The New Adventures of Batman


The New Adventures of Batman was an animated series that aired on CBS from 1977-1981. The show featured the voice talents of Adam West and Burt Ward.

[edit] Background

[edit] Episode Guide

  • Episode 1: The Pest

The Joker terrorizes Gotham City and Batman & Robin's problems only escalate when Bat-Mite shows up.

  • Episode 2:The Moonman

Batman, Robin and Bat-Mite must unite to take down the magnetically charged Moonman.

  • Episode 3: Trouble Identity

Batgirl joins our heroes to help find a thief known as Catwoman.

  • Episode 4: A Sweet Joke On Gotham City

The merciless Sweet-Tooth breaks into a Gotham reservoir and replaces the water supply with chocolate syrup.

  • Episode 5: The Bermuda Rectangle

Batman, Robin, Batgirl and Bat-Mite must stop Professor Bubbles before he takes over the world.

  • Episode 6: Curses! Oiled Again!

Clayface and Catwoman hold Gotham's oil supply for ransom.

  • Episode 7: Bite-Sized

The Dynamic Duo are shrunken and brainwashed so they can steal government secrets for an extraterrestrial named Electro.

  • Episode 8: Reading, Writing & Wronging

The Penguin opens a school of crime and plans for adolescents to commit thefts for him, including a plot to steal Batman's utility belt.

  • Episode 9: The Chameleon

A new villain called The Chameleon emerges to challenge Batman & Robin and plans to destroy the city's solar energy collector.

  • Episode 10: He Who Laughs Last

The Joker escapes from prison and plots his ultimate revenge against the Dynamic Duo.

  • Episode 11: The Deep Freeze

Mr Freeze hijacks a nuclear submarine and plans commit crimes all over the world.

  • Episode 12: Dead Ringers

Clayface and a circus acrobat pose as the Dynamic Duo in order to steal a device that locates oil.

  • Episode 13: Birds Of A Feather Fool Around Together

The Joker and Penguin use their "Crime-Slime" to turn Batman & Robin evil, but their plan backfires and it causes Penguin to switch bodies with Bat-Mite.

  • Episode 14: Have An Evil Day (Part 1)

Zarbor, a criminal from Bat-Mite's planet, comes to Gotham and convinces Batman's most deadly foes to keep the Dynamic Duo busy while he steals all of the nuclear power plants on the planet.

  • Episode 15: Have An Evil Day (Part 2)

Bat-Mite and the Dynamic Duo travel to Ergo to punish Zarbor and retrieve the stolen nuclear power plants.

  • Episode 16: This Looks Like A Job For Bat-Mite!

Zarbor returns to get revenge on Batman & Robin by turning them into the Crime Crusaders. Now only Bat-Mite can thwart Zarbor's scheme to conquer the Earth.

[edit] The DVD Release

The dvd

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