Heath Ledger

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Heath Ledger portrayed the Joker in the 2008 film, The Dark Knight.

[edit] Before 'The Joker'

The past of the Joker is differential and contradicting. It is believed that he was either born outside Gotham, or became the Joker at an early age, as he there is no record of him in the Gotham Police Department databases.

The Joker is believed to create his own imaginary pasts, or enjoys having it multiple-choice. In one story that he told to the gangster Gambol before killing him was that his injuries were the result of his drunken father, who attacked his mother with a knife, and then cut the smile into his cheeks.

Another testimony that he told to Rachel Dawes as he threatened her. This one implied that he had a wife, who enjoyed gambling, and drove up a debt with loan sharks, who cut her face. Trying to emphasise that he still loved her, and 'didn't care about the scars', he put a razor in his mouth, and pulled it across his cheeks to make a smile. However, his wife found his appearance too disgusting, and left him.

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