Two-Face: Part 1 (Batman: The Animated Series)

Two-Face: Part 1
AirdateSeptember 25, 1992
Production Number10
Airdate Number17
Running Time22 minutes
Directed byKevin Altieri
Story byAlan Burnett
Teleplay byRandy Rogel
Previous EpisodeBe A Clown
Next EpisodeTwo-Face: Part 2

Two-Face: Part 1 is the 10th episode of Batman: The Animated Series. It first aired on September 25, 1992.

[edit] Plot

Harvey Dent has a bad dream while napping in his office. In it, Harvey is walking around lost and cofused until he confronts his alter-ego, known as "Big Bad Harv". This side of Harvey has a coin that he flips methodically, and during this encounter, he teases and talks down to his other half, saying "It's time, Harvey". Walking up frightened, Dent is alerted by his assistant that Commissioner Gordon has begun the raid downtown. Hurrying over there, police have surrounded a building held up by a group of men attempting arms theft. As the criminals fire down on Dent and the police, they prepare a rocket launcher to cause massive damage. Just then, Batman swoops in from behind and takes all of the criminals out, handing them over to the authorities. During an interview with reporter Summer Gleeson, Dent thanks Gordon and his men for their hard work as Batman looks on the situation from above. As one of the criminals is being loaded for transport, he shouts at Harvey that Rupert Thorne, the criminal mastermind behind the operation, will put him in his place. Angered by this, Dent begins sweating until he rushes at the man and grabs him, tossing him to the ground. Ready to throw a bunch, Dent is stopped at the last second and led away by Gordon, who is shocked at his behavior.

Rupert Thorne learns of his incident during a news report on television. Believing that it will only lead to more votes come election time for Dent, Thorne tells his associate Candance to follow him and uncover some dirty laundry. Later that night, a fundraiser is thrown for Harvey at Wayne Manor by his good friend, Bruce Wayne. Thanking all of the citizens attending for their votes, Harvey embraces his girlfriend Grace before he finds out from his assistant that Thorne's men have been released from custody because the warrant for their arrest wasn't complete. Becoming angered again, Harvey grabs the man and throws him into a table. Candance, attending the event, watches on. Harvey then walks into another room where he is confronted by Bruce and Grace. They urge him to see a psychiatrist, which he agrees to.

Big Bad Harv during his psychiatric visit.

Dr Nora Crest hypnotizes Harvey in an attempt to bring out his alter-ego. It isn't long before Big Bad Harv shows up and begins flipping his coin. Dr Crest explains that as a child, Harvey kept his anger pent up inside, refusing to let it out. Until he learns to deal with the anger, the multiple personality issue will continue. Big Bad Harv becomes upset over this as he wants to be the dominant being. He throws a table threw the office window and grabs Dr Crest before she snaps her fingers, bringing Harvey back to his normal self. Realizing the destruction he caused, Harvey agrees to more sessions. Outside of the office, Candance listens in with a smile. Later on, while at a gathering with Grace and Bruce to celebrate the enormous amount of votes he is receiving in his re-election, Harvey receives a phone call from Thorne. He is threatening to release his psych files to the public unless he meets him. Leaving the party quickly, Dent hops into an awaiting limo. Knowing that something is wrong, Bruce gets into his batsuit and follows after his friend.

Tossing a tracking beacon onto the limo, Batman is able to follow Dent to a warehouse using his batmobile. While spying on the meeting from above, Thorne reads a section of Harvey's records, recounting an incident he had as a child when Harvey got so mad at a bully he punched him. The bully wound up in the hospital, but for appendicitis. However, feeling so much guilt over the incident, Harvey decided to never again express his anger again. After Thorne demands that Harvey do some favors for him, Big Bad Harv emerges once again, grabbing Thorne and throwing him into his men. Batman swoops down and attempts
Harvey Dent after the chemical explosion.
to stop Dent, but he gets thrown aside. After the two fight off all of the goons, Thorne grabs Den't psych files and takes off through the building. With Dent chasing behind, one of Thorne's men pulls out a machine gun and begins firing just as Batman knocks the man out. However, the bullets cause Harvey to take cover as power cords get shot and fall into a batch of chemicals, causing a massive explosion right next to Dent, sending him into the air and back to the ground.

After being taken to the hospital by Batman, Bruce and Grace stand at his bedside as they find out from the doctor that the left side of his face has been disfigured from the chemicals, but it can be fixed by a plastic surgeon. Bruce is more worried about Harvey's mental state though. Later on, after having the bandages removed form Dent's face, the doctor and nurse step back in horror. Looking in a mirror, Harvey becomes outraged at his appearance. He bursts out of his room just as Grace is bringing him flowers. She passes out after seeing him. Saying goodbye to Grace, Dent escapes out a nearby window with him becoming Two-Face for good.

[edit] Cast/Characters

Character Voice Actor
Bruce Wayne / Batman Kevin Conroy
Harvey Dent / Two-Face Richard Moll
Commissioner Gordon Bob Hastings
Rupert Thorne John Vernon
Candace Diane Michelle
Grace Murphy Cross
Dr Nora Crest Linda Gary

[edit] Background Information and Notes

  • The photo in the newspaper that Rupert Thorne was holding had a picture of Harvey when his face is covered with bandages in the hospital. It should have been a picture of him from a photo on file or a photo album because how could they have got a picture of him in the hospital?
  • When Harvey is initially taken to hospital following the accident, you can clearly see his neck (and presumably all lower) is unaffected, as is his hair. When Two-Face emerges, the skin on the left side of his neck is blue, and his hair is half white. In the second part of the episode, it becomes clear that even his left hand has been turned blue.
  • Crime lord Rupert Thorne makes his first appearance in this episode along with his henchwoman for the two-parter, Candace, and Harvey Dent's fiancée, Grace.
  • Richard Moll, who plays the dual part of Harvey Dent and Two-Face, was somewhat of a Two Face in the voice cast for this entire series. He showed up numerous other times as the voice of the Bat-Computer and other smaller parts.
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