Jim Carrey


Jim Carrey portrayed The Riddler in the 1995 film, Batman Forever.

[edit] Edward Nygma

Before becoming the Riddler, Edward Nygma worked in Wayne Enterprises as a researcher. He was immensely fond of Bruce Wayne, and was desperate for his approval - especially regarding his invention, which can manipulate brain waves, effectively placing you in the actions of a TV. However, Bruce Wayne turned the idea down, stating that mind manipulation could ask too many questions - something which hurt Nygma massively, claiming that Wayne was supposed to understand.

After being discovered by Wayne Industries by Fred Stickley, who was the head researcher, Nygma tested his invention on the man. He discovered that it could absorb any information needed from the brain of the person watching the TV with the invention on - however, Stickley agreed with Wayne about the 'box' having manipulation techniques, and demanded the process to be shut down, and Edward to be fired. However, Nygma responded by placing him in a chair and rolling him out of the window, and altering the tapes to make it look like suicide.

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