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Do we really want to do a "Producers" category? In my opinion, its rather uneccessary and goes a bit far. It seems like Writers/Directors is enough. I mean, the line needs to be drawn somewhere or else we'll soon have categories for "Sound Mixers" and "Special Effects Artists".

-DMD (03/28/09)

O rly? Cuz I was planning on adding Key Grips, Gaffers, Stuntmen, Custodians, etc. (joking)

Yeah I was thinking that, but I really wanted to start a Michael Uslan page, and it was either that or a 'College Professors' category. Plus people like Paul Dini & Bruce Timm are much more than just writers/directors, they're like care-takers of the whole animated DC universe. If you just categorized Bruce Timm as Director, you wouldn't have a whole lot to list. It's certainly not going to be a very big cat, put there are some people you simply cannot categorize any other way. Uslan is the only just straight up Producer I plan on adding, but they'll be plenty of Writers/Directors who will qualify if all the Wanted Pages eventually get made, so I see it as a category with future. In short I think it's ok as long as important only include important Producers are included, who have been attached to the franchise for a long time, and there are really only two I can think of, No. 1 being Michael Uslan, but since Benjamin Melniker is nothing special (At least in my eyes), I really see no reason to inlclude him other than his lengthy list of credits. Ooorrrrrrr Michael Uslan could just be an uncategorized page and they sky wouldn't come tumbling down.

But there will eventually need to be an 'Artists' category at some point, I'm amazed we don't already have one.

But if the Producers category is truly totally unnecessary I suggest we not link to Producers in info boxes. I mean, how many Batman/DC projects has Emma Thomas produced?

--Kudzuka 00:53, 29 March 2009 (UTC)

DMD's just jealous that he couldn't make it first. Admit it!

I'm half and half with this. On one hand, it seems too soon for us to branch off this much with the Batman Wiki, but then again it was eventually going to be made at some point, so why not? I'm also surprised that we don't have an Artist category. I'll want to head into that with Steve Ditko, big fan of his with Question. Anyway, it does seem too soon but yet, Producers are quite important in getting the product out there, so I guess I don't mind it overall.

~Storm [03/28/09]

Well, I guess it's alright to keep the category (for now). It's just that it's going to add a whole lot of work that I'm not sure many people are actually going to care about (although some will ofcourse). I guess the same could be said for some of the writers as well though. Don't get me wrong though, Kudz; It's not like your producer pages were crap, since the pages you've created for behind the scenes cast memebers have been quality. I just am unsure about how many "little" things the Wiki needs, but I guess at this point, it wont do much harm. I know I probably wont go out of my way to include Producers unless I think its warranted, but more important ones are important.

And yeah, an artist category will come. It's an important one.

-DMD (03/28/09)

Well, I'm pretty sure my Bruce Timm page was crap lol, not really sure how to lay that one out. I just made sure to put some credit links down since neo staff want people to stop making totally blank new pages, which means I don't have much to do anymore, lol.

I don't really care about the Producer category either way, the real question is are uncategorized pages frowned upon?

--Kudzuka 14:31, 29 March 2009 (UTC)

Good question. We have a good few uncategorized pages, such as Superman's. He should probably go under minor characters if anything, along with the other JL member pages we already have up (Wonder Woman, Flash), least for now until we branch off more later. Hm, so we now at least need a short description for pages now? Won't be too big a deal Kudz, I'm sure you can handle it. :P

~Storm [03/29/09]

Yeah, they've also wanted pages to have at least one link so it's not a complete dead end page. :P

Well I'd say Supes would fall under minor too if it wasn't for the whole "World's Finest" thing. I'd fill in a description but since I don't know much about him other than the basics...I think some of you guys could actually do it justice. I will try to make up for past sins by filling in most of my other empty pages though.--Kudzuka 04:02, 1 April 2009 (UTC)

We shouldn't worry too much right now about non Batman-related characters, i.e. Superman, Flash, etc. They aren't as important, especially considering they will probably get their own wiki eventually. I dont see a DC wiki being created soon, so for now, we need to focus on Batman.

If Superman were to be categorized though, it would be under something like "Other DC Characters" or something like that.

--DMD (04/01/09)