Real NameWayne Bruce
AliasBizarro Batman
Weight210 lbs
AbilitiesSimilar to those of Batman
Base of OperationsBizarro World

Batzarro is a character found in the DC Universe. He was created by Jeph Loeb and first appeared in Superman #181.


[edit] Bizzaro Batman

Much like Bizzaro's relationship with Superman, Batzarro is almost the complete opposite of Batman. He sports an upside down bat symbol on his chest, and has a utility belt around his waist that is also upside down. Batzarro uses a grappling hook and a chain as weapons, and calls himself the "Worlds Worst Detective". Also, unlike Batman, Batzarro is said to have been the one to shoot his parents. He also has a tendency to speak his opinion aloud on most occasion, which differs a lot from Batman's quiet nature.

[edit] Character History

Batzarro's first appearance has him interacting with Bizarro. Batzarro says that the two of them came from the same place. He is very violent in his beginnings, often gunning down people with dual pistols. Batzarro tells Bizarro that he wishes to be a hero like Batman. Bizarro offers to team up with him and the two agree to become partners. However Bizarro flies off after Batzarro shows him a piece of kryptonite he found shortly after his arrival, which causes Bizarro to become weak. He promises to return later and help Batzarro solve the murders he has just committed.

Batzarro is often shown trying to help Batman, but his odd speech pattern and wild behavior shows otherwise at times. As for his origin, it was believed that he came from another reality where he was Batman, but later on it is revealed that infact The Joker was the one to create him. Later on, Batzarro was nearly killed when he dove in front of a bullet fired by Joker at Batman. Bizarro took him back to the Phantom Zone in an effort to heal Batzarro.

[edit] Other Media Appearances

[edit] Video Games

Batzarro will be a playable character in the upcoming videogame DC Universe Online.

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