Cheyenne Freemont

Nightwing CF02.jpg
Cheyenne Freemont as Nightwing.
Real NameCheyenne Freemont
Weight160 lbs
AbilitiesMetahuman abilities include energy blasts, and electrical blasts/ manipulation.
Familiar with acrobatics and psychology
Base of OperationsNew York City

Cheyenne Freemont is a fictional character in the Batman universe. She is the daughter of two metahumans who happens to carry the gene as well, displaying the abilities to manipulate electricity and produce energy blasts. She is a famous fashion designer involved with the rich and powerful Pierce Brothers to help promote her work, and after being involved with Dick Grayson, she dones a Nightwing outfit of her own in order to assist him in bringing the brothers down. Cheyenne first appeared in Nightwing #118, and was created by Bruce Jones and Joe Dodd.

[edit] Overview

Cheyenne Freemont is, as mentioned, a famous fashion designer in New York City. Her career skyrocketed after a deal made with the Pierce Brothers, who are crime lords attempting to take control of the entire city. The brothers are, on ocassion, shown to argue over the attractive female clothing designer, Cheyenne keeping close to them just for her job's sake.

During Dick Grayson's return to New York City, he bumps into Cheyenne, and the two have sex at her place after meeting in a bar. It was also during this time that Jason Todd had been terrorizing criminals as Nightwing, going so far to stop them by killing them. Buzz about two Nightwings catches Cheyenne's eye as she immediately hires Dick as a model during a fashion show, ironically having him wear a Nightwing outfit.

[edit] Background

Cheyenne Freemont was born into a family of metahumans, or people with special/abnormal abilities than a normal homosapien. She tried hard to live a normal life despite her genetic background, but her parents were constantly moving to get away from the crowds that disliked their differences. Her family was murdered by a group of people who feared them. Cheyenne was the only remaining member of her family and decided to make a name for herself in a growing interest of hers: Fashion. But after her family's murder she finds it hard to trust people enlisting a "no last names" rule when first meeting people. Though she is shown to break this rule in formal environments.

[edit] History

Cheyenne assisting to save Jason Todd.

Upon getting involved with Dick Grayson, Cheyenne started to grow attached to him. After hiring him as a model, Cheyenne, and many others at a fashion costume show, noticed Dick's ability in the Nightwing outfit whilst he fought with an invited guest, Jason Todd. The crowds were pleased thinking it was all part of the show, but Cheyenne decided to investigate. She went to Dick's apartment, breaking the door handle using a controlled energy blast, and saw Dick leaping out of a window in the true Nigthwing outfit. Upon Dick's return, Cheyenne confessed that she was a metahuman and asked for advice. Dick said that he had a feeling she was different, and told her to do the right thing. When she asked what the right thing was, Dick told her that she should use her powers for good before following a lead to Jason Todd's kidnapping. Though Cheyenne's reluctance to get involved got the best of her, she decided to alter one of her fashion designs of the Nightwing outfit and follow Dick.

The two Nightwings met on a rooftop, thinking up a strategy to save the third one in harm, Jason Todd. A battle with the Pierce brothers as well as their hired hitman, Jakob, ensued. Cheyenne proved her use by defeating Jakob with her abilities, and proceeded to help Nightwing with the metahuman Pierce brothers. With a little reverse psychology, Dick and Cheyenne were able to get the Pierce brothers to free Jason, who joined the battle in taking the brothers down. After defeating them, Cheyenne's funds were cut off by the outraged brothers, and she went to the only person she could trust, the true Nightwing. Cheyenne also hung up her own Nightwing outfit.

It wasn't long before trouble found Cheyenne, though. Another metahuman hired by the Pierce brothers, Fireball (able to summon and use fire at will), was to destroy Cheyenne and her business. Nightwing saved her before she was killed, and brought Cheyenne home. Soon after, the Pierce brothers left a note for Cheyenne claiming that they had captured her current boyfriend. Cheyenne believed this and chased after them only to be led into a trap by Fireball and his partner, Sparkplug, another metahuman who could control electricity. Cheyenne managed to fend off Sparkplug whilst Nightwing came on the scene to deal with Fireball, but the colliding blasts temporarily sustained both Sparkplug's and Cheyenne's powers. After the battle, Cheyenne was job hunting and looking to re-locate, to get her life back on track. With her powers gone for the time being, she was a normal human ready to take on the world, and she decided to job hunt in another city. Though she enjoyed her time with Dick, she had to move on with her life, as the metahuman brothers wouldn't stop until she was gone. Cheyenne and Dick had said their goodbyes before she headed to the airport.

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