Christmas with the Joker (Batman: The Animated Series)

Christmas with the Joker
AirdateNovember 13, 1992
Production Number2
Airdate Number38
Running Time22 minutes
Directed byKent Butterworth
Written byEddie Gorodetsky
Previous EpisodeOn Leather Wings
Next EpisodeNothing to Fear

Christmas with the Joker is the second episode of Batman: The Animated Series. The episode aired on September 13, 1992. The famous kid's song "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells" is first heard in this episde.

[edit] Plot

The episode begins with the inmates of Arkham Asylum celebrating Christmas. Joker is then able to escape the facility by riding out on a christmas tree that contained a rocket within it. Batman and Robin hear the news of Joker's escape so they take to the streets in the Batmobile to search for trouble, but they are unable to uncover anything. They return to Wayne Manor to watch It's a Wonderful Life, but instead Joker is broadcasting a "Christmas Special" across all channels.

The Joker with his three prisoners.

Joker has kidnapped Commissioner Gordon, Barbara Gordon, and Harvey Bullock. He is holding them hostage and says Batman has until midnight to save them. Batman and Robin then take off in the Batmobile to search for Joker, and during this time, they get a video message from the Joker. Two of his henchman have detonated TNT under a Gotham bridge and the Dynamic Duo doesn't have long to save the lives of people onboard an oncoming train. They arrive in time, with Robin disconnecting the passenger train and Batman rescuing the conductor just as the train flies into the cavern below.

Batman is then able to pinpoint the Joker's tv signal to that of a conservatory on Mount Gotham. Once there, they find a large present waiting for them. Within it, is a Jack-in-the-Box with the head of the Joker. The two young heros are then treated to a recording of the Joker, announcing that he has another present waiting for them. Then a giant cannon rises out of the top of the conservatory and begins firing at Batman and Robin. While Batman occupies the cannon, Robin is able to disable the weapon and blow it up.

The Joker's present for Batman and Robin.

As Batman and Robin ride once more in the Batmobile, Joker comes on screen and forces Barbara Gordon to open up a present for her, revealing a doll that is no longer in production. Batman uses this information to track Joker to a shutdown facility, the Laffco Laugh Factory. Once they are inside, Joker starts playing some Christmas tunes and activates three giant toy soldiers that start attacking Batman and Robin. They are able to stop them, but then toy fighter jets begin flying at them as Joker's henchman fire from above with machine guns. Using clever teamwork, Batman is able to thwart their efforts with the help of Robin.

Joker then reveals himself from behind a giant curtain, holding a pair of scissors, and threatening to cut a rope holding his three hostages (James and Barbara Gordon, Harvey Bullock) above a container of unknown chemicals. Joker forces Batman to open his christmas present and it is a shaving cream pie that slams into Batman's face. Joker laughs hysterically and then cuts the rope and takes off. Batman is able to dive over the dangerous liquid and save the hostages. As Joker is escaping, he slips on a roller skate and begins falling into the chemicals before he is saved by Batman.

The episode ends with Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson watching It's a Wonderful Life and Joker singing Christmas Carols in Arkham Asylum.

[edit] Characters/Cast

Character Voice Actor
Batman Kevin Conroy
Dick Grayson/Robin Loren Lester
The Joker Mark Hamill
Commissioner Gordon Bob Hastings
Harvey Bullock Robert Constanzo
Alfred Pennyworth Clive Revill

[edit] Background Information and Notes

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