Jason Todd

Red Hood
Jason-todd 400.jpg
Jason Todd as Red Hood.
Real NameJason Peter "Jay" Todd
AliasRobin II; Red Hood;
Weight240 bs (104kg)
AbilitiesHigh Intellect
Expert Acrobat, Gun-Wielder, and Detective
Peak Physical Condition
Master in Various Martial Arts
Master hand to hand combat
Professional pilot(Particularly planes and helicopters)
Team AffiliationsBatman Family
Teen Titans
Base of OperationsGotham City
New York City
Criminal Nickname

Jason Todd is a character in the Batman universe. He was the second Robin, taken in by Bruce Wayne after his parents were killed. Jason was well-trained by Batman himself, honing him into the next Robin after Dick Grayson was 'fired' from the position. Jason was always enthusiastic, but his mentality wasn't always leveled as it was with Dick and other Batman Family members. He had a hot-headed side to him, one that would emerge after coming back from the dead (being killed by Joker). Though he maintains his wild side, Jason is now no longer going by Batman's rules, and kills when necessary. He was first introduced in Batman #357, and was created by Don Newton, Gerry Conway (Robin), Judd Winick, and Doug Mahnke (Red Hood).


[edit] Overview

Jason Todd was introduced shortly after Bruce and Dick's dispute, which ended in Dick being fired from his position as Robin. Jason had a natural, child-like charm to him, though was a troubled youth following his parents deaths. He tends to hold grudges, but usually is able to channel his rage and apply it to his crime-fighting ability. Bruce thought if he can assist Jason in keeping his cool, he would be a valuable and trustworthy sidekick.

Jason, like the rest of the Batman Family, has had his fair share of traumatic experiences, most notable being beaten to death with a crowbar by the Joker. The reason for his murder was due to the fans unanimous dislike of the character, many felt that he wasn't himself, but a carbon copy of when Dick started out, and others believed that Jason had come in too soon with no build-up. The DC Universe listened, and so conducted a poll to either kill Jason off, or keep him alive. The vote ended with a decent margin wanting him to go, and so was killed off in Batman: A Death in the Family. Following the chaotic events of Infinite Crisis however, Jason (and other deceased characters) returns from the dead with a new take on life, as well as with his own rules towards crime-fighting.

[edit] Background

Jason's past began similar to Dick Grayson's: A boy who was part of a circus witnessing his parents murdered, only it wasn't Tony Zucco's doing, but Killer Croc. Jason is originally a red-head, but dies it black when taken in by Bruce Wayne, and is given a Robin outfit by Dick. After months of training, Jason joins Bruce as the new Dynamic Duo. He is seen as a rather cheerful individual, despite the fact that he witnessed a monster kill his parents. His 'fairytale-like' behavior soon takes a drastic turn, however.

Following the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, Jason's history is changed to a boy trying to survive on the streets. His father is apparently killed by Two-Face, and Jason vows to avenge him. Jason is introduced as trying to steal the Batmobile's tires and is caught by an annoyed Batman, though he proves his ability by assisting Batman in breaking up a gang of thieves. Batman then takes the boy in, and within months of training, Jason fights alongside the caped crusader. Jason appears as the infamous hot-head in this revamp, however, often not listening to Batman's orders, making rash and careless decisions, and at one point, attempting to kill Two-Face by choking him to death. He is stopped by Batman, and is often scolded about the error of his ways. Jason however believes that in order to strike fear into the hearts of criminals, they would have to be more lethal. His recklessness would lead to his demise soon after learning about his biological mother.

[edit] History

[edit] Batman: A Death in the Family

Joker beating Jason to death with a crowbar.

Jason, needing some time alone from Bruce's lectures, heads over to a close family friend, Mrs. Walker, who gives him files that Jason's parents had entrusted to her, including Jason's birth certificate. Jason learns that his mother was not his biological mother, that he still had family out there, and so, with use of the Bat-Computer, he finds three possible matches spread out in Africa and the Middle East. Jason opts to find his mother, and runs away from Wayne Manor. Batman and Robin would soon meet up in Lebanon, Batman tracking down the Joker, who had recently escaped Arkham Asylum, and Jason finding one of the three possible mothers. They work together to foil the Joker's plans, but the psychopath escapes, and much to Jason's dismay, the woman he was tracking denied being his mother.

