[edit] Batman #1

Kudz; I would just make a single page for "Batman #1" and you could talk about the stories in there. I think it'd be uneccessary to create a page for each story when we could just fill up one single page with a lot of info instead of having four smaller sections.

-DMD (2/3/09)

[edit] Early Years

Ok, so I just re-read Batman#1 to try to better understand the gun controversy. The 2nd story is batman killing hugo strange thugs & monsters, and the 3rd story right after that is the catwoman one. In that story, batman turns to the camera and says: "Well Kids, there's your proof! Crooks are yellow without their guns!--Don't go around admiring them...rather do your best in fighting them and all their kind!"


I see the problem, I'm thumbing through Vol.1 of batman chronicles and if you look at the end of the last story before robin is introduced, it has a teaser for the hugo strange story where batman kills people. Thats why robin isn't in that story, and it explains the darker tone. They just through it in there to fill up batman#1. I love how they didn't bother changing it, lazy bastards. These old comics are funny as hell.

Anywayz, my point this is weird and hard to explain even when I'm writing like this, I don't think I could write about it the robotic wiki style. Also if I was to write about about all 4 stories in Batman#1, should I make separate pages for each, or do a page on the entire issue? Or do an issue page with links to story pages?--Kudzuka 06:46, 3 February 2009 (UTC)


[edit] Movies

Just letting you know, Mask of the Phantasm was a theatrical release, not a direct-to-video release.--Kudzuka 01:12, 15 November 2008 (UTC)


Haha. Hmm, I knew that, so unsure of what I was thinking at the time. I just got it jumbled up. Thanks for the heads up, Kudzuka. That's what I get for working on the Wiki at work. My mind is all over the place. (DMD)