The Last Laugh (Batman: The Animated Series)

The Last Laugh
AirdateSeptember 9, 1992
Production Number4
Airdate Number15
Running Time22 minutes
Directed byKevin Altieri
Written byCarl Swenson
Previous EpisodeNothing to Fear
Next EpisodePretty Poison

The Last Laugh is the fourth episode of Batman: The Animated Series. It first aired on September 9th, 1992. This episode features the first appearance of the Laughing Gas used by The Joker.

[edit] Plot

It is April Fools Day in Gotham City and Joker is up to his usual antics. Using a submarine disguised as a garbage transport, Joker travels about Gotham City's river front, releasing his laughing gas into the air, causing anyone in range to laugh hysterically, losing all sense. A driver of an armored truck ends up crashing into the river, and Joker's henchman emerge from the submarine to steal the money from the truck. Docking the submarine, they travel through the city's financial district on foot, stealing diamonds and other valuables from stores as people are powerless to stop them, effectively incapacitated by the laughing gas.

Batman hears of the mayhem all over the city while sitting in the batcave underneath Wayne Manor. He requests assistance from Alfred, but the gas has reached the premises, causing him to lose control and smash everything in the manor. Batman puts on a gas mask and is able to subdue his butler.
The Joker standing next to his robotic clown.

After traveling to the submarine aboard his batboat, Batman attempts to drive them away from the city but is stopped by a giant robot disguised as a clown. Joker has the creation trap Batman within a container before tossing him out into the river, hoping to drown him. Batman summons his batboat using a remote on his utility belt and cuts the container open using its laser, narrowly escaping drowning within the sunken container.

Batman tracks Joker to a waste disposal plant where his men are recharging the garbage transport with more laughing gas. After being engaged by Joker's men, Batman is able to take off their masks, exposing them to the gas. He then traps the robot clown in a trash compactor, destroying it. Following Joker deep inside the facility, Batman unknowingly follows Joker into the incinerator shoot and nearly falls in, using his grappling hook to escape. Making a run for it, Joker trips over a rope, tangling his foot up as he falls over the platform railing. He pleads with Batman to save him and the Dark Knight reels him back up to safety.

[edit] Cast/Characters

Character Voice Actor
Batman Kevin Conroy
Alfred Pennyworth Efrem Zimbalist Jr
Jack Napier / The Joker Mark Hamill
Summer Gleeson Jane Alan
Bat-Computer Richard Moll

[edit] Background Information and Notes

  • In this episode, The Joker wears a sort of bubble-helmet instead of the typical gas mask and his henchmen wear protective masks which look like clown masks. At other times in the series, his henchmen wear regular gas masks when he's using his standard laughing gas.
  • When Alfred talks while holding the drawing of the bath, the top part of the drawing briefly disappears.
  • The Joker stabs the barrel Batman's in six times in all directions, yet when it shows the barrel from the outside again all six holes are on the same side. Also, when Captain Clown tosses the barrel into the river, the holes briefly disappear.
  • When Batman is chasing the Joker near the end of the episode, a variant of the 1989 Batman movie theme plays.

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