Pretty Poison (Batman: The Animated Series)

Pretty Poison
AirdateSeptember 14, 1992
Production Number5
Airdate Number9
Running Time22 minutes
Directed byBoyd Kirkland
Story byPaul Dini
Michael Reaves
Teleplay byTom Ruegger
Previous EpisodeThe Last Laugh
Next EpisodeThe Underdwellers

Pretty Poison is the fifth episode of Batman: The Animated Series. It first aired on September 14th, 1992. This episode marks the first appearance of Poison Ivy in the series.

[edit] Plot

Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent are breaking ground on construction on a new penitentiary in Gotham City. As the building begins, a woman is shown picking flowers nearby. The story then flashes forward five years as an inmate escapes by helicopter from the now finished facility. Batman fires his grappling hook at the helicopter and makes his way to the cockpit, engaging the criminal in a hand-to-hand fight before finally winning. Batman ties the escapee up as Gotham Police come in to arrest him.

Harvey Dent in the hospital after being poisoned.

Getting out of his batsuit, Bruce Wayne heads to dinner with Harvey Dent and his fiancee, Pamela Isley. The dinner goes along very nicely until Isley excuses herself from the dinner, citing a meeting she must be up early in the morning for. She kisses Harvey goodnight before leaving the restaurant. Not too long afterwards, Harvey Dent collapses onto the table and he is immediately rushed to a nearby hospital by Bruce.

Doctors reveal that Dent has been poisoned by an unknown substance. James Gordon orders Harvey Bullock to the restaurant to see if they know anything. Bruce asks the physician if it was food poisoning, but he tells him that it is something he has never seen. After the doctor leaves, Bruce steals a sample of Harvey's blood. Back at the batcave, Batman is able to figure out that the origin of the toxin is derived from an extinct wildflower. Suspecting Isley is up to no good after recalling the kiss, he finds out that she is a botonist that specializes in rare plants.

Batman struggling against Poison Ivy and her plants.

After arriving at Isley's greenhouse, Batman finds her caring for the wildflower that is responsible for putting Harvey in critical condition. Swooping inside the building, Batman nearly falls through the floor into a trap set by Isley, a pit of spikes waiting for him below. Pulling himself out to safety, Batman is then captured by a giant man-eating flytrap. Isley introduces herself to Bruce now as Poison Ivy and says she seeked revenge against Harvey for destroying the land to build the prison where her flowers grew. While Batman is tied up, she kisses him, sending the toxin coursing through his veins. Able to free himself from te flytrap using a knife from his utility belt, Batman fires his grappling hook up at a row of lights as he swings towards Ivy. The lights give way though and fall into a pool of water, causing a fire to break out in the greenhouse.

Batman is knocked off his feet from the explosion and hangs onto the edge of the pit of spikes. Ivy aims a wrist-mounted crossbow at Batman threatening to kill him, but Batman shows her the extinct wildflower in his other hand. He tells Ivy he will drop the plant unless she gives him the antidote for the toxin. She agrees, and after curing himself, Batman uses a door as a shield and breaks out of the building, guiding himself and Ivy to safety.

Back at the hospital, Bruce Wayne gives Harvey Dent the antidote and he makes a full recovery. He doesn't remember anything that happened since the dinner at the restaurant, but Bruce advises him that marrying Isley might be a bad idea. Then, Isley is shown locked up in the penitentiary, vowing to get out and get back at Batman and Harvey.

[edit] Cast/Characters

Character Voice Actor
Bruce Wayne / Batman Kevin Conroy
Alfred Pennyworth Efrem Zimbalist Jr
Commissioner Gordon Bob Hastings
Pamela Isley / Poison Ivy Diane Pershing
Harvey Dent Richard Moll
Harvey Bullock Robert Costanzo

[edit] Background Information and Notes

  • When Batman breaks free of the flytrap, his cape is ripped and torn. When he ducks under Ivy's dart, it's whole again, but is ripped by the passage of the dart. As he runs from Poison Ivy, his cape is patched again.
  • When Poison Ivy first appears from behind Batman, you can see that her legs are bare. In the next scene - and all the scenes thereafter - her legs are covered with green tights.
  • Officer Renee Montoya makes her first appearance.
  • Poison Ivy is in a different outfit than in the comics. Here, it's more of a swimsuit, while in the comics it is more like leaves covering most of her body. This was to make the animation more smooth and easy to do for the producers.

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