Nightwing wielding his choice of weapons: A pair of Escrima sticks.
Real NameRichard "Dick" John Grayson
Weight175 lbs
AbilitiesPeak human abilities in athleticism

Expert in various martial arts and acrobatics
Excellent strategist, detective, and leader

Many hi-tech gadgets at disposal
Team AffiliationsBatman Family
Teen Titans
Base of OperationsGotham City


New York City

Nightwing is a fictional character in the Batman universe. Though the name is shared throughout many DC comics-related series (Superman, Power Girl, and others have used the alias), it is most popularly used by Dick Grayson. Nightwing first appeared in Tales of the Teen Titans #44. He was created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez.


[edit] Overview

Dick Grayson was first introduced in Detective Comics #38 as Robin, The Boy Wonder (which was an adopted nickname from his acrobatic circus days). He was introduced by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in an attempt to make Batman a more light-hearted, sympathetic character. It was to reach out to a younger and larger audience, the name Robin being inspired by the heroic thief, Robin Hood, as well as the red-breasted bird. He became well-accepted among the DC universe as well as by fans, appearing in many incarnations of Batman series. Through many adventures with Batman, Robin became a trustworthy and loyal sidekick, the name known to just as many people who know of Batman. After years of being a fun-loving sidekick, however, Dick Grayson was ready for a solo life (and Bruce was ready for a more darker tone again), and was given the role of Nightwing.

Nightwing’s persona, as opposed to Dick Grayson’s previous one as Robin, is quite altered. He seems to act more like Batman, a much more serious and darker attitude than his teenage years, which is ironic due to Dick and Bruce’s struggle with one another since his evolution. Nightwing has been trained in various martial arts, different forms of criminology and stealth, and retains his abilities from his childhood days. He has a variety of gadgets at his disposal as well, such as Wing-dings, his modified version of the batarang. Nightwing’s position and skills haven’t come without lessons, however, as he’s been back and forth through traumatic situations.

Nightwing’s appearance wasn’t meant to last so many years. It was because he received a huge amount of fanbase and support that led to his true evolution, enough to convince the writers to continue Dick’s new life. He’s appeared Batman: The Animated Series, which was the first show to display Robin’s transformation into Nightwing, as well as influenced Robin’s suit in the film, Batman & Robin.

[edit] Background

Long before becoming Nightwing, Dick Grayson was participating in circus acrobatic events with his family, known as ‘Flying Graysons’ in his pre-teen years. Dick, at such a young age, was able to perform alongside his parents with no fear, becoming quite the acrobatic. Tragedy soon struck the famous acrobatic family however, as Dick witnessed a mafia boss murder his parents for financial benefits (this mafia boss is depicted as Tony Zucco). Bruce Wayne, who’s secretly Batman, took Dick under his wing as a guardian as well as a partner in crime fighting, training Dick in various martial arts and criminology. After years of living under Batman’s shadow and leading the Teen Titans as Robin, Dick Grayson decided to become more independent and, inspired by Superman, assumed the name of Nightwing. His training in acrobatics and teachings from Batman have honed Nightwing into an enigmatic superhero of the DC universe.

Many relationships can be tied to this character, due to Nightwing’s work in different team organizations such as the Teen Titans and the Outsiders. He’s worked closely with the third Robin, Tim Drake, of which who he’s developed a brotherly relationship for, as well as Commisioner James Gordon’s daughter Barbara, also known as Batgirl and the Oracle. Nightwing also looks up to Superman, who may be regarded as his favorite superhero, and has worked with another character that goes by the name of Flamebird (whose name origin comes from the same one as Nightwing). Nightwing is close with Wally West, also known as the third Flash, them considering each other as best friends. He has been in a good amount of romantic relationships as well, including but not limited to: Starfire, Barbara, his Blüdhaven landlady Bridget Clancy, and receiving short-lived crushes from Raven, Tarantula, Wonder Girl, Huntress, Cheyenne Freemont, Batwoman, and Flamebird. Dick Grayson's longest, most prominent relationship has been with his Teen Titan teammate, Starfire. Both Dick and Starfire were madly in love with one another, and eventually opted to get married, though chaos ensued on their wedding ceremony causing them to cancel the wedding. Most recently after a romantic get-together with Starfire, she asks Dick if he loves her more than anything else in life. Dick, shocked by the question, takes a long pause and says, "no." Though this halters their relationship, Dick and Kory agree to remain close friends. Another significant woman in Dick's life is Barbara Gordon, who Dick's flirted with most and vice-versa. The two have shared an intimate off-and-on relationship throughout the years.

