See No Evil (Batman: The Animated Series)

See No Evil
AirdateFebruary 24, 1993
Production Number17
Airdate Number56
Running Time22 minutes
Directed byDan Riba
Written byMartin Pasko
Previous EpisodeThe Cat and the Claw: Part 2
Next EpisodeBeware the Gray Ghost

See No Evil is the 17th episode of Batman: The Animated Series. It first aired on February 24, 1993.

[edit] Plot

As a young girl named Kimberly sleeps peacefully in her bed, she is awoken by her invisible friend, Mojo. He gives her a fancy looking necklace as a present. Kimberly then tells Mojo that she and her mother are moving. The news upsets Mojo, who quickly leaves as Helen, the girl’s mother, enters the room. Kimmy tells her that she was speaking to Mojo, whom Helen believes is her imaginary friend. Walking down the street, Mojo kicks an empty can across the sidewalk.

Lloyd Ventrix wearing his invisibility suit.

Lloyd Ventrix enters a building where a jewelry sale is going on and heads into the bathroom. He puts on a grey-colored bodysuit and activates a device on his wrist, turning himself invisible. Afterwards, Ventrix begins stealing jewelry and stuffing it into a suitcase. Bruce Wayne, attending the event, takes notice of the curious circumstance and heads into the bathroom to put on his Batsuit. As Ventrix escapes outside, Batman hears his footsteps and follows. The invisible Ventrix runs across wet cement, revealing his footprints. Batman picks up a can of paint and throws it at Ventrix, who’s body is now in view. However, he activates another button on his wrist device to melt the paint away. Invisible once again, Ventrix punches and kicks Batman to the ground, knocking him unconscious.

Back at his rundown home, Ventrix dumps his loot of jewelry onto the kitchen table. Looking at a photo of Kimberly, he promises to give his daughter everything she needs. The following day, Helen drops Kimmy off at school before heading to work at the Gotham Supermarket. At her lunch break, Helen is surprised by her ex-husband, Lloyd. He tries to show Helen that he is a better men and is willing to help them become a family again, but she tells Lloyd to stay away from her and Kimmy. Meanwhile, at the Wayne Optical Research Laboratory, Wayne inquires about an “Invisible Project” that was being worked on a number of years ago. The head of the project was a man named Carrows, but he passed away a while back. However, one of the scientists tells Bruce that an assistant of his named Sam Giddell had taken up work on the experiment.

While snooping for information at Giddell’s laboratory, Batman is knocked to the floor as Giddell pushes a bookcase on top of him. Believing he was being robbed, Giddell apologizes to Batman for his actions. Batman questions him on his whereabouts the night of the jewelry heist, but Giddell promises he was at his lab. Afterwards, he shows Batman how to use an electric current to make the grey rubber turn invisible. Giddell warns Batman than the material releases poisonous fumes though which can cause mental breakdowns. Before Batman leaves, Giddell tells him that some of the rubber had gone missing, and that the other assistant, Lloyd Ventrix, could be responsible.

Batman hanging onto Ventrix's car.

Batman arrives at the Ventrix residence and informs Helen of the danger Ventrix is causing to himself by using the invisibility suit. After being told this, Helen realizes that Kimberly’s imaginary friend, Mojo, is actually Lloyd. Running into the house, Helen is too late as Lloyd has already convinced his daughter to leave the house with him. Batman inserts a dart into a tranquilizer gun of his and takes off in search of Kimberly.

Batman preparing to punch Ventrix.

In an empty parking lot, Kimberly is hesitant to get into a car with her friend, Mojo. He then reveals his face to her, which startles Kimmy as she realizes her friend is just some strange man. Lloyd tells her that he is her father, but Kimmy takes off running back home after remembering the bad things she was told about him from her mother. Lloyd starts to give chase, but he is knocked to the ground by Batman. Putting his mask back on, Lloyd gets into his car and activates a device inside which turns his entire vehicle invisible. While running from the car, Batman loses his tranquilizer gun as it gets run over by Lloyd. Batman jumps into the air and grabs onto the top of the car as it speeds through the streets of Gotham. Hitting trash cans lined up near the sidewalk, the cloak begins to wear off on the vehicle. Steering the car onto a set of train tracks, Lloyd jumps out the driver’s side as a train comes roaring towards them. Batman uses his grappling hook to land safely before as the car explodes on impact.

Still invisible, Ventrix begins punching and kicking Batman to the ground. Batman tells him about the dangers of the suit, but Ventrix refuses to listen. He believes the suit will allow him to take his daughter away with him whenever he wants. Standing up, Batman throws a handful of ninja stars in the direction of Ventrix. They hit a water tower behind him, causing water to pour towards the ground. The water reveals Lloyd’s body, giving Batman the opportunity to quick capture the criminal and send him off to in police custody.

[edit] Cast/Characters

Character Voice Actor
Bruce Wayne / Batman Kevin Conroy
Lloyd Ventrix Michael Gross
Sam Giddell Danny Goldman
Helen Jean Smart
Kimberly Elisabeth Moss

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