Talia al Ghul

Talia al Ghul
Real NameTalia al Ghul
AliasTalia Head
Weight141 lbs
AbilitiesHigh Intellect
Expert hand-to-hand fighter
Team AffiliationsSecret Society of Super Villains
League of Assassins

Talia al Ghul is a character found in the DC Universe. She is the daughter of the powerful Ra's al Ghul, and is a love interest of Batman. Talia was created by Dennis O'Neil and first appeared in Detective Comics #411.


[edit] Character History

[edit] Beginnings

During her younger days, Talia spent most of her time traveling the world with her father, Ra's. He taught her everything she knows about hand-to-hand combat, and even trained her to use swords and firearms in battle. Even though Ra's saw women as being highly inferior to men, he let Talia help in running most of his organizations.

Talia's mother passed away long ago from a drug overdose.

[edit] Batman Connection

Talia first encounters Batman in Detective Comics #411. He rescues her from the Dr Darkk, a member of the League of Assassins. Darkk had apparently failed a mission for Ra's Al Ghul, so instead of facing a soon to be punishment of death, he turned against the group. He would eventually be killed by Talia as she returns the favor to Batman by saving his life.

Batman #232 (Daughter of the Beast) would feature the next appearance of Talia. In this story, Dick Grayson has been kidnapped by an unknown individual. Ra's al Ghul shows up at the batcave, telling Batman that he knows his secret identity. Ra's also tells him that Talia has been kidnapped as well so the two men head off to find them. It is later revealed that Talia has taken a romantic interest in Batman and that the kidnapping was all a setup by Ra's to see if Batman was a suitable partner for his daughter. Ra's tells Batman that he wishes for him to be his heir, but Batman rejects the offer. He does however reveal to Talia that he has feelings for her as well.

Over the years, Talia struggles between staying loyal to her father and loving Batman. It is a constant battle that puts a strain on her. She remains a strong ally to Batman though, mainly just before the "No Man's Land" storyline when she encourages him to return to Gotham City to protect it.

[edit] Red Hood

After the death of Jason Todd at the hands of The Joker, Batman brings his body to Wayne Manor and buries him with the rest of the Wayne family. Later on, Superboy Prime is able to bring Todd back to life after hitting him with a reality-altering punch. Although he is now alive again, Todd is still damaged both physically and mentally after the torture he endured from the Joker. He is eventually taken in by the League of Assassins, and in an effort to aid the boy, Talia sends him into the Lazarus Pit that her father built. Jason is healed completely after his time in the contraption, and before leaving back to Gotham City, Talia tells Jason that Batman hasn't killed the man responsible for his death.

Outraged over the fact that his former partner did nothing to avenge his death, Jason Todd decides to branch of on his own and he becomes the Red Hood with the financial backing of Talia.

[edit] A New Life

In the Son of the Demon storyline, Ra's Al Ghul asks Batman for his assistance in tracking down an unknown assassin that was responsible for his wife's death. At one point, Batman marries Talia and she soon becomes pregnant with his child. After being subjected to a handful of attacks with Batman nearly dying to protect her, Talia fakes a miscarriage as she realizes that Batman cannot keep risking his own life for her. It is later revealed that Talia did not have a miscarriage and she gave birth to a boy, Ibn al Xu'ffasch.

[edit] Bane

During the Batman: Bane of the Demon miniseries, Talia forms a partnership with the powerful Bane. Ra's feels that Bane might make a suitable partner for his daughter, and he hopes for Bane to possible be the one to become his heir. Talia disagrees with her fathers plans, and after Bane is defeated by Batman in a battle, Ra's stops pursuing the pairing of Bane and Talia.

[edit] Nyssa Raatko and Beyond

In Batman: Death of the Maidens, it is revealed that Ra's Al Ghul had a daughter by the name of Nyssa Raatko after his brief relationship with a woman during his travels around Russia. During the Holocaust, Nyssa is tortured and witnesses her family getting killed in concentration camps. She develops a distain for Ra's after he abandoned her during this time. She develops a plan to seek vengeance against Ra's by using her greath wealth and knowledge to turn Talia against him. Putting the wheels in motion, Nyssa captures Talia and tortures her by killing Talia and ressurecting her using the Lazarus Pit over and over again, leaving Talia broken emotionally, physically, and mentally. Nyssa then plans on killing Superman as well, intending to bring tragedy all over the world. She steals kryptonite bullets from the batcave, but before she can put them to use, Batman stops her.

Nyssa does however kill Ra's Al Ghul, but it is revealed that this was all planned by Ra's from the beginning. He wished for his daughters to become his heir upon his death and wanted them to develop the killer instinct that he possessed. Accepting their fate, Nyssa and Talia became leaders of The Demon. Later on, in Countdown to Infinite Crisis, Talia joins the Secret Society of Super Villains, which also included Black Adam, Doctor Psycho, Deathstroke, and The Calculator. Nyssa hoped to recruit Batgirl into their ranks, but the plan ultimately failed.

After the death of Nyssa at the hands of Cassandra Cain, Talia becomes the Demon's head and Cain gains partial control over The League of Assassins. In the Batman & Son storyline, the son of Talia and Bruce (Damian Wayne) is left with his father as Talia ventures off on a mission of her own. Damian is a very hot-headed child, and after being raised to be an assassin and killer, nearly kills Tim Drake after killing a petty criminal. Bruce and Damian are eventually re-united with Talia aboard a ship, but the vessel gets hit by a torpedo, seriously injuring Damian. He required major organ transplant surgery after the incidient.

In later issues, White Ghost shows up and intends to use Damien as a means of ressurecting Ra's Al Ghul from the dead by transfering his spirit into Damien's body. Talia is able to escape with Damian, and Batman comes to do battle with White Ghost. He is able to survive as White Ghost accidently falls into the Lazarus Pit.

[edit] Skills & Abilities

Along with being highly intelligent, Talia is a very effective hand-to-hand fighter, and she is very skilled in the use of weapons from her days of training with Ra's. Talia also has an increased lifespan due to her having access to the Lazarus Pit.

[edit] Other Media Appearances

[edit] Television

Talia appears in a few episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, where she is voiced by Helen Slater. Later, in Batman Beyond, Talia (voiced by Olivia Hussey) appears once more, this time with her body being possessed by Ra's Al Ghul who sought to use the Lazarus Pit to give Bruce Wayne his youth back. Ra's wanted to take over his body once the process was complete.

[edit] Film

Although she doesn't actually appear in Batman Begins, Ra's makes reference to a wife and daughter (Talia) during his training with Bruce Wayne. However, she serves as the secondary antagonist of The Dark Knight Rises, portrayed by Marion Cotillard.

[edit] Video games

Talia has been confirmed to appear in Batman: Arkham City.

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