Nightwing has suffered many conflicts and traumatizing experiences over his time under the alias, which goes as far back as his first time putting on the suit. His relationship with Bruce was diminishing, with different depictions such as forcing him to give up his Robin alias to choosing Jason Todd to replace Dick, even to go so far as to quarrel over Bruce choosing Azrael to act as a temporary Batman over him, which was due to a devastating fight with Bane that left Bruce crippled. In truth, Bruce didn't want Dick to suffer the same fate at the hands of Bane like he did. Nightwing, like his mentor, tends to over-exert himself, his mind trying to exceed his body's limits. He wouldn't give a second-thought to sacrificing himself to save someone or survive. Nightwing's heart is difficult to break down; Time and time again he's been in life-and-death situations such as being buried alive (where he had to slowly cut his way out, keeping himself stable from panicking), getting deeply poisoned or wounded, etc.. It’s possible that Nightwing’s greatest enemy is himself, as he sometimes makes rash decisions out of anger and frustration, causing him regret and guilt soon after. He manages to look past these ordeals, however, and continues his role as a crime-fighter.

[edit] History

[edit] Blüdhaven

After a test run with a Nightwing comic involving Alfred Pennyworth’s resignation of Bruce Wayne’s butler, a deeper story was developed for Nightwing involving an area close to Gotham: The small city known as Blüdhaven. Bruce asks Dick to investigate the various murders taken place in that area (courtesy of Black Mask), and Dick reluctantly agrees. He does however find a far more worst-case scenario, as Blüdhaven is filled with dirty cops and criminals, not to mention a man pulling the strings that goes by the name Blockbuster. Nightwing takes the role of Blüdhaven’s protector and tries hard to regulate the city from inside, by joining their police department, and out, as Nightwing. Lucius Fox secretly took care of Dick’s parents’ leftover funds, turning it into a fortune for Dick, which he used to supply for his gadgets and apartment in Blüdhaven.

With help from the Oracle (Barbara), Dick attempts to gain the pull he needs to take down Blockbuster, whilst having a very large bounty on his secret identity’s head. He also finds the time to train a street-fighter named Tad Ryerstad, also known as Nite-Wing, who is rather hotheaded though means well. Coincidentally whilst thinking of a superhero name, Ryerstad was looking out of his apartment window, seeing two signs reading,"open all nite" and "hot wings," Ryerstad put two and two together. Nite-Wing assisted Nightwing in getting closer to Blockbuster, the two taking down some of his headquarters. Unfortunately, they were over-powered, and this led to Tad’s wild side re-awakening. While being held captive, an undercover FBI agent came to Tad’s aid, only to be brutally beaten to death in return. Tad believed that this was a trick, that the agent was one of the dirty uniforms. This eventually led to Nightwing tracking him down and putting Tad behind bars.

Tad is just the first of many clouded characters that Dick meets. When first arriving into the city, Nightwing deduces that a crime lord named Freddy Minh is behind the city's chaos, though Minh is usually away on business, or so his wife says. Nightwing would then meet up with who can best be described as a dirty Jim Gordon: Dudley Soames, who would later become known as Torque. Soames is a detective who is on both sides of the law for his own personal benefit, and he sends Nightwing on wild goose chases. He does, however, save Nightwing's life on more than one occasion. Interestingly enough, during Nightwing's first encounter with Blockbuster, Soames stops Blockbuster from turning his head 180 degrees, mentioning that killing Nightwing would bring even bigger problems (a bat problem to be precise). Blockbuster agrees and attempts to have Nightwing killed in a way that wouldn't revert back to him, to give Nightwing "a hero's death." To accomplish this, Blockbuster hires many freelancing villains such as Brutale, a cunning man with vicious throwing knives, Stallion, a man with more muscle than brain, Lady Vic, a skilled woman in various martial arts and weaponry, and many more.