Batman assists Robin in his next lead, where they end up at a terrorist training camp. Lady Shiva is the next suspected mother of Jason, but rather than answer a question, she fights with Batman, doing extraordinarily well against the Dark Knight. Robin distracts her in order for Batman to gain the advantage, and with use of truth serum, they find out that she too is not Jason's mother. The Dynamic Duo then follow Jason's last suspect, Sheila Haywood, in Ethiopia. They succeed in finding the woman, and she confirms being Jason's mother, Jason overjoyed with emotion to have family again. Batman leaves the two to pursue leads on the Joker, who is rumoured to be in Ethiopia, but it turns out that Joker was behind the scenes of the family reunion. Sheila hands Robin over to Joker as part of an agreement (the Joker was blackmailing her), and Joker proceeds in beating Jason to death with a crowbar. He then leaves both mother and son to die in the warehouse with a time bomb. Jason regains conciousness and attempts to get himself and his mother out of the building even though she betrayed him, but is too later and gets caught in the blast. Batman arrives on the scene as the building is blown up, and is devastated to see the two bodies lying in the rubble.

After comforting a dead Jason Todd in his arms, Batman has the bodies moved to Gotham City for proper burial, and purses the Joker to Iran. Battling with his feelings, Batman contemplates what to do with the Joker, and gets a visit from the Man of Steel, Superman. The two work together to stop the Joker's evil plans, who tried to kill many politicians through use of laughing gas, and Superman saves Batman from a helicopter crash, in it was also the Joker. Batman tells Superman that it is always like this with Joker, unfinished, unresolved, a relationship that Superman can relate to with Lex Luthor. Batman marks Jason's death as his greatest failure: He battles with himself about the fact that he couldn't completely convert Jason's mentality and rage, that he thought Jason was ready for the Robin mantle, and the fate he suffered at the hands of the Joker, not being there for Jason. Batman keeps Jason's Robin mantle in the Batcave on display to remind him of Jason.

[edit] Post-Infinite Crisis

After the events of Infinite Crisis involving Superboy-Prime, Jason had awakened later in his grave and clawed his way out of the coffin. He has lost his memory, and ends up collapsing soon after his escape. After being in a coma for a year, Talia al Ghul arrives on the scene, taking interest in Jason. She convinces him that she would restore his memory, and takes him to where her father was, the Lazarus Pit. A few moments later, Jason emerged with knowledge of his past, and with advice from Talia, Jason embarks on a worldwide quest to train. His goals were to confront Batman about not avenging his death and killing Joker, as well as take matters into his own hands as a vigilante. He manages to track down and question Batman, who is shocked at Jason's return from the dead, but reminds Jason that he does not kill. Jason is angered by Batman's 'weak' rule, and decides to take on the role of Red Hood.

[edit] Red Hood

Todd fighting Batman as Red Hood.

Jason makes his first appearance as Red Hood during a smuggling operation on a ship in which Batman, Nightwing, and Mr Freeze are involved in. The ship belonged to the dangerous Black Mask, who hauled in a large supply of kryptonite for a certain Man of Steel, and with these events following the supposed death of Spoiler, Batman opted to bring the crime lord down. Jason recovered the kryptonite and surprisingly handed it over to Batman and company, explaining to them that he wanted to see if he still had 'it'. The new Red Hood would soon get back to his goals, as he hunted down the Joker and beat him continuously with a crowbar (the same way that Joker beat Jason to death). Yet another surprising twist of events, however, Jason spared Joker's life, believing that through Joker, he could get his revenge on Batman.

Jason soon sets up a gang of his own, but not as those who are part of a crime syndicate, but to bring down Black Mask's operations as well as complete Jason's vengeful goals. He manages to bust several underworld gang leads, but also encounters the Batman Family in the process. Because of Jason's reckless attitude, those taught by the Dark Knight cannot allow him to continue his dirty tactics and try to bring him into police custody, but Jason always gives them the slip. Red Hood begins playing mind games with Batman and his vigilante group, such as placing his Robin mask in the passenger seat of the Batmobile, and making his presence known to the old and new Robin. At this point, after some investigation with Jason's coffin, Bruce is convinced that Jason never really died, unable to explain how the boy who died in his arms came back.

Jason then went after the current Robin in search of obscure answers. Wearing his old yet modified Robin suit, Jason managed to immobilize the Titans in Titans Tower, and battled Tim throughout the building. The fight ended up in the Hall of the Fallen Titans, which, much to Jason's dismay, didn't have a statue in honor of the second Robin. In truth, Jason's time in the Titans was quite short, and his attitude didn't help the other members remember him too much. Jason strikes Tim Drake down and, before rendering him unconscious, asks Tim if he's as good as people say. Tim replies with a "yes" before Jason knocks him out. Enraged, he rips the 'R' symbol from Tim's suit, but can't help but admit his respect for the new boy wonder. He also admired Tim for his stature and friends, wishing he'd have ended up the same way had his encounter with the Joker years ago not have been so life-changing.

