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Clayface is a name shared by several villains utilizing a similar theme. The original Clayface was merely a criminal mastermind wearing a mask of clay and typically wielding a knife. A later iteration of the character is Matt Hagen, the most famous of the shape-shifting Clayfaces. Hagen was made more popular in recent years by appearing in Batman: The Animated Series. The character had previously met his demise in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Watchmen writer Alan Moore introduced the third Clayface, Preston Payne. Payne is a dangerous and disfigured psychotic whose corrosive touch reduces living tissue to formless protoplasm. His containment suit provides enhanced strength. The forth Clayface, originally known as Lady Clay, was a result of experimentation by the organization Kobra. In addition to shape-shifting abilities like Hagen, Lady Clay has displayed the ability to mimic the powers of other superhumans.

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