[edit] No Man's Land

Following the events of Titans Reunited, where the original members came together to save Cyborg, and Nightwing resuming his role as leader (thus reuniting the team), the unthinkable happens. As the name implies, this was a situation where no man would want to be in. Gotham is labeled as ‘quarantined’ (shut-down, only later to be reformed) from the United States after a massive earthquake brings down the city, and the city’s villains have a picnic day. Batman, Oracle, Robin, Commissioner Gordon and his brave unit, and Nightwing were among the few who fought to restore Gotham. Nightwing took Blackgate Prison alone, sustaining the criminals there as best he could. Batman had left Blackgate Prison to a man named Lock-Up, but with the freedom to change the rules under Gotham's current circumstances, Lock-Up let the power go to his head. Everyone with the exception of Scarecrow, who saw the bigger picture involving Lock-Up's corruption, wanted Nightwing dead with somewhat good reasoning as well, because it was Nightwing who put many of them in there.

During his captivity, Nightwing receives a visit from the second Robin in an hallucination. They take a look at Dick's life together from the circus to the present, which ends in Nightwing finally regaining a purpose as to why he continues his crime-fighting days. Eventually, after being held captive, Nightwing managed to break free and restore order in the prison. The long night battle drained and wounded him, yet he made his way back to Oracle’s clock tower to recover. The two reminisced about old times, and rekindled their feelings for one another.

[edit] The Outsiders

Following the events of No Man’s Land, and after Nightwing is given temporary leadership of the Justice League, Teen Titan teammates Lilith and Troia are killed by an evil android Superman, a tragedy which causes Nightwing to disband the team. He is later confronted by Arsenal (formerly Speedy), who persuades Nightwing to join the Outsiders. The group would not gain a personal relationship with one another, but rather just treat each other like regular co-working acquaintances. The team assists Nightwing on information about his prime objective: Blockbuster.

Meanwhile, Blockbuster hires a ruthless assassin named Shrike, a man who was trained by the League of Assassins and attempts to honor his mentor's life. He is well aware that Nightwing used to be Robin, blaming Robin many years ago for his mentor's death. Shrike is put to the test by taking on many of Blockbuster's hired lackeys, beating them all single-handedly. Shrike succeeds in capturing Nightwing with help from some members of the League of Assassins, but before he could identify or kill Nightwing, Oracle and Black Canary arrive on the scene. Dick manages to break free of his chains at the cost of shattered bones, stressing himself to defeat Shrike and save Black Canary (who was being dragged into a deadly machine). Nightwing succeeds, but passes out from the pain. He soon recovers at the clocktower with Barbara, the two growing even closer to one another.

[edit] Death of Blockbuster

Nightwing grieving over his broken life, courtesy of Blockbuster.

At this point Dick becomes obsessed with taking down Blockbuster, exhausting himself night and day on the police force and as Nightwing. His superior officer notices his change of ways, and she fires Dick before he gets out of control. Meanwhile Blockbuster, who believes that Nightwing killed his mother, pulls out all the stops to learn of Nightwing's true identity. Upon learning this through various paid sources, Blockbuster destroys Dick’s apartment and promises to kill everyone he knows and cares for. This scares Dick, especially due to his developing relationship with Barbara, and he opts to take out Blockbuster. Battling with his emotions, though, Nightwing has hit rock bottom. Losing close friends, his job, and his apartment clouded his mind. As if things couldn't get any worse, a confrontation in the Last Laugh series breaks Barbara away from Dick, as she blames him as well as herself for the 'Slab' incident, an incident that slaughtered many citizens and could have been prevented. Rumors going around about Tim Drake being eaten by Killer Croc also put a strain on Dick's heart, so much so as that he beat Joker within an inch of his life before Robin surprisingly appears before him; yet another issue that Nightwing regrets. Joker's 'ability' to get into the Batman family's heads almost always works. He taunts Nightwing about Killer Croc's recent source of food, which causes Nightwing to beat a hysterical Joker. Following these events, a vigilante known as Tarantula appears to take out Blockbuster. She takes matters into her own hands after determining that the legal system is too slow and forgiving, and appears to be obsessed with Nightwing. Nightwing, who is still fighting with himself, does nothing to stop her as she shoots the mastermind dead. On one hand, he didn’t have to dirty his hands and the people he cared for would be safe, but on the other, he would not hold up to his adopted rule from Batman: To prevent anyone from dying. In his vulnerable state, Tarantula has a controversial one night stand with Nightwing.

