Mr Freeze

Mr. Freeze
Mr. Freeze holding a customized snow globe of Nora.
Real NameVictor Fries
AliasMr. Freeze
Weight190 lbs
AbilitiesAble to survive in extremely cold climates

Cryogenic suit adds to strength and motility
Freeze Gun instantly makes objects or people frozen

Ages at a very slow rate
Team AffiliationsInjustice League
Secret Society of Super Villains
Base of OperationsGotham City

Mr. Freeze, formerly known as Victor Fries, is a fictional character in the Batman universe. He's a villain with a heartfelt goal: To cure his wife from a critical disease. His love for Nora Fries clouds his judgement, however, as he'll help her by any means necessary. Mr. Freeze first appeared in Batman #121, and was created by Bob Kane.


[edit] Overview

As the name implies, Freeze is fond of ice-type attacks, ice and cold being his theme in the DC universe. His primary choice of weapon is a freeze gun, capable of stopping his enemies dead in their tracks.

[edit] Background

Victor Fries was quite fascinated with ice long before his accident, freezing small animals in some form or the other as a child. This upset his parents, believing he'd grow up as a troublemaker, so they sent to boarding school. Victor never fit into the strict school however, feeling lost and alone throughout his years there, building on his 'cold' nature. Dispite his distant school years, Victor studied hard, eventually branching off into his childhood hobby. When he entered college, he met a girl who fell in love with and soon married, Nora Fries.

Fries' life seemed to be turning around with his new wife, that is until Nora came down with a life-threatening illness. Fries promises to do what he cans to save Nora, and starts by 'preserving' her through cryostasis. More bad luck strikes Victor as his boss, Ferris Boyle, finds out about Fries using his company's technology for personal reasons, something that a greedy businessman would never allow. When Boyle confronts Fries about the "misconduct," a slight battle commences between the two, ending with Boyle over-poweringFries into a table filled with various chemicals. Boyle, thinking that he killed Fries, walks away. Fries somehow survives the large dosage of chemicals, but realizes that he now needs to stay in cold temperatures to keep alive.

[edit] History

With his newfound abilities and keen mind, Fries, under his alias Freeze, develops a cryogenic suit which keeps his body cool. This helps his cause in needing money and other equipment/accessories for his wife, as he wouldn't be limited to looking for these items in the artic. Freeze's first line of business however, was to track down his former employer.

Freeze battles Batman.

Fortunately for Ferris Boyle, Batman was in the area, and he protected the no-good buisnessman from Freeze in the factory. During battle, Freeze makes a grave mistake in letting revenge consume his heart. He fires his freeze gun at Batman everywhere he goes, only for Batman to dodge the blast. Eventually he ends up hitting Nora's capsule, breaking it to pieces. Freeze screams out revenge on Batman, though it was by his hands that he nearly lost his wife. Mr. Freeze quickly restores a chamber for Nora, and invokes his chaos on Gotham City, which he knows Batman protects. His quests leads him to going after money for and equipment for research to help save his wife, and of course, leaves a 'cold trail.'

Freeze, like other Batman villains, has lost and been sent to Arkham Asylum, only to, again like other villains, eventually get out and continue his goals. Although Freeze isn't as psychotic as other villains, Arkham is the only prison with a refrigerated cell to fit Freeze's needs.

Most recently, Freeze has, with the help of Nyssa al Ghul, restored his wife's consciousness. He created a sub-zero machine for Nyssa, and in return she used her abilities involving the Lazarus Pit. Freeze is delighted to see Nora alive and well again, except for the fact that she's been transformed into Lazara. Nora does not return Freeze's affection, as she blames him for her new path. In fact, she becomes so upset that she separates from him. This devastates Mr. Freeze, as Nora was his real reason for going on in life, under those mutated conditions and all. There are times where he regrets making the deal with Nyssa, that he should have relied on his brains for a cure, but nevertheless he is at least happy that she is alive and {almost) well.

Freeze accepts the villainous path that he has chosen, and allies himself with the Injustice League. It's worth mentioning that Freeze is more of a loner, like his personality during border school, and it's quite surprising to see him working with other villains.

[edit] Powers/Abilities

Mr. Freeze's powers revolve around ice and cold, his freeze gun being a prime example of that. With it, Freeze can instantly turn something into ice, people included. Along with a powerful gun, Freeze is also known to have super-strength with help of his suit, and, with the mixed in cryogenic-nature of his body, is said to have decelerated aging. Freeze's studies have formed him into a very intelligent villain and cryogenics expert

Like most villains in the Batman universe, however, Freeze doesn't come without weaknesses. One major weakness is his need to keep his body temperature extremely low at all times to survive. Since his suit helps him get around, targeting it could likely lead to his downfall.

[edit] Other Media Appearances

[edit] Television

Freeze has appeared in the original 1960's Batman series, the Batman/Superman Hour, in which he proved to be a formidable advesary to Superman, the New Adventures of Batman, Batman: The Animated Series, in which the episode he was featured in, 'Heart of Ice,' received an emmy for outstanding writing in an animation, The New Batman Adventures, Batman Beyond, and The Batman.

[edit] Film

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze.

Mr. Freeze has been featured in two major Batman films: Batman & Robin, where Freeze was portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Batman & Mr Freeze: Subzero, that truly shows Freeze's compassion. In the end of SubZero, it's noted that Bruce Wayne funded for an organ transplant that cured Nora Fries.

[edit] Video Games

Mr. Freeze has appeared in many if not all Batman games including: The Adventures of Batman & Robin, The Video Game, Batman Vengeance, Batman: Dark Tomorrow, and most recently playable in Lego Batman.

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