Damian Wayne

Damian Wayne
Real NameDamian Wayne
AliasDamian Al-Ghul
Weight140 lbs
AbilitiesSkilled martial artist
Skilled weapon user
Team AffiliationsLeague of Assassins

Damian Wayne is a character found in the DC Universe. He is the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul. The character was created by Grant Morrison and was first featured in #665, Batman & Son.

[edit] Character History

Damian Wayne was created and born from an artificial womb, and it was intended he become a fierce warrior. He is raised by Talia and the members of the League of Assassins for most of his childhood. Eventually Talia reveals to Bruce Wayne that Damian is his child, and she leaves him with his father in hopes that it forces Bruce to live a more normal life. Damian was initially very disrespectful towards his father, Alfred, and Robin. Damian wished to replace Robin as Batman's sidekick and this would leave to a few confrontations between the two. Damian then had his sword taken away and was grounded, but he escaped and using a makeshift costume from League of Assassin's gear and parts of the Robin outfit, Damian went out and fought against one of his fathers adversaries, Spook. The battle ended with Damian decapitating him.

Batman then confronted Talia about the actions of their son, but before anything could be resolved, a torpedo exploded against a ship the three of them were on. Batman escaped without much injury, but Damian was so seriously injured that he required extensive surgery and organ transplants. However, the young man would make a full recovery.

Once healthy again, Talia takes Damian to a remote location in Austuralia to learn about his grandfather, Ra's Al Ghul, who had died. However, once there, it is revealed that White Ghost, a former servant of Ra's, intends to use Damian as a vessel for the return of his grandfather. Knowing this would result in his death, Talia, with the help of Batman, is able to save their son as White Ghost is killed by falling into the Lazarus Pit.

Ra's Al Ghul is still able to return, but only as a weak and feble corpse. He tells Damian that he needs his assistance to become his former self. After fighting off ninja servants of Ra's, Damian flees back to Wayne Manor to warn his father, Bruce. Once there, he encounters Robin and pleas for him to help him. Robin does not believe is story and the two begin fighting. Damian runs away and encounters Alfred, but before he can ask the butler for assistance, the League of Assassins break into the house and kidnap both Robin and Damian. Ra's intends to use one of them as a sacrifice and intends on forcing Batman to make the decision for him.

Batman offers up his own body instead, but Ra's Al Ghul refuses, insisting that he needs a younger body to inhabit. Then Batman suggests the Fountain of Essence which contains similar qualities to that of the Lazarus Pit. Batman and Ra's then go to search for it, leaving Tim Drake, Nightwing, Alfred, and Tali to battle the Sensei. At one point, Damian leaves Tim and his mother for dead and goes off to search for his father. Instead, he is captured and nearly killed by Ra's before being saved and taken away by Talia.

His current whereabouts were unknown for some time, that is until the events of Batman R.I.P., where Damian appeared at Wayne Manor to search for his father, only to find Alfred bound and taken hostage by one of the Black Hand members. Damian manages to defeat the member and save Alfred, taking the Batmobile with Alfred to search for his father's kidnappers. Although he shows heroic traits here, Damian does boast about saving Alfred, telling Alfred that he's lucky to be alive.

Following the events of Batman R.I.P. where Bruce goes missing and is presumed dead, Damian jumps for the chance at taking up the mantle. Dick steps in, however, and decides to give Damian a side-kick role, in which Damian reluctantly agrees. Similar to Dick's task as to changing Ravager over to the 'good' side, he now focuses on teaching Damian Bruce's crime-fighting methods, all the while upholding Batman's name across Gotham City's most notorious villains. Damian's rash attitude with Tim continues to grow, as he decides to claim the Robin mantle for himself. Of all his half-siblings, Damian does show some respect and credability to Dick, but is sticking by as a partner in hopes that if and when Dick grows weary of the Batman role, he can finally step in as the successor of Batman.

[edit] Possible Future

In Batman #666, an adult Damian Wayne has assumed the Batman identity after Bruce Wayne is killed by an unknown enemy. Along with having some apparent supernatural powers (i.e. ability to heal wounds), Damian has a cat named Alfred, and has a growing rivalry with Commissioner Barbara Gordon.

[edit] Skills & Abilities

Damian Wayne is a very skilled martial artist and is highly intellectual, much like his father. He is also very skilled with projectile weapons and is quite good at escape and stealth. He also is capable of mimicking a person's voice, a skill he learned while with the League of Assassins.

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