Dick realizes what doing nothing cost him: Guilt, regret, and sorrow. He had run off with Tarantula, but eventually came to his senses and turned himself in to the police. Amy Rohrbach, the same superior officer that fired Dick (and was well aware of his secret identity), fights the charges against Dick and frees him, stating that the world needs Nightwing. After capturing Tarantula and putting her behind bars as well as successfully liberating the police department’s dirty uniforms, Nightwing gives up crime-fighting for some time, leaving Blüdhaven to Robin and Batgirl. He then moves to New York, continuously working with the Outsiders until he felt it became too personal, and quits the team.

[edit] Infinite Crisis

Still combating with his feelings of a crime-fighter, Dick decides to put a new plan into action against Lex Luthor’s Secret Society of Super-Villains. He takes on a villain role as Renegade in order to infiltrate the base. He makes a part-time alliance with Deathstroke in order to keep up-to-date with the society’s plans, as well as training Ravager, Deathstroke’s daughter. Little did Deathstroke know that Nightwing was training her for good, not for evil. After learning of this, Deathstroke alerts the society to unleash Chemo onto Blüdhaven, who unleashes his toxins, killing hundreds of thousands of people. Nightwing re-appears to try and save any possible survivors, but is overtaken by the radiation and eventually saved by Batman. Admitting his inaction towards Tarantula against Blockbuster to Batman, Nightwing asks for advice from his old mentor. Batman suggests that he move on with his life, and that’s just what Dick does. He goes to the clock tower and proposes to Barbara. Overjoyed with tears, she accepts with a kiss.

The Death of Superboy.

Nightwing is then sent to request help from other heroes regarding the Crisis, but turns up short when making his way to Titan Tower, many heroes scattered from the Crisis, all trying to stop the many disasters around the globe. He manages to find Superboy (Conner Kent) who was recovering from injuries, and the two decide to work together to combat the threat. They manage to infiltrate Alexander Luthor’s base (who is the cause of the disaster) and free the captured heroes, but encounter Superboy-Prime, a much altered version of Superboy. Prime takes down the heroes and nearly kills Nightwing until Conner Kent got involved. Sacrificing himself, Conner tackles Superboy-Prime, both crashing and taking down the tower in the process, resulting in Superboy saving the universe. The heroes recuperate and fight the society of super villains, with Batman, Nightwing, and Robin taking on Deathstroke. Nightwing and Deathstroke share some words about Ravager's change of heart and Chemo's destruction before the three caped crusaders defeat the man formerly known as Slade. Alexander Luthor, upset over his ruined plans of a perfect Earth, decides to take his frustration out on Batman. Using his powers, Luthor prepares to blast Batman from behind. Nightwing notices the aura coming from the villain and gets in the way of the blast, receiving a fatal strike from him in an attempt to save Batman. Batman then chases Alex down, eventually holding him at gunpoint, but Wonder Woman convinces Batman not to pull the trigger.

It was revealed that the writers were originally deciding for Nightwing to be killed in this series, but at the last minute went with Superboy. The writers debated for a very long time on why Nightwing should and shouldn't have to be the one to die, with reasons such as Nightwing not being in the way of Batman and Robin and their adventures, yet on the other hand he's connected to many characters throughout the DC universe, and well-respected at that. The writers did make it clear that someone who made and impact on the DC universe had to go, along with the many who died at the hands of Superboy Prime and the other wild battles that took place during this arc. Fans still debate to this day on who should have died. It was a tragic moment, nonetheless.

