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Basically, do we start a new page for each different incarnation of a character?

For example, do we have a page for LedgerJoker, and a different one for Nicholsons? Or a different page for Tommy Lee Jones' Two Face and Eckharts?

Any ideas?

Good question. I think if we want more organization and depth, separate pages would work best. Hm, take a look at the Robin page by Supernouva, and my contribution to Tim Drake's main page, that's a great way to look at it, imo. With Robin's page, a summary on Drake is there, and it links to the character's main article. It would be good if we branch off with, for example, Ledger's Joker, adding depth, but we should be sure to include the Joker's acutal page and a summary. ~ Storm

[edit] Different Character Pages

Yeah. As Storm said, different pages for character portrayals is alright. Just a heads up though. When creating a new page, format it like this:

Character Name (Actor Name)

So an example:

Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones)

That will work best. And in those pages, you just want to talk about that characters role in the plot for the movie, and maybe give some memorable quotes from the movie and any behind the scenes info if available. Just anything related to the character and movie.

-DragonMaster Dyne (2/8/09)