Lucius Fox

Real NameLucius Fox
AliasLucius Fox
Team AffiliationsWayne Enterprises
Base of OperationsGotham City

Lucius Fox is a character found in the DC Universe. He was created by Len Wein and John Calnan, and he first appeared in Batman #307. A trustworthy and reliable friend of Bruce Wayne, Lucius serves as the acting CEO of Wayne Enterprises, while also using his great technological mind to help create new accessories and gadgets for Batman.


[edit] History

Lucious Fox first meets Bruce Wayne in Paris, where the Bruce rescued him from a band of muggers. After forming a strong friendship, the two decided to start a charity together that would become known as Wayne Foundation. Realizing how intelligent and motivated Lucius was, Bruce would hire him on as an employee at Wayne Enterprises. After the company began to fail due to Bruce being pre-occupied with his Batman activities, he decided to hand over leadership decisions to that of Lucius. Eventually becoming the CEO of the company, Lucius used his "midas touch" to turn Wayne Enterprises into a prosperous corporation once again.

During the No Man's Land storyline, Lucius realized that Lex Luthor would try and stake claim to much of Gotham City's property with the city now in ruin following the earthquakes. Using his wealth of knowledge and resources, Lucius was able to stop Luthor before he could go through with his plan. Angered over his interference, Lex sent an assassin to kill Fox. Luckily, Batman was able to save his friend from the assassin's shot before it got to him.

[edit] Other Media Appearances

[edit] Television

Lucius Fox would appear in both Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures as Bruce Wayne's friend and business partner. In Batman Beyond, there is an episode where a company named Foxteca is a target of sabotage. The building was created by Lucius Fox Jr after he got fired from Wayne Enterprises following it's takeover by Derek Powers.

The character would also later appear in The Batman. In it, Fox is instrumental in the creation of the batcave as well as many of the gadgets used by Batman.

[edit] Film

Morgan Freeman protrayed Lucius Fox in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Between the two movies, Fox would work his way up from being the head of the lowly research division of Wayne Enterprises all the way up to CEO of the company with the help of Bruce Wayne.

Lucius would also appear in the animated movie, Batman: Gotham Knight.

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