Going back to his original goals, Jason gets his hands on Joker and heads to a place that Batman knows all too well: Crime Alley. Red Hood demands answers upon Batman's arrival, such as why he didn't kill the Joker for taking Jason away from him. Batman responds by telling Jason that he would never cross that line, no matter how tough the circumstances are. Jason asks him to do it, if not for him, for all the evil things Joker has done, believing that the psychopath deserves what's coming to him. Batman refuses to, though admitting that he has thought about taking the Joker somewhere quiet and torturing him to death, he cannot allow himself to go down that path. Jason, hoping to see just how far Bruce will go with his rules, tells him that he has an option on who's life to take, Jason's or Joker's. Jason holds Joker at gunpoint and stands behind the madman, then tosses his other gun to Batman, informing him that after he counts to three, he will pull the trigger. Batman instead throws a batarang, hitting Jason's neck. This gives Joker the chance to break free, and he sets off explosives whilst jumping into the river nearby. Red Hood and Batman follow him into the ocean, and the three men separate.

[edit] One Year Later

Jason gives up the Red Hood mantle for a short period of time and takes on another name, one that's already taken: Nightwing. When Dick Grayson returns from his trip with Bruce and Tim, he is shocked to find out that someone in New York City is murdering criminals, and even more dumbfounded when he realizes that it's a man in a Nightwing costume. Dick pursues the imposter and finds it to be none other than Jason Todd, who just so happened to save Dick's life after an encounter with the Pierce Brothers. Jason asks Dick if he can join his prowls in the night, asking if they can become the new Dynamic Duo, but Dick refuses due to Jason's violent nature, informing him that he can't go around killing people. Jason however, has other plans, and refuses to give up the Nightwing persona. After various encounters and mind games between the two Nightwings, Jason is captured by the Pierce Brothers to lure out the true Nightwing. Dick, with the help of Cheyenne Freemont manages to save Jason, and the three work together to defeat the powerful metahuman brothers. Before Dick could talk to Jason, he takes off, but leaves a note behind stating that he is back to normal and considers them to be family.

What Jason considers normal, however, is in question once he gets involved with Brick, a common gun-wielding enemy of Green Arrow. Jason's purpose with Brick in Star City was to get closer to Green Arrow's sidekick, the new Speedy, Mia Dearden. Mia had a rough life much like Jason, and has been cast out due to her tantrums. Jason believes that they are one in the same, and he tries to form an alliance with her. With her mentor in mind, however, Mia refuses Jason's offer. Jason retaliates by blowing up Mia's high school, which Mia blames herself for, but she can't forget all that Green Arrow has done for her, and sticks by Green Arrow's side. Meanwhile, Jason leaves before Batman, who was tracking some leads in Star City, could apprehend him.

[edit] Countdown

The Countdown to Final Crisis begins with Jason (as Red Hood again) chasing Duela Dent, daughter of Joker from another Earth. He saves a rich woman from Duela, and pursues the clown into an alley, where she is struck down and killed by a Monitor. Jason tries to fight the Monitor for his actions, but is easily defeated. The Monitor claimed that she did not belong on this Earth, that she was trespassing and needed to be taken care of, and also explained that he could do without Jason's return from the grave. Before the Monitor could shoot Jason dead as well, another Monitor shows up and stops him, teleporting the Monitor back to their base before apologizing to Jason. A confused Jason let's the Titans know of the murder and hides in the background during Duela's funeral. Jason encounters Donna Troy alone, knowing that she too came back from the dead, and explained in detail as to what happend to Duela. He told her what the Monitor had said to him, and feared that those who returned from the dead were next. Donna didn't believe this, that is, until the Forerunner suddenly appeared and fought with the two. The Forerunner easily took down Jason due to her supernatural abilities, and showed to be a much more powerful advesary against Donna Troy's powers. Before she could kill the two, though, the same Monitor that saved Jason appears and relieves Forerunner of her duties.

The Monitor apologizes to Donna and Jason for the recent turn of events, explaining that he's trying to prevent another chaotic multiverse battle from occuring again. After some discussion, the three decide to work together to prevent anymore killings, and attempt to track down Ray Palmer, also known as The Atom, who was last seen in the Palmerverse. The team recruits Kyle Rayner, another who came back from the dead, he and Jason often coming to blows as if they were fighting over Donna. The team also question Jason's stand in all of this, as he constantly does questionable things such as slicing a creature and shooting Donna with Monitor's gun. Jason had many good reasons for his actions, however, as he seemed to be the only one thinking outside of the box. The group was surrounded and could have died if he hadn't acted fast enough and thrown the enemies off-course. The group travel through multiple atomic universes in search of Palmer, and after many trips, succeed in doing so. The Monitor, who Jason nicknames as 'Bob', explains that Ray Palmer is the key to preventing this disaster from occuring, but soon as they meet with Atom, Bob attempts to kill him. This breaks the team up from Bob, as Donna, Kyle, and Jason save Palmer.