Nightwing is saved by the Justice Society, and slowly recovers with Barbara at his side. As soon as he is back on his feet, however, he is called upon by Batman and Robin to retrace their paths. The three have swayed from their goals and beliefs, such as Nightwing’s guilt on Blockbuster’s death, as well as Batman’s threatening action towards Alex, and this journey is to re-gain their purposes. Barbara encourages Dick to go and returns the engagement ring to him for when he’s truly ready. Before they depart though, Dick leaves a letter along with the ring on a chain, notifying Barbara that he’ll come back to her someday. In the letter, Dick also attaches a picture of Robin and Batgirl, their former personas, signifying that he hasn't forgotten about their flirtatious past, nor did he forget the roots of their relationship.

[edit] One Year Later

After his journey with the Dynamic Duo, Nightwing returns to New York only to find out that someone has been giving Nightwing a bad name, murdering quite a few crooks. Through some investigation and confrontation, Nightwing discovers that it is Jason Todd, the second Robin. It was during this confrontation that Nightwing met two new foes: The Pierce Brothers. The brothers proved to be more than a match for Dick's abilities, being able to injure Nightwing without attacking him. It's later revealed by Jason that they are metahumans. Dick is again confronted by Todd, his goal being to work together, only to be refused by Nightwing for his rash behavior and being a vigilante without rules. Dick's life takes quite a turn during the issues with Jason, Dick becoming a model against his own will, hired by love interest and fashion designer, Cheyenne Freemont. Cheyenne is also a metahuman, but on the 'good' side, proving herself useful by aiding Dick in his quest against the twin crime-lords with her telekinesis. After Jason is captured by the two powerful brothers, Nightwing and Cheyenne (in a Nightwing outfit of her own) decide to rescue Todd, and the three work together to bring the brothers down. Because of Nightwing’s kindness, Todd gives up the Nightwing costume and leaves New York, informing Nightwing that he’s back to normal and considers them to be family. Cheyenne follows suit later and takes the time to say goodbye, starting a new life in a new city after the Pierce brothers began targeting her.

Soon after, more murders take place in New York City, this time by a thief known as Raptor. Nightwing once again heads up the investigation, only to find Raptor killed like his victims. He is then attacked by surprise and nearly buried alive, the killer causing him to recall a voice: "that he’s supposed to be dead." Nightwing’s investigation is slowed down by his right arm being injured in the attack, but persists in solving the case. It’s at this time that Dick’s relationship with Bruce started to get better, as Bruce tips Dick off on the Raptor project at a party. He eventually stumbles across a murdering duo known as Bride and Groom. Nightwing gets somewhat frustrated with the cat-and-mouse games they play on him, killing people on the go, and he becomes so desparate that he eventually uses some small-time villains to get to the duo. Dick's frustration once again clouded his mind due to Bride and Groom killing a family that he was watching over. Groom manages to take Nightwing down at the cemetery where the family was being held, and buries the vigilante alive. Nightwing claws his way within a few hours, keeping his cool thanks to Batman's training. He regains his mentality in time to catch up to the duo in a cave, where Bride accidentally makes cave in on herself and Groom.

Sometime later, after again reuniting with the Titans to take down Deathstroke (who is after his children), Nightwing gets into trouble for getting involved with the Outsiders again, as the team went against his warning for a mission in Africa. Being saved by Batman, Nightwing asks him to take position as leader of the team, and Batman agrees. Batman reforms the team by performing a series of tryouts and puts Nightwing in an obscure position. Purposely, Batman gets Nightwing annoyed with the team, and he eventually quits. Batman believes that Nightwing is too good for the Outsiders, anyways. He then rejoins his old Titans team to take down Raven’s father, Trigon’s, plans for world domination.

[edit] Batman R.I.P./Final Crisis

After a few unpleasant encouters with Vigilante, Nightwing is "summoned" by Two-Face in a similar manner as Batman would be, through a special light in the sky. In this case, his Nightwing symbol was displayed. Nightwing destroys it the moment he arrives and proceeds to holding down the villain that confronts him, but Harvey Dent speaks to him about Carol Bermingham, a love interest of his. She is scheduled to testify in court against a huge criminal organization, which practically paints a target on her back, and Harvey asks Nightwing to protect her. After some close calls involving some thugs and a sniper, Nightwing is left in a critical state. Having lost a lot of blood and getting shot to protect Carol, he drops her off to a safehous and heads back to Wayne Manor where Alfred patches him up. Alfred realized that the sniper's bullets have induced fear toxins courtesy of Scarecrow, which he informs Dick of on his way back to the safehouse. The toxin takes it's course, and Dick ends up fighting some of Batman's most vicious enemies: Joker, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Mr Freeze, Killer Croc, and the only real one there, Two-Face. He manages to get the best of most the foes, with the exception of Two-Face, who, though Nightwing attempts to plead with Harvey not to, shoots Carol dead.

