Real NameHarvey Dent
Height6' 0"
Weight182 lbs
AbilitiesSevere multiple personality disorder

High Intelligence

Excellent Sharpshooter
Team AffiliationsInjustice League
Injustice Gang
Base of OperationsGotham City

Two-Face is a fictional character in the Batman and DC Universes. His first appearance was in Detective Comics #66 and he was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.


[edit] Overview

Two-Face was the first Batman villain who was once his friend or ally (others including Jason Todd's 'Red Hood' and Hush). He has an unhealthy obsession with opposites and duality, leading him to have two personalities: the just Harvey Dent, living by the law, and the villainous Two-Face, playing by his own rules. Due to both contrasting personalities, when it comes to matters of good and evil, Two-Face is unable to make solid decisions alone. Because of this he carries with him a two-headed coin, one side of which is scratched. When faced with a good or evil decision he always flips the coin, doing the legal, righteous thing if it lands on the clean side and the wrong, evil thing should it land on the scratched side.

[edit] History

[edit] Background/The Long Halloween

Harvey Dent, district attorney of Gotham City, was widely regarded as the saviour of Gotham. He was nicknamed by the public and the media as "Apollo" due to his charm, good-looks and apparent untouchability. One of the first supporters and, soon after, allies of Batman, Harvey Dent was completely dedicated to his job.

Whilst still Harvey Dent, the D.A., the biggest threat to Gotham City's law and order was the virtually all-powerful don of the Falcone crime family, A.K.A. The Roman Empire, Carmine Falcone, A.K.A. The Roman. Due to Falcone having a heavy influence with the Mayor, the City Council and the Police Commissioner at the time (Gillian B. Loeb) he was practically untouchable by the law, all cases against him being thrown out. Knowing he had to be stopped, Dent formed a triumvirate with Batman and the future commissioner, James Gordon, aiming to legally take down Falcone no matter what. Soon after they had formed the alliance mob members had been showing up dead around Gotham, gunned down by a killer known only as Holiday.

Due to his obvious hatred of the mobsters and his fiery temper, Dent was suspected by both
Harvey Dent being attacked with acid.
Batman and Gordon to be using Holiday as an alias while killing the mobsters himself, leading them to distrust the D.A.. Soon after, Sal Maroni, son of Luigi Maroni (a victim of Holiday), learnt that Dent was suspected to be the killer and during a court trial he threw acid into his face, attempting to get revenge. The left side of Harvey's face was left horribly scarred, along with the D.A.'s left hand. This began the events which ended the alliance between Dent, Batman and Gordon and started Harvey down his path to becoming Two-Face.

After escaping the hospital Harvey slowly turned insane, becoming obsessed with duality and opposites. This led him to create the persona of Two-Face, the villainous criminal, the perfect opposite to the law and order obsessed Harvey Dent. Two-Face's obsession even shows in his clothes, custom-made to symbolise himself, one side neat and good-looking and the other strange and ugly. Two-Face always carries with him a two-headed silver coin which once belonged to Maroni. One side of the coin is still the clean, shiny side it has always been but the other is disfigured and scratched.

For a long time after the incident Two-Face was missing, hiding out in Gotham's sewers, coming to grips with what he was. Soon after his disappearance evidence was found in Harvey's house furthering the idea he could be Holiday (a gun matching the one used to kill the victims and gun metal shavings, as if to scrape off a serial number). After figuring out the patterns of Holiday's killings Batman realised when he would next strike. Still believing Harvey Dent to be Holiday Batman thought his next victim would be Sal Maroni in an act of revenge. He was half-right: Sal Maroni was shot and killed but, when Batman subdued the killer, it was revealed that Holiday was in fact Alberto Falcone, The Roman's son acting on his own personal vendetta against his father and other mobsters.

Soon after a large amount of inmates at Arkham were broken free. After questioning one of the inmates left behind, Calendar Man, it is revealed that he wasn't released because he apparently lost a coin-toss. In the Falcone mansion Carmine was raving about his son when the lights cut out, shrowding his home in darkness. He and his daughter, Sofia, proceeded to explore the mansion with their guns drawn. After seeing their guards dead they both ran into Carmine's office, only to be greeted by some of the Arkham escapees (Joker, The Penguin, Mad-Hatter, Poison Ivy and The Scarecrow) and the one who freed them, along with Solomon Grundy who Two-Face had encountered during his time in Gotham's sewers and Catwoman who had her own agenda against the Falcones.

