Prophecy of Doom (Batman: The Animated Series)

Prophecy of Doom
AirdateOctober 6, 1992
Production Number19
Airdate Number22
Running Time22 minutes
Directed byFrank Paur
Story byDennis Marks
Teleplay bySean Catherine Derek
Previous EpisodeBeware the Gray Ghost
Next EpisodeFeat of Clay: Part 1

Prophecy of Doom is the 19th episode of Batman: The Animated Series. It first aired on October 6, 1992. This episode features the one and only appearance of Nostromos in the Batman universe.

[edit] Plot

Aboard a casino yacht out in the sea, wealthy citizens gamble their money away and dance without a care in the world. However, a few decks below them, a bomb has been hidden away. It suddenly goes off, causing the ship to flood with water as everyone scrambles to the lifeboats. The ship soon sinks to the bottom of the sea as the citizens make their escape to safety.

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne is having dinner with a friend named Ethan Clark, and his daughter, Lisa. Ethan tells Bruce about a fortune teller, Nostromos, who warned him that the cruise ship from the previous night would be in danger. Ethan gives Bruce a pamphlet to a party being hosted in Nostromos’ honor. As they leave the restaurant, Lisa tells Bruce that her father has joined a secret brotherhood due to his dependency on Nostromos. She also reveals that she believes the fortune teller might be the cause of these disasters he frequently foretells.

At the party, Bruce watches on as Nostromos preaches to the group. Nostromos soon predicts that someone in the room is in grave danger, and he points out Bruce as the target. Suddenly, the glass of water Bruce is holding shatters in his hand, causing the room to gasp in disbelief. Back at the batcave, Bruce tells Alfred that Nostromos’ antics are nothing but cheap gimmicks. Using his bat-computer, Bruce analyzes the fingerprints of Nostromos he took while at the party. His real name is Carl Fowler, who is a professional actor. His partner is a man named Lucas, a special effects man.

The following morning, Bruce enters his private elevator at Wayne Enterprises. As Bruce makes his way up towards his office, a masked man throws a wrench into the elevator gears, causing it to stop abruptly. He then pours acid onto the cables, sending the elevator plummeting towards the ground. Bruce gets into his batsuit and uses his grappling hook to safely make his way out of the falling deathtrap. Giving chase to the masked criminal up on the roof, Batman eventually loses him as the man uses his remaining acid to cause hot steam to erupt from a nearby pipe.

Lucas, the masked man who tried to kill Bruce Wayne, returns to his hideout and informs Nostromos of his failures. He is upset at Lucas as Nostromos believed Bruce’s death would have made the brotherhood vulnerable. He then receives a call from Ethan who informs him that Bruce has “seen the light”. At Ethan’s home, Bruce apologizes to Nostromos for his earlier doubts, now believing the man is a prophet. Bruce gets accepted as a member into their brotherhood, but their get together is soon interrupted by Lisa. She is appalled to see Bruce there and tells Nostromos that Bruce will be the last person he dupes.

Leaving his home, Ethan reveals to Bruce that Nostromos has predicted a great economic collapse in Gotham City. As a measure of safety, he had them set up a Super Fund, which would hold money different members of the group have donated. Bruce is suspect, but Ethan reassures him the money cannot be touched with his signature. Bruce realizes what Nostromos is up to, but decides to continue on with his ruse. Arriving at a Brotherhood meeting, Bruce listens as Nostromos goes on about the “dawn of destruction” happening, and how the “Great Fall” is upon them. Lisa, who followed them to the building, makes her way inside. As she listens in, Lisa is grabbed from behind by Lucas and taken away.

In the batcave, Alfred is shocked to hear about Bruce donating $10 million towards the Brotherhood fund. Bruce admits he did it for show, and that the group must have over $300 million collected total. He knows that Nostromos is going to blackmail Ethan into getting his hands on the entire sum. Around this time, Ethan is called to meet Nostromos at the Brotherhood meeting place. Nostromos tells him their funds are in jeopardy, and that he must sign off on papers immediately. Ethan wants to consult the other members in the group first, so this leads to Nostromos pointing up towards a miniature solar system in the air. On one of the planets, Lisa is tied up and bound. Scared for his daughter’s life, Edward gives Nostromos his signature. Ethan is then tied up as well, and Nostromos reveals the building they are in is rigged with explosives.

Making their way into the control room, Nostromos and Lucas are surprised by Batman, whom gets into a fight with Lucas. With Batman occupied, Nostromos overloads the controls for the planets, causing them to swing about the room fast and wildly. As Nostromos attempts to make his escape out the front door, Batman knocks Lucas unconscious and uses a batarang to knock a planet loose as it falls on top of Nostromos. Batman then swoops down and cuts Lisa free from the planet as they swing down to safety before she is crushed.

As Nostromos and Lucas are lead off the jail, Ethan is upset at himself for being so gullible. Bruce agrees that it was foolish of them and quotes Shakespeare: “The fault lies not in the stars, but in ourselves”.

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