Nightwing hunts Two-Face down, again exhausting himself, whilst Two-Face battles himself for what he's done. The monster side of Harvey went for the bounty on Carol, collecting a large sum of money. He uses this money to get 'revenge' on Nightwing for the death of the one he loved, bringing canisters of acid on-board blimps to dump across New York City. Nightwing arrives on the scene in time and manages to tie the blimps together, dragging them into the ocean before any severe casualties occured. He also succeeds in taking Two-Face down, overcoming his days as Robin where Two-Face nearly beats him to death. A visit from Barbara causes Dick to take a step back, as she helps him realize that, like Bruce Wayne, he is getting lost in his vigilante side. Whilst Dick understands this, he cannot rest until he knows that the city is safe.

Nightwing at the end of the Batman R.I.P. arc.

Most recently, Nightwing has been ambushed and captured by the International Club of Villains. He is seen throughout the ‘Batman R.I.P.’ arc as drugged and scheduled for a lobotomy at Arkham Asylum, though it’s being put off so that he, as well as Bruce's fianceè Jezebel Jet, can be used as bait for Batman. Nightwing eventually snaps out of this dilemma in time to escape from the operation, and joins the Batman family in their fight against the club of villains. He and Batman follow one of the villain's helicopters, though it seems that Nightwing was too late to aid Batman, who went down with the helicopter in an explosion trying to fend off Simon Hurt. Nightwing is seen holding Batman's cape.

Unfortunately, DC has recently announced the cancellation of the Nightwing comic book series (along with the other Batman Family series, Robin and Birds of Prey). The series has had an 11-year run, and will end with issue #153. Dick Grayson has taken his mentor's place as Batman (temporarily) alongside a new Robin, Bruce Wayne's son and Dick's half-brother, Damian Wayne.

[edit] Batman: Reborn

Taking on the role of Batman in his mentor's place, Dick, along with his half-brother Damian as Robin, keep crime at bay in Gotham. Without Batman known to be monitoring the city, crime would hit an all-time high as criminals would have nothing to fear. Dick uses this opportunity to help teach Damian the Batman Family's crime-fighting ways. During the Domino Effect, Batman and Robin begin taking on a few lowly thugs using the new flying Batmobile. The new Dynamic Duo would then make their presence known to long-time ally Commissioner Gordon before setting up base underneath Wayne Tower, where Damian shows his arrogance and pride towards the new Dark Knight. Claiming that whenever Dick feels like he can't take up the Batman mantle, Damian will gladly step in and do things his way. Meanwhile, Pyg, a new villain in town, formulates a plan to create a mindless army of thugs to do his bidding by attaching a seemingly mind-controlling pig mask onto those who resist his command.

[edit] Other Versions

Dick Grayson's Earth-Two persona is unlike the rebellious Nightwing of Earth-One. His conflicts with Bruce are non-existant, Earth-Two Dick Grayson even basing his costume to be very similar to Batman's, the 'R' logo in the middle of his chest surrounded by bat wings. Earth-Two's Dick Grayson also pursues a college degree in law, eventually opening up a team firm with Bruce called Cranton, Grayson, and Wayne. Through a battle with his Justice League teammates, Robin and other members fall to the hands of a powerful super-villain, though they are brought back to life soon after the incident.

Earth-Two's Dick Grayson is soon manipulated by Commissioner Bruce Wayne (who is under the influence of Psycho-Pirate) to attack other Justice League members. Eventually, Batman and Robin take down the criminal mastermind. Robin soon teams up with Helena Wayne, also known as Huntress in that world. They take down many crime organizations, including stopping the Joker, Dick putting on the Batman mantle to distract the psychopath. Dick begins to develop strong feelings for Huntress, but leaves Gotham in an attempt to avoid those feelings.