Jason Todd as Red Robin.

The group travels across various universes in search of their home, and come across Earth-51 (where they are separated for some time), where Jason encounters that world's Batman. In this version, Batman began using lethal force after Jason's death, and even created a new suit for him for when he grew up, the Red Robin outfit. Jason was pleased with this world's Batman for avenging his death, and puts on the Red Robin outfit in his honor. The two fight crime together, Jason eventually meeting up with his Earth's team. The Batman of that world is killed at that moment however, by an intruder of that Earth, Ultraman of Earth-3. Jason attempts to avenge Batman, but Ultraman gets away. Red Robin instead kills a nearby hysterical Joker before rejoining his team. The group finds other destined members such as Jimmy Olsen and Karate Kid, and they attempt to find their home after being trapped on Apokolips. What they thought was their Earth however, was one where neither of them existed. The group goes through a traumatic experience with Justice League members as well as the virus within Karate Kid, the Morticoccus (spreads and destroys the people on that Earth). When they finally reach their home, Jason does away with the Red Robin outfit.

Most recently, Jason has encountered Tim Drake again, and has noticed just how much improved Tim has gotten since their last battle. The two exchange some words when suddenly they are confronted by a gang and a man in a Red Robin outfit. Jason and Tim work together but Red Robin's distraction causes Jason to be shot in the leg in a crossfire by a gang member. He is later arrested by the police, mistaken to be one of the gang members, whilst Tim hunts down the mysterious Red Robin.

[edit] Powers/Abilities

Jason's training from Batman and company have honed him into the crime-fighting vigilante that he is today. His strength, stamina, endurance, reflexes, intellect, and more have been vigorously enhanced after many months of training under Bruce's wing. He maintains these many attributes following his return from the grave, even besting Tim Drake (their Titan Tower encounter) and manages to go head-to-head with Batman himself. Jason's abilities are said to be somewhat comparable to Dick's, though Dick has more acrobat skills due to his days at the circus. From time to time, Jason has shown his impressive abilities, including his detective training, something of which he'd rather avoid when he can, but his deducing has saved quite a few lives. He is at peak physical condition for a man of his weight and height, with various martial art forms under his belt,trained by an ace pilot in middle East to learn aviation,practice himself in marksman ship, again courtesy of the Dark Knight.

[edit] Equipment/Vehicles

Red Hood II's motorcycle.

Jason is skilled with many weapons, now most notably ones with gunpowder. He is usually strapped with dual pistols, a crooked dagger, and a sub-machine gun. Jason also at times brings around some grenades to cause some fireworks. He has shown to be an excellent marksman as well as holding his own in various sword fights, most notably his battle with Green Arrow, which he lost in the end but showed great skill with a blade.

Jason's vehicle of choice is usually, like the other Robins, a motorcycle. As the Red Hood, Jason rides in a customized red motorcycle to fit his needs, be it for storage, transportation, etc..

[edit] Other Media Appearances

Though Jason Todd has not physically been seen in other adaptations of the Batman franchise such as various animated series, he was 'teased' in some episodes. In The New Batman Adventures, Tim Drake's role in becoming Robin is mirrored off of Jason's past. It invovles Drake's father getting involved with Two-Face, eventually his body was found off a riverbank. In the series, Tim, like Jason, was a trouble-making youth trying to survive on the streets on his own before Batman took him in.

Jason was seen as a chibi-cartoon character in the animated series of Teen Titans. In the episode titled "X", Beast Boy tries to deduce the new vigilante's identity, and brings up a drawboard that shows Todd's Robin. Also, along with Dick and Tim, Jason was mentioned in the live-action short series, Birds of Prey, by Barbara Gordon. She mentions the three as inspirations to continuing crime-fighting.

[edit] Trivia

  • He is the tallest Robin.
  • After Batman he is the tallest member of Batman family.
  • The reason why Jason is shown shorter than Batman because Batman use of heels (1 inch) and also his mask shown him taller.
  • Jason is the strongest Robin which Supergirl remarked he is stronger than any human because Jason broke her grip twice and also he overpowered Batman and Tim Drake.
  • In some comics Jason shown to had green eyes and in others it's shown his eyes are blue.
  • Jason's build is Athletic-stocky(Ectomorph-Mesomorph ).
  • He is the only person of the Batman family to never have romantic relationship. Although Jason has slept with starfire in the red hood and the outlaws comic.

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