Tarantula, real name Catalina Marie Flores, is a fictional character in the Batman universe. Once an FBI agent, Catalina decided to take the law into her own hands, feeling that the justice system was too forgiving and delaying to put criminals in their place. She took the role of a vigilante, naming herself and basing her costume off her hero, John Law, the original Tarantula. She was created by Devin Grayson, and first appeared in Nightwing #71.

[edit] Overview

Tarantula began committing crimes and murder under a criminal mastermind, but was soon apprehended by Nightwing, with help of Nite-Wing. She easily escaped her prison walls through manipulation, however, and got tangled up in a personal clash. Although Tarantula did end up working for Blockbuster, she had developed feelings for Nightwing, which would resulted in making a decision for him and killing the mastermind behind Blüdhaven. Nightwing stood and did nothing, an inaction which he regrets to this very day.

Tarantula is a very intriguing and manipulating character, taking advantage of Nightwing's state and having a one night stand with him. Nightwing came to his senses when travelling with her, though, and eventually put her behind bars for the second time.

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