Real NameRandy Hanrahan
Weight263 lbs
AbilitiesSteroid-enhanced physique
Knowledge of 'fighting' from football
Base of OperationsBlüdhaven

Stallion is a ficional character in the Batman universe. He was a big-time football player for the Dallas Cowboys before his knee ligaments suffered injuries during a few games, as well as being put down for his excessive use of steroids. He decided to take his appearance into account and become a bouncer for Penguin. Soon after, Stallion was offered a high-paying job as Blockbuster's henchmen, with the goal of killing Nightwing. It's likely that Blockbuster chose Stallion for how easy it was to manipulate him, much like Blockbuster's brother. Stallion if often paired with another assassin-for-hire such as Lady Vic and Brutale, but always comes up short. Stallion first appeared in Nightwing #15, and was created by Chuck Dixon and Scott McDaniel.

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