Two-Face killing Carmine Falcone.
When Harvey is about to kill Carmine, putting a stop to his reign over Gotham, Batman appears and takes down Two-Face's villains one-by-one under the cover of smoke. Two-Face uses this distraction to take Falcone as his hostage and once the smoke clears he is seen by Batman holding a gun to the crime-boss's head. Batman tries to make Harvey see sense, reminding him of their pact to take down Carmine within the law. After second guessing his decision to kill Carmine, Two-Face flips his coin, leaving the mobsters fate to chance. After it lands scarred-side up, without another thought, Two-Face shoots Falcone twice in the head from point blank range. After Catwoman subdues an enraged Sofia, Two-Face successfully knocks out Batman. When the caped crusader awakens he finds an additional dead body, that of Vernon Wells, Gotham's Assistant D.A. who had supplied Sal Maroni with the acid used to scar Harvey.
Two-Face confessing to Batman and Gordon, giving himself up.

After seeing the Bat-signal Batman proceeds to the police-department, finding Two-Face on the roof willing to give himself in. Before finally being taken away, however, he reveals that there were in fact two Holiday killers. Upon discussing this further with Gordon, Batman states he believes Dent to have been talking about himself as the second Holiday, considering he killed Falcone on Halloween. It is later revealed, however, that before Alberto Falcone became Holiday, Gilda Dent (Harvey's ex-wife) was the mysterious killer. She is seen burning various items found to belong to the killer while talking aloud about why she did what she did, her aim being to get rid of Falcone so she and Harvey could start a family. When someone else began taking out the mobsters, Gilda assumed (and still believes) it was Harvey (believing Alberto's confession to be a lie). She also states that she knows Harvey will eventually be alright and that they will reconcile, because she believes in him.

The events of The Long Halloween are widely accepted as the year the mob lost control and Gotham city was handed over to costumed freaks.

[edit] No Man's Land

Following the events of Batman: Cataclysm, in which Gotham City suffered a magnitude 7.6 earthquake, the U.S. government declared Gotham as a 'no man's land,' quarantining the entire island and leaving it to destroy itself. The city itself was left to die, various inmates of Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Penitentiary fighting for money and power, everyone fighting to survive. During this time Two-Face became a warlord in Gotham, gaining and losing territories with each day. In a bold move his old ally, Jim Gordon, saw no other choice but to attempt to form an alliance with Two-Face as Batman had seemed to abandon the city (Bruce Wayne was politically fighting to have Gotham saved by the government, to no avail).

Acting on the orders of his coin, Two-Face agreed. However, later on Two-Face double-crossed Gordon when his evil persona was reminded of the distrust of their old alliance, believing both him and Batman to be the reason for his scars and current state-of-being (had they not suspected him, Sal Maroni would not have suspected him and, as such, wouldn't have thrown acid in his face). The former D.A. kidnapped Gordon and put him on trial for his actions, acting as both judge and jury. Fortunately for Gordon, Two-Face wasn't beyond being reasoned with and he was convinced that what he was doing was unfair, one-sided. With a bit of persuasion, it was agreed that the Harvey Dent persona would act as Jim Gordon's lawyer, successfully acquitting him, forcing Two-Face to set his hostage free.

[edit] The Aftermath of No Man's Land

During the events of No Man's Land, Two-Face met Renée Montoya, detective for the Gotham City Police Department (GCPD). She saw past the villainous Two-Face and befriended Harvey Dent's persona, being one of the few people to actually reach it (others including Batman, Jim Gordon and Gilda Dent (ex-wife of Harvey)). Because of her kindness to him Two-Face fell madly in love with her (in spite of her homosexuality), a one-sided affair which didn't end well. He believed that because of his ugliness she could never love him in her situation, so the only way to get her to love him was by making himself all that she had. To achieve this goal he publicly outed her as a lesbian (for which her very religious parents disowned her) and framed her for murder, kidnapping her in what was made to look like an escape during her transfer to prison.

After finding out the truth that Two-Face was behind everything, hoping to make her fall in love with him as he had with her, Renée was furious. This caused Two-Face's mental state to lose even more stability, leading to a desperate struggle in which both he and Montoya fought for control of his gun. Arriving just in time to prevent the situation from furthering, Batman subdued Two-Face. After Renée was cleared of all charges and set free, Two-Face was sent back to Arkham Asylum.

[edit] Hush

Soon after the events of No Man's Land, Two-Face met Dr. Thomas Elliot, A.K.A. the villain Hush (unbeknownst to Dent). Elliot was a highly skilled neurosurgeon, also proficient in plastic surgery. Proficient enough to restore Harvey Dent to his former self, no longer with two sides to his appearance. After his appearance was restored to that of just Harvey Dent it appeared that his personality had too, the Two-Face persona no longer showing any control over him. Hush, however, harboured a secret agenda. Due to his own personal vendetta against Batman he hoped to control the new Dent, use him as a mere pawn in his schemes. Harvey, no longer having the evil side to argue with, betrayed Hush for the sake of law and order, saving Batman. Remnants of the Two-Face persona were shown however when Harvey shot Hush in the chest, leaving him to fall into Gotham river. For this Harvey was arrested by Jim Gordon.

