P.O.V. (Batman: The Animated Series)

AirdateSeptember 18, 1992
Production Number7
Airdate Number13
Running Time22 minutes
Directed byKevin Altieri
Story byMitch Brian
Teleplay bySean Catherine Derek
Laren Bright
Previous EpisodeThe Underdwellers
Next EpisodeThe Forgotten

P.O.V. is the seventh episode of Batman: The Animated Series. It first aired on September 18, 1992. This episode marks the first appearance of Renee Montoya in the series.

[edit] Plot

Detective Montoya and Officer Wilkes are speeding to a warehouse location where they are attempting to get the drop of a robbery that is about to take place. Once arriving, they notice the building engulfed in flames with Harvey Bullock lying passed out outside. Just then two criminals climb out a broken window and make their escape. Wilkes chases after them while Montoya heads inside the warehouse to see if anyone is left.

Harvey Bullock being rescued by Batman.

The story then skips ahead to the three of them being interrogated by Internal Affairs and Commissioner Gordon. They want to find out what went wrong, and Montoya blames Bullock for not waiting for them, while Bullock insists that they were late in arriving. Each of them are then asked to tell what happened, and Detective Bullock's flashback reveals he went into the building early in an attempt to get the jump on the criminals as they try to steal the money. Bullock accidently kicks a can and this alerts them to his presence. After fighting some of them off, Bullock is attacked by a criminal wielding an axe. He makes the man miss, but the axe strikes a power box which sets off an electrical fire within the building that spreads rapidly. As the criminals make their escape, Bullock is left trapped in flames. Just as he is about to die, Batman swoops in and leads Bullock to safety outside. However, according to Bullock, he was the one who saved Batman after he cost himthe chance to catch the criminals.

Officer Wilkes is next to tell his side of the story. After arriving at the warehouse and chasing the two criminals down a dark alleyway, a car emerges from the back of a truck with the men inside it. The car speeds towards Wilkes as he tries to run away, but instead trips and falls over. Just as Wilkes is about to get it, Batman lands in front of him and causes the car to swerve and crash into the side of a building. Once of them men tries to escape, but Batman throws a batarang at the man, knocking him over. He then leaps over to the man, and according to Wilkes, the criminal mentioned the word "Doc".

Renee Montoya is the last one to tell what happened at the location. After heading inside the building, Renee encoutered two of the remaining criminals. One of them threw a suitcase of the money at her before charging at her with a drill in his hand. Renee was saved by Batman though as he dropped from the ceiling and knocked the two men out. Then, the roof began to collapse above them from the raging fires. Renee nearly got crushed, but Batman pushed her out of the way at the last second, himself trapped under the rubble.

Back at the GCPD, Hackle (the main interrogating them) doesn't believe any of their stories and orders for their suspensions immediately, with each of the officers turning in their badges and guns. On her way home, Montoya figures out that the "Doc" the criminal was referring to was talking about the "docks" near the water. Getting off the bus, this clue leads Renee to the Hathcock Shipping Company building where she finds Batman tied up and hanging from the ceiling. Using a lockpick, Renee opens the back door and sneaks inside.

Batman asks one of the criminals where their boss is, and one of them points to the ship located behing him. Feeling satisifed, Batman slips a knife out from under one of his gloves and cuts the rope suspending him from the ceiling. After knocking out a few of the guys, Batman attempts to free his hands from the rope when another one of the criminals pulls out a gun. Montoya is able to sneak up behind him and knock the guy out though. Suddenly, gunfire starts raining down upon them so Batman uses his grappling gun to fly them up to a crane not too far away. He tells Renee to stay while he goes back down to fight them.

Montoya capturing the crime boss.

Montoya uses the crane to drop a box down on top of three criminals attempting to attack Batman. Then, the leader of the group heads inside the ship as it begins to pull away from the pier. Suddenly a criminal behind Batman charges at him inside a forklift. Batman is able to knock him off of it though and then he takes control of the forklift himself. Batman runs it off of the dock, crashing it into the ship. It begins to take in water and soon crashes nearby. With the criminal boss attempting to escape, Montoya uses the crane claw to drop it down on him, trapping him inside.

With the criminal group stopped in their plans, Montoya, Wilkes, and Bullock all get their badges back from Commissioner Gordon as they are once again part of the Gotham City Police Department.

[edit] Cast/Characters

Character Voice Actor
Batman Kevin Conroy
Commissioner Gordon Bob Hastings
Harvey Bullock Robert Costanzo
Renee Montoya Ingrid Oliu
Officer Wilkes Robby Benson

[edit] Background Information and Notes

  • One has to question why a two million dollar sting was being carried out by one detective, one officer, and a rookie. Also, why were two of the three officers not on the scene until the last minute?
  • In Bullock's flashback, the gangster with the scarf loses his hat and doesn't bother to stop and collect it when he and his comrade flee the fire. However, when the pair are shown exiting the warehouse at the beginning of the episode, he has his hat back on.
  • The Driller very closely resembles the character of Lothar from The Rocketeer. Whether or not this was intentional is not known.

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