On Leather Wings (Batman: The Animated Series)

On Leather Wings
AirdateSeptember 6, 1992
Production Number1
Airdate Number2
Running Time22 minutes
Directed byKevin Altieri
Written byMitch Brian
Next EpisodeChristmas with the Joker

On Leather Wings is the first ever episode of Batman: The Animated Series. It first aired on September 6th, 1992. This episode marks the first appearance of Man-Bat outside of the comics.

[edit] Plot

The episode begins with a security guard at a pharmaceutical company being attacked and thrown out of a window. He is seriously injured and claims that Batman was the one to assault him. Harvey Bullock, a police officer, urges the Mayor and Commissioner Gordon to put out a warrant for Batman's arrest. Gordon is against it, but with Harvey Dent's support, Bullock gets his wish.

Batman escaping the exploding building.

Meanwhile, Batman is able to figure out that other facilities have been raided in the past handful of days with a number of chemicals and drugs being stolen. He heads to the crime scene to investigate and finds strands of hair and a recording dropped by the security guard. After being chased by Bullock and other fellow officers throughout the building, Commissioner Gordon informs them that they just received a call from another side of Gotham about a Batman sighting. They have the wrong man, and its nearly too late as there is an explosion in the building from an officer attack with Batman just narrowly escaping.

The following day, Bruce Wayne visits the city Zoo to meet Dr March, an expert on Bats. He asks him to inspect the hairs and bat-like noices found on the recording. While there, he ecounters Francine and Kirk Langstrom, two other doctors. Later on back in the Batcave, Dr March calls and tells Batman that there was nothing odd about the samples he brought in earlier. Batman's computer is unable to locate a match on either the hair or noise though, telling Batman that March is lying.

Dr Langstrom transforming into Man-Bat.

Batman heads off to the Zoo to confront the doctor, but instead he finds Kirk Langstrom. He informs Batman that he has perfected a new serum that allows one individual to transform into a higher species, half man, half bat. Even against the urging of Francine and Dr March whom tried to cover up his discovery, Kirk ingests a substance and becomes the dangerous Man-Bat. He breaks through the glass in the room and flies off into the distance, but not before Batman can fire his Grappling Hook around Man-Bat's ankle.

After flying over the city and in and out of buildings with a police chopper tailing them, Batman is able to cash Man-Bat to crash head first into the side of a advertising sign. It knocks the creature out cold, and before the police can apprehend them, Batman carries Man-Bat off to the Batmobile. Once back in the batcave, Batman is able to create an antidote after analyzing the drugs Langstrom stole from those facilities. Batman then takes Kirk back to his wife and says that he is back to himself (for now).

[edit] Cast/Characters

Character Voice Actor
Batman Kevin Conroy
Kirk Langstrom Marc Singer
Francine Langstrom Meredith MacRae
Dr March Rene Auberjonis
Commissioner Gordon Bob Hastings
Harvey Bullock Robert Constanzo
Mayor Hill Lloyd Bochner
Harvey Dent Richard Moll
Alfred Pennyworth Clive Revill

[edit] Background Information and Notes

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