Dick is later brought back to Gotham to defend Batman's motives involving his diary. According to the diary, the superhero teams were being operated by 'Nazi' masterminds, though it was later revealed by Huntress that Bruce was under the influence of a certain cancer whilst writing in his diary. Earth-Two is said to have come to an end with the Crisis series, however. Robin is seen with Huntress, defending the innocent against shadow demons. They are both eventually killed. The two are mentioned sometime later though, whilst the Star-Spangled kid battles with Extrant, a time-traveller.

[edit] Powers/Abilities

Nightwing leaping off a building with ease.

Nightwing is best described as a mid-twenty-year-old man at his peak in mind, body, and soul. His critical thinking and deducting matches up to that of Batman, as does his fighting ability and general crime-fighting attitude. Nightwing excels in agility and acrobatics, so much so as to be referred to as the greatest human acrobat in the DC universe. His training with his family, The Flying Graysons, helped build his strength, stamina and agility at a very young age. Nightwing is currently the only one on Earth capable of doing a quadruple somersault thanks to his time spent at the circus. He is fluent in seven major languages, and is familiar in many others thanks to teachings by Bruce. Nightwing is an excellent strategist and has often brought heroes together showing great leadership skills, which surpass that of Batman’s.

[edit] Equipment/Vehicles

Nightwing's gauntlets.
Nightwing's boots.

Nightwing’s suit is made of fire-resistant material, is insulated against electricity, and is well-protected with triple-weave Kevlar. His suit is also light sensitive, darkening in the light to help keep him hidden. The suit also has certain inlays, giving him extra defense and freedom of movement with all that he carries. His mask, which is held by a type of adhesive (spirit gum), includes a radio transmitter and receiver, and is even capable of going into night-vision. His suit can dispatch wings to enable him to glide or fly when necessary. Nightwing’s items are stored within his gauntlets and boots, each with eight compartments. Should someone try to use his toys against him, like Batman’s utility belt, they’ll be shocked by a charge within the gauntlets and boots, and possibly self-destruct. Nightwing carries with him smoke pellets, his own version of batarangs (wing-dings), tracers, a 100,000 volt stun-gun, flares, a mini-computer, a mini-cell phone, first-aid kit, lockpick, grappling hook, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Nightwing's primary weapons of choice are a pair of Escrima sticks, which he can retrieve from his back. They are unbreakable, great for defense, and can do damage in the right hands.

Nightwing generally rides in a modified motorcycle. He did create his own Batmobile, called the Nightbird, but that was destroyed from Blockbuster’s assault on Grayson’s apartment.

[edit] Other Media Appearances

[edit] (as Nightwing)

[edit] Television

Nightwing has appeared in various Batman: The Animated Series episodes, as well as The New Batman Adventures, showing his rivalry with Batman, love for Barbara, and brotherly connection towards Tim Drake, the new Robin. Jason Todd was cut out from the animated series, likely because of the brutal death he suffered at the hands of Joker.

Teen Titans depiction of Nightwing.

Nightwing has also made a cameo in Teen Titans, on an episode titled 'How Long is Forever?' in which Starfire is transported to the future. He is also seen in The Batman in an online fighting game that Robin plays. Nightwing has a very short cameo in Justice League Unlimited during the episode, 'Grudge Match,' which shows his figure near Blüdhaven.

[edit] Film

Though Nightwing has not been seen on the big screen, he's been there in spirit. In the film Batman & Robin, Robin's suit is similar to that of Nightwing's, with exception to having a cape, and the logo extending from his chest to his arms is red instead of blue. His name was also suggested as an alias by Dick Grayson's character in Batman Forever.

[edit] Video Games

Nightwing has made appearances in video games such as Batman: Chaos in Gotham and Batman: Gotham City Racer. He becomes a playable character in Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu and most recently, Lego Batman. Nightwing, along with Batman and Robin, are seen together in the upcoming game, DC Universe Online, confirming them being involved in the 2009 MMO.

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