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Real NameThomas Elliot
Weight220 lbs
AbilitiesHand-to-Hand combat expert
Master surgeon
Base of OperationsPhiladelphia, Pensylvania
Gotham City

[edit] Early Life

The other form of Hush, Tommy Elliot, was once Bruce Wayne's best friend, and the only friend that Bruce could relate to. They most commonly played strategy games, in which Tommy slightly beat Bruce most of the time.

When Thomas and Martha Wayne were killed, and Bruce inherited a large fortune, Tommy felt immensely jealous. He came up with a plan to get his own inheritance - by severing the brake line to his parents car. The car veered off road, killing Tommy's father instantly - but his mother survived through the ordeal.

Hush went insane from his own plans. After watching his mother slowly die of cancer, he turned to vengeance - mainly on Bruce Wayne and Batman.

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