[edit] One Year Later

After regaining the trust of Batman and his former allies, Harvey Dent was trained by Batman and conditioned to think like he once did as Gotham's just D.A.. He was given the orders, along with a few others, by Batman to keep watch over Gotham while he, Robin and Nightwing left the city to train during the Lost Year.

When they returned they were greeted instantaneously by a case of a mysterious killer. Someone had been going around Gotham killing villains, including Magpie, Orca, The KGBeast and, most famously, Arnold Wesker, The Ventriloquist, all of whom were working for
The Ventriloquist, deceased.
The Penguin at the time. Each murder pointed directly to one suspect: Harvey Dent. Batman tried to trust Dent, he wanted to, but he was unable to fully hide his doubt. This caused Harvey to become enraged, furious that once more he wasn't trusted even though he was innocent. In fact, the killer was the new Tally Man, using one of Two-Face's guns to frame Dent, and the mastermind behind it was the criminal Warren "The Great White Shark" White. When this was discovered, however, it was too late. Harvey had already begun his descent into madness once more, his Two-Face persona surfacing to speak to him, eventually convincing him to pour acid on his face and hand. With that, Two-Face was reborn completely in body and personality.

Warren remarked the event as "killing two birds with one stone", as he successfully weakened The Penguin's forces and made Two-Face a criminal once more.

[edit] Two-Face's Coin

Two-Face flipping a variation of his signature coin.
Two-Face, albeit widely recognised as a villain, is still considered to be a neutral force due to the fact he still has the persona of Harvey Dent dwelling inside him. Because of this, it is almost impossible for him to make a decision on whether to do something bad or illegal, as both personas still hold a certain level of control. Because of this, when making a decision on whether to do something bad, Two-Face flips his coin. If the coin lands on the normal, unscarred side he chooses not to do it without second thought. If it lands on the disfigured, scarred side he goes ahead with it. Sometimes, when Harvey Dent has equal/more control then Two-Face the character will even use the coin to decide on whether to help someone, going so far as to put his own life in danger to help them (providing the coin lands on the clean side).

An example of Two-Face's use of the coin can be seen in Countdown. Two-Face was offered the chance for freedom by being broken out of Belle Reeve by two other villains who had defeated his escort guards. After flipping his coin and seeing it land clean-side up, Two-Face declined the offer, simply awaiting for more guards to come and continue his escort. Another example of Two-Face's use of the coin is in Joker's Asylum: Two-Face Vol 1 1. While in Arkham he is put on a peer counselling program, in which he meets a firefighter, Holman Hunt, whose face was disfigured in a fire (from which Batman saved him), his look now similar to Two-Face's. When asked if he wanted to continue the counselling, Two-Face is allowed to flip his coin for the decision. It comes up scarred. Several weeks later the firefighter and his wife are kidnapped by Two-Face, Holman being forced to either shoot a tied up Batman (actually a goon in disguise), who he believes to be his saviour, or see his wife have acid poured on her face.

[edit] Multiple Personality Disorder

A physically cured Harvey Dent being mentally overpowered by Two-Face.
As stated above Two-Face has a pretty severe multiple personality disorder, his two persona's manifesting as the evil Two-Face and the righteous Harvey Dent. While both sides share control of their part-disfigured body, there have been times when Harvey Dent has shown more control then his opposite, mostly when faced with old friends. For example in Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth Vol 1 1 Two-Face has Batman at his mercy and declares that once he flips his coin Batman's fate will be decided, the scarred side meaning Batman's death and the clean meaning his release. Two-Face flips the coin and then sets Batman free. Later, however, it is revealed the coin landed scarred-side up.

There have been various attempts to cure Harvey Dent of his insanity, all beginning with the fixing of his scars. Some have worked for a limited time, the most famous of which being the time Hush restored Harvey's face with the goal of controlling him. All attempts, however, have been unsuccessful in the long-term, Harvey always giving in to his darker side.

[edit] Abilities and Weaknesses

While Two-Face does not possess any superhuman powers he does have an extensive knowledge of both the criminal underworld and the world of law. He knows how to use and manipulate this to his advantage very well (for example, he can blackmail mobsters into working for him or get people out of jail who could help further his goal). Also, Two-Face is an excellent sharpshooter, being trained by Deathstroke the Terminator... for a hefty fee, of course. The main weakness of Two-Face is his inability to make firm decisions concerning right and wrong. Because of this, he leaves these decisions up to chance (the flip of his coin, a half-loaded revolver spun and given one pull of the trigger, etc.). To take away his ability to do so (e.g. take away whatever he is using to make these decisions (most likely his coin)) would leave him hopelessly confused, not knowing whether to fight back or give in.

[edit] Commonly Used Equipment

Two-Face holding smoking pistols..
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[edit] Other Media Appearances

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