Killer Croc

Killer Croc
Real NameWaylon Jones
AliasKiller Croc
Weight685 lbs
AbilitiesSuperior Strength, Agility, Speed, and Stamina

Regenerative Powers

Hardened Skin
Team AffiliationsSecret Society of Super Villains
Base of OperationsGotham City

Killer Croc (Waylon Jones) is a character found in the DC Universe. He was created by Gerry Conway and Gene Colan, and first appeared in Detective Comics #523. Croc is one of Batman's greatest foes as the two have fought many times.


[edit] Character History

Waylon Jones was born with a rare medical condition that caused him to grow an appearance much like that of a crocodile. He grew thick, scaly skin and developed razor sharp claws and teeth. As a child, Jones was tormented by fellow schoolmates for his hideous appearance. This led to the young man snapping and nearly killed one of the kids that had ridiculed him for so long. Jones would then spend the next handful of years in a reform school before being sent off to prison for 20 years on his 18th birthday after he killed a man in cold blood. Once emerging from the confines of prison, Jones spent time with a traveling carnival and become known as "Killer Croc".

Over time, Croc's intelligence slowly diminished to the point where he became almost completely animalistic and a slave to primal desires. He would then make his home in the sewers beneath Gotham City. In "Killer's Bane" (Batman #489), Killer Croc invaded a shopping mall that was currently occupied by Batman and Robin who were engaged in a battle with Bane. Croc was able to attack Batman while he was distracted and nearly broke his back before Robin rescued him and kicked Croc into Bane, who then broke the reptile's arms. Afterwards, Croc was sent back as a prisoner to Arkham Asylum.

During the Knightfall saga, Croc seeks revenge against Bane and tracks him down into the sewers. However, along with Bane, Croc encounters Robin and the three begin a fight before the ground they are standing on collapses to the level below. The fight would end in a draw.

In Killer Croc: Fast Train To The Wet Dark (Batman #521), Croc is told by some unknown paranormal force to escape from Arkham Asylum and travel to the Louisana Swamps. Batman finds out about this and follow Croc there, only to find that the voice calling him was Swamp Thing. He wishes to give Killer Croc a place to live and express his reptilian side freely.

Croc would then appear in the Hush storyline, along with Broken City. In them, Croc is infected with a virus that drastically increases the rate at which he loses his human instincts. Croc would later attempt to cure himself of this infection, but after the doctor that attempts to help him fails, he kills her.

Later on, after the uprising of the Gotham City gang wars, Killer Croc found himself at the mercy of the powerful Black Mask. He had Mad Hatter insert a mind-controlling chip into the back of Croc's head that granted Black Mask complete control over him. During a bank robbery, Croc was able to dislodge the chip from his head and caused him to realize what had been done to him. Croc vowed revenge on Black Mask and then vanished into the sewers.

In the One Year Later storyline, Croc is found feading on the remains of fellow villain Orca.

[edit] Skills & Abilities

Killer Croc suffers from atavism, meaning he has inherited some traits of older species over the course of time. In this case; Reptiles. His skin is hardened to the point that he becomes nearly impervious to handguns and other projectile weapons. Croc also has super strength to the point that he can rip vault doors right out of the walls. Along with this, he has increased speed and agility, giving Croc the ability to leap and jump unlike any human being.

Croc also possesses regenerative powers that allows him to heal quickly and to even grow back lost limbs.

[edit] Other Media Appearances

[edit] Television

Killer Croc appears in several episodes of Batman: The Animated Series. In this series, Croc is depicted as a wrestler that turns to crime to earn money. His appearance is also changed as he has gray skin instead of green. He had a handful of encounters with Batman, but later on in the show, Croc is used more as comic relief than a serious threat to the Dark Knight.

Later on, Killer Croc would also be featured in The New Batman Adventures. In it, Croc allies himself with Baby Doll and the two work together from the sewers beneath Gotham. This series has Croc with his green skin to go with an increase in his size.

Another televison series that Killer Croc would appear in is The Batman. During this series, Croc's appearance is changed quite drastically. He looks almost completely like a crocodile, even complete with a tail. He spends far more time in the sewers underwater, and he sports a leather jacket. Croc is often seen with three henchmen whom he uses to wreck havoc over Gotham City.

[edit] Film

Killer Croc is really only seen in one movie, and that is Batman: Gotham Knight. He appears in the short In Darkness Dwells.

In the movie, his backstory is one of a boy who was born with a rare skin disease that resulted in him being abandoned by his mother. After his skin and teeth changed more reptilian-like over time, Waylon Jones became more insane, eventually landing in Arkham after a mass killing spree. In there, Dr Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow) performed procedures on Croc using his Fear Toxin. Croc's homicidal tendencies would increase and after escaping Arkham, he would flee into the sewers with Crane and make his home down there.

Batman and Killer Croc would eventually battle, with Croc biting hard into Batman's skin, sending fear toxin coursing throughout his body. After more hand-to-hand fighting, Batman wins the battle by shoving a concussion grenade into Croc's mouth, knocking him out cold.

[edit] Video Games

Killer Croc in Lego Batman

Killer Croc is a playable character in the video game Lego Batman. In it, he assists Penguin as they try to take over the city. His main attribute in the game is super strength.

There have also been screenshots that show Croc as a character in the upcoming title Batman: Arkham Asylum. In the latest trailer, Croc is shown in giant shackles as he flails his arms about in frustration as he towers over Batman. His exact role in the game is as followed. He was a main boss. While looking for the plant to make the titan serum, he had to venture into crocs zone. Scarecrow was killed in the events, but Batman trapped in the Gotham underground. After the credits his arm was shown grabbing a box of titan in the sea.

Killer Croc will also be a playable character is DC Universe Online.

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