Real NameNoah Kuttler
Weight169 lbs
AbilitiesGenius-level intellegence (Math and computer expert)
Team AffiliationsSecret Society of Super Villains
Base of OperationsGotham City

The Calculator (Noah Kuttler) is a character found in the DC Universe. He was created by Bob Rozakis and Mike Grell, and first appeared in Detective Comics #463. Even though he has no superhuman abilities, the Calculator has a great mind that he uses to his advantage against Batman and other adversaries.

[edit] Character History

The origins of the Calculator and the advanced technology that he used are unknown. He first appeared during an attack on the Justice League of America. Calculator would be defeated by six members of the group; Atom, Black Canary, Green Arrow, The Elongated Man, Air Wave, and Batman. However, it was later revealed that this was all part of the Calculator's plan. After each defeat, he would push a button on his suit that accessed a special computer inside. It analyzed his foe's attack and strategic patterns, neutralizing their ability to beat him again. In his next encounter with the Justice League, the Calculator would reign supreme in each battle. He would later appear in Gotham City, where he would once again be confronted by Batman. Using his own great intellect, Batman was able to lure him into a trap by predicting how the Calculator would guess his actions. Once captured, the Calculator would be sent off to jail where he was sentenced to serve life sentences behind bars.

After spending a good amount of time in jail, the Calculator was finally able to figure out a way to escape from the facility. Once out, the Calculator began devising a plan to steal the “Hurricane Harness”, a giant device capable of turning energy created from storms into electrical energy. The Atom, creator of the contraption, intended to put a stop to Calculator’s plans. Knowing that he had been defeated in their previous encounter, the Atom went out and recruited a friend of his to help, Airwave. The Calculator took a win against this new foe for granted, but using his ability to turn himself into radio waves, Airwave short-circuited Calculator’s computer system. Following the battle, the Calculator was once again sent back to jail.

Hearing about The Oracle and all that she did, the Calculator decided to assume a similar role amongst the villains of the worlds. Becoming a source of information and knowledge, the Calculator charged a fee for arranging jobs for different villains, as well as creating a network for communication between various groups. Shortly after the death of Sue Dibney was made public, Batman accused the Calculator of being responsible. Going into hiding, the Calculator orders Captain Boomerang to kill Jack Drake. However, the plan went wrong and both men ended up dead. The Calculator later claimed that he had no idea Drake would be armed when Boomerang encountered him.

The Calculator would later be recruited by Lex Luthor to join his group, The Society. Providing information for the organization, the Calculator would also encourage other individuals to join their cause, including Mr Freeze.

[edit] Skills & Abilities

Using his genius-level intellect, the Calculator is a master strategist and mathematician. He also uses his power of persuasion to his advantage, recruiting many other criminals and villains to his side. The Calculator is also an expert hacker, and is one of the foremost information brokers in the world.

His costume is a giant suit consisting of a keypad on the chest plate, and a screen situated on the headpiece. The keypad is used to enter information into an internal computer, which is capable of analyzing an opponent’s battle tactics to predict their future actions and strategies. However, the Calculator no long wears this suit.

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