The Cat and the Claw: Part 2 (Batman: The Animated Series)

The Cat and the Claw: Part 2
AirdateSeptember 12, 1992
Production Number16
Airdate Number8
Running Time22 minutes
Directed byDick Sebast
Story byLaren Bright
Sean Catherine Derek
Teleplay byJules Dennis
Richard Mueller
Previous EpisodeThe Cat and the Claw: Part 1
Next EpisodeSee No Evil

The Cat and the Claw: Part 2 is the 16th episode of Batman: The Animated Series. It first aired on September 12, 1992.

[edit] Plot

The Mob Boss who was threatened earlier by Batman tells the Dark Knight to meet him in the park He informs Batman about a possible train heist happening later in the evening, believing Red Claw is involved. Batman then heads to the GCPD to speak with Commissioner Gordon. He tells Batman that there is nothing on the train schedule, which leads Batman to believe it could be a military train that is trying to stay off the record. On the outskirts of Gotham, the train carrying the viral plague is heavily guarded by military personnel. Red Claw and her men chase behind the train on the track aboard a propelled vehicle. Hoping aboard the train, Red Claw disconnects the last car filled with soldiers. After using a knockout gas to incapacitate the remaining soldiers, Claw and the others are surprised by Batman, who just arrived on the scene. As Batman engages the goons in combat, Red Claw get inside the train and steals the plague canister. Back on top of the train, Batman is surprised to find that Red Claw is a woman. After some verbal sparring, Claw threatens to release the plague if he tries to stop her on the train. Grabbing a ladder from a helicopter circling above, Claw is able to escape to safety.

Red Claw in possession of the plague.

While driving in his car, Bruce Wayne calls Commissioner Gordon to find out if Red Claw has made any demands. Gordon tells him that Claw is demanding $1 billion dollars, or else she will release the plague upon Gotham City. After the conversation, Bruce picks up Selina Kyle at her apartment so the two can go on their date. On their way to dinner, Bruce and Selina are surprised by two men who are following them. They ram into Bruce’s car multiple times. After a chase across the Gotham City bridge, Batman speeds towards the men, causing them to swerve out of the way and off the side of the bridge. When Bruce takes Selina back to her apartment, he asks if she is in any trouble, believing the men were after her. He then tells Selina that he cares very deeply about her. Selina denies the notion she is in trouble and kisses Bruce goodnight. She then changes into her Catwoman outfit and tells Maven she is going to do some further investigating into Multigon.

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle on their date.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce tells Alfred that Selina is in some sort of trouble. While carrying Bruce’s suit, Alfred notices a piece of cat hair on his clothes. Inspecting it more, Bruce quickly makes the connection between Selina and Catwoman. Heading to her apartment, Bruce finds a goon there attempting to kidnap Maven. Bruce stops the man and then asks Maven about Catwoman’s whereabouts. Maven tells him she went to Multigon’s site. Before Batman can leave, Maven reveals the truth about Catwoman being in love with him. Arriving at the site, Catwoman knocks out one of the guards and leaves a local cougar to stand guard over him. Making her way into the complex via the catwalk, Catwoman takes photographs of the building, believing it will be enough to bring down the corporation. However, two guards show up behind Catwoman and are about to capture her. Suddenly, Batman swoops in and kicks the men away. Batman grabs Catwoman so he can get her out of the building, but they are cornered by Red Claw and her henchman.

Red Claw's facility exploding into flames.

With Batman and Catwoman tied up, Red Claw tells them that the underground facility was built by the United States Government, as a place of refuge for high ranking officials during a crisis. Claw orders Stern to use the plague on them. Batman asks why she would waste the canister on just two people, but Claw insists that they will still get their money using the threat of the plague. Stern then drops a bit of liquid on the canister as it begins to melt. As Stern and Red Claw escape from the room, Catwoman uses her sharp claws to free herself and Batman from the rope. With the facility locking down, Batman orders Catwoman outside. He must stay behind to dispose of the plague. With Catwoman safely out of the building, Batman grabs a hose from a fuel truck and leads a trail to the holding room they were in. As the plague begins to filter into the air, Batman grabs a grenade from a stockpile of ammo and drives away in the truck, tossing the grenade behind him. The detonation sets off the gas as the building explodes in flames. Once outside, Batman dives out of the truck as he lets it crash into one of Claw’s planes, causing further destruction. Moments later, Commissioner Gordon arrives on the scene with other policemen to capture Claw’s men.

Catwoman believes the threat is over, but she is suddenly surprised by Red Claw, who blames Catwoman for ruining her plans. Kicking her to the ground, Claw is about to throw Catwoman off the cliff when she gets tackled to the ground by the cougar. With Claw defeated, Catwoman blows a kiss to Batman and takes off. Gordon asks Batman what happened with the plague, but he informs him that it was destroyed. Back in Gotham, Catwoman arrives in her apartment to find Batman. He tells her that Maven had to relocate due to the threat from Multigon. Catwoman thanks him, saying that he really does care about her. Using her moment of weakness, Batman slaps a pair of handcuffs onto Catwoman, telling her he cares more than she will ever know.

[edit] Cast/Characters

Character Voice Actor
Bruce Wayne / Batman Kevin Conroy
Alfred Pennyworth Efram Zimbalist Jr.
Commissioner Gordon Bob Hastings
Catwoman / Selina Kyle Adrienne Barbeau
Red Claw Kate Mulgrew
Mr Stern Herb Edelman
Maven Mary McDonald-Lewis
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