards, the twins who work has Harvey's goons bust down the door, shooting tommy guns into the air. First stealing a bag of silver dollar bills, the two henchman eye the safe. Two-Face tells them that his coin will decide what to do with the stash, and with it landing on the good side, he tells them to leave the pile of money. Before leaving, Two-Face tells the people in the building that Thorne is going down.

Two-Face looking at his coin.

After hearing of the robbery, Thorne puts a bounty out on Two-Face's head for $2 million dollars. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne is having a frightening nightmare about his friend, Harvey. He is begging for Bruce to help him, and having a transformation into the deformed Two-Face, he falls from a ledge, asking why Bruce didn't see the signs. Then, Bruce sees a vision of his parents, also asking why he could not prevent their death. Suddenly, Bruce wakes up from the dream in a cold sweat, promising to save his friend.

Later on, two police officers visit Harvey's old girlfriend, Grace. They give her a beeper and tell her to activiate it so they can come to its location and help Harvey. After the cops leave, they reveal themselves to be associates of Rupert Thorne, with one of them being Candice. Back at a hideout, Two-Face is counting up his money when he glances at a picture of Grace in his wallet. One of his men suggests that he go visit her, but Two-Face leaves the decision up to his coin. It lands on the bad side, but disregarding this, Two-Face says that its time for Thorne to taste the same fate as himself.

In the batcave, Batman, along with Alfred's help, is able to figure out that Harvey is going to take out Rupert Thorne next after already attacking and robbing his varios business fronts. Meanwhile, Two-Face and his men rummage through the office of Thorne's lawyer. They find what they came looking for, a packet of files implicating Thorne in a number of crimes. Just then, Batman shows up and knocks one of the henchman to the ground. Trying to reach out to his friend by telling him that Grace still wants to be with him, Batman is blind-sided by Two-Face after being distracted by his other goon. While escaping, Two-Face knocks Batman into a custodian cart, leaving him unconscious. When he wakes up, Batman realizing he has a piece of Two-Face's jacket in his hand with a box of matches.

Two-Face and Grace embracing.

Two-Face is later reminded of Grace and decides to call her up. He tells her to go downstairs to the waiting car and they will take her to him. After arriving at a rundown club called "Wild Deuce 2", Grace enters and finds half the room neatly organized and lit, with the other half a mess covered in darkness. Two-Face is standing in the middle, and Grace walks up and embraces her former fiance. Telling him that she still loves him, she removes a piece of cloth that Two-Face had covering the ugly side of his face. Just as they are about to embrace, Two-Face's goons stand facing them at the entrance before falling over dead. Thorne and his men then enter the grounds with guns drawn.

Demanding that Two-Face give up the files he stole, Thorne threatens to harm Grace unless he complies. Resisting at first, Two-Face walks over to his roulette table and lifts it up, revealing a secret compartment with the packet of information inside. Handing them over to Thorne, the crime boss then orders for them to be killed. Just as Dent is about to be shot, Batman uses his batarang to pull the goon away. Batman was able to use the matches to track them to the location. Thorne then pulls out a gun and aims towards Batman, but Two-Face kicks the weapon into the air, causing a chandelier to fall on Throne, trapping him. After dispatching of the henchman, Two-Face picks up a tommy gun from the floor and aims at Thorne. Pulling out his coin, he tells Thorne that the coin will decide his fate. Batman tells his friend to stop, But Two-Face says that the coin makes all decisions for him now. As it is tossed into the air, Batman grabs the box of silver-dollars and tosses them in the air, causing Two-Face's coin to get lost in the pile. He freaks out and frantically searches for it.

After Thorne and his men are escorted away by police, Dent is led by Grace to a van that will take him to Arkham Asylum. Batman then flips a coin into a nearby fountain as a sign that Harvey still has a chance. It lands heads up, signifying that there may still be hope.

[edit] Cast/Characters

Character Voice Actor
Bruce Wayne / Batman Kevin Conroy
Two-Face Richard Moll
Alfred Pennyworth Efram Zimbalist Jr.
Commissioner Gordon Bob Hastings
Rupert Thorne John Vernon
Candace Diane Michelle
Grace Murphy Cross

[edit] Background Information and Notes

  • Whenever Two-Face makes a decision by flipping his coin, when the marred side is up he acts as Two-Face, but when the clean side is up he acts as Harvey would act.
  • When Two-Face is putting the stolen cash in his wallet, we see a card on the right side of his wallet. The name on the card is TWOFACE. What kind of company lets people get cards with names other than legal names?
  • In the comics, Two-Face’s coin is a double-headed Susan B. Anthony silver dollar; one side immaculate, the other side marred. Although the design of the coin in this episode is clearly that of a quarter, the passing reference in the opening scene to the box full of silver dollars implies that Two-Face's coin was at least originally scripted to be a double-headed silver dollar.
  • The scene at the climax where Batman throws out multiple silver dollars to confuse Two-Face's coin flip was used again in Batman Forever (1995).
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Bat-Cycle.

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