Sewer King

Sewer King
Real NameUnknown
AbilitiesControl over crocodiles
Team AffiliationsThe Underdwellers
Base of OperationsGotham City sewers

Sewer King is leader of The Underdwellers, a group of children who work for him as slaves. His only appearance came in Batman: The Animated Series.

[edit] Character History

The Sewer King lives in the sewers beneath Gotham City. Over time, he took in and even kidnapped orphaned children and put them to work for him. They spend most of their time above ground, stealing items and food for their leader. The Sewer King is very cruel and mean towards the children, criticizing them for any small wrongdoing. Talking is a sin in their group, and if you are found guilty of any offense, you are punished by being locked in a room filled with very bright lights, which is hard on the children's eyes.

In one episode of Batman: The Animated Series, Batman is able to track Sewer King to his hideout. After escaping from Sewer King's crocodiles, Batman tackled him down onto train tracks and pulled him away before being run over. Batman contemplated letting him die or killing Sewer King himself, but instead, Batman left him for the police to apprehend.

[edit] Powers/Abilities

While the Sewer King doesn't have any actual powers, he has the ability to control crocodiles and order them to do his bidding. He would use these creatures to protect him and his home from any unnecessary guests.

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