Batman: The Animated Series - Volume One

[edit] Episode Listing

# Episode Director Writer(s) Original air date
1 On Leather Wings Kevin Altieri Mitch Brian September 6, 1992
When a horrifying bat creature terrorizes Gotham City, police conclude that it is Batman. Batman's investigation leads him to the laboratory of a scientist named Kirk Langstrom, who has been experimenting with a formula serum that turns him into a Bat-like creature. Not only does Batman have to capture Man-Bat in order to save Langstrom, but also to clear his name from the police. Wings.jpg
2 Christmas with the Joker Kent Butterworth Eddie Gorodetsky November 13, 1992
On Christmas Eve, it is a slow night in Gotham City for the caped crusader until The Joker broadcasts a pirate Christmas special on television. Batman and Robin have until midnight to fight their way past Joker's traps hidden all over town and rescue Commissioner Gordon, Harvey Bullock, and Summer Gleeson. BTAS2.jpg
3 Nothing to Fear Boyd Kirkland Sean Catherine Derek and Henry Gilroy September 15, 1992
The Scarecrow is wreaking havok across Gotham State University using his dangerous fear toxin as a weapon. Under the influence of the toxin, Batman must find a way to fight through his own nightmares if he has any hopes of bringing down this treacherous foe. Fear.jpg
4 The Last Laugh Kevin Altieri Carl Swenson September 9, 1992
It is April Fool's Day and the Joker has released his laughing gas in the streets of Gotham. With the citizens of the city and even his trust butler falling under the influence of the air-borne weapon, it is up to Batman to take down his longtime foe before its too late. Lastlaugh.jpg
5 Pretty Poison Boyd Kirkland Paul Dini, Michael Reaves, and Tom Ruegger September 14, 1992
The life of D.A. Harvey Dent, Bruce’s friend, is put in peril by Pamela Isley, a woman who holds Dent responsible for the extinction of a rare flower species. It’s up to Batman to grab hold of the super-villainess Poison Ivy and save his friend from certain death. Prettypoison2.jpg
6 The Underdwellers Frank Paur Tom Ruegger, Jules Dennis, and Richard Mueller October 21, 1992
After a number of thefts and robberies taking place by small individuals resembling leprechauns, Batman discovers a subterranean colony of children in the sewer system dominated by the insane Sewer King. He must bring down the unruly leader if he hopes to free the children from their slave life. Underdwellers.png
7 P.O.V. Kevin Altieri Mitch Brian, Sean Catherine Derek, and Laren Bright September 18, 1992
The day after a police sting to catch a drug lord goes disastrously wrong, the events of the night before are reconstructed by the accounts of three police officers: Harvey Bullock, Renee Montoya, and a rookie. Batman is also tasked with bringing down this criminal group before they get away with the stolen money. Pov.jpg
8 The Forgotten Boyd Kirkland Sean Catherine Derek, Richard Mueller, and Jules Dennis October 8, 1992
While investigating the disappearances of Gotham's homeless in an undercover disguise, Bruce Wayne is kidnapped. Upon waking up in a homeless camp, Bruce finds that he has suffered amnesia as a result of the fight with his kidnappers. With the help of his fellow inmates and his trust butler, Alfred, Bruce struggles to remember who he really is. Forgotten.jpg
9 Be A Clown Frank Paur Ted Pedersen and Steve Hayes September 16, 1992
An offhand remark by Mayor Hill on television spurs the Joker into sneaking onto his estate disguised as a clown at the birthday party for Hill's son, Jordan. Joker plants a bomb, but Bruce Wayne, who is attending the party, manages to defuse it. However, Jordan, who is angry at his father, runs away hiding in Joker's van. Beaclown.jpg
10 Two-Face: Part 1 Kevin Altieri Alan Burnett and Randy Rogel September 25, 1992
Harvey Dent is in the middle of campaigning for re-election as Gotham City's district attorney. Along with trying to clean up the stream of Gotham, Harvey also battles his dangerous alter-ego that is trying to take complete control over him. Crime Boss Rupert Thorne hopes to give Harvey the push he needs in order to lose both the election, and his mind. Twoface1.jpg
11 Two-Face: Part 2 Kevin Altieri Randy Rogel September 28, 1992
Two-Face begins is revenge against Rupert Thorne by robbing a number of his businesses. Angered over this, Thorne places a bounty on his head. Attempting to not only survive against Thorne and his men, Two-Face also battles himself as he tries to get back the love of his life. Twofacepart2.jpg
12 It's Never Too Late Boyd Kirkland Garin Wolf and Tom Ruegger September 10, 1992
Batman throws himself into the middle of a mob war between Rupert Thorne and Arnold Stromwell. With Stromwell searching for his missing son, Batman saves his life when he is nearly killed. Batman then forces the crime lord to take a hard look at the life he's created for himself, and Stromwell must also confront his dreaded past. Nevertoolate.jpg
13 I've Got Batman in My Basement Frank Paur Chris Hubbell and Sam Graham September 30, 1992
After thwarting one of the Penguin's schemes, Batman is incapacitated by a gas shot from Penguin's umbrella. It is then up to two children to keep Batman safe as the Penguin and his henchman try to track down the Dark Knight and the rare jewel taken from them by the kids. Batmanbasement.jpg
14 Heart of Ice Bruce Timm Paul Dini September 7, 1992
A vengeful Victor Fries seeks revenge against the man responsible for nearly killing his wife, Nora. Following a slew of robberies at GothCorp facilities, Batman is tasked with trying to put a stop to his plans while also keeping the citizens of Gotham safe from Freeze's powerful new weapon. Heartofice.jpg
15 The Cat and the Claw: Part 1 Kevin Altieri Laren Bright, Sean Catherine Derek, Jules Dennis, and Richard Mueller September 5, 1992
Batman encounters the new cat burglar in town, a young woman who is appropriately dressed like a cat. He doesn't have much time to worry about her, however, because the city is buzzing with word of a new terrorist group in town, led by the sinister Red Claw. Batman must do everything in his power to stop this new threat. Cats1.jpg
16 The Cat and the Claw: Part 2 Dick Sebast Laren Bright, Sean Catherine Derek, Jules Dennis, and Richard Mueller September 12, 1992
With Batman and Catwoman hot on her trail, Red Claw manages to steal a deadly plague. Intending to hold the city of Gotham for ransom, she prepares her attack from her home compound. However, after Batman and Catwoman are captured and held captive, will anyone be able to prevent Red Claw from executing her dangerous plan? Catandtheclaw2.jpg
17 See No Evil Dan Riba Martin Pasko February 24, 1993
A small time crook has stolen a high-tech suit that allows him to become invisible. Using it, he steals a room full of jewelry as a bewildered Bruce Wayne looks on. Bruce tries to stop the man, but he is no match. It is up to Batman to bring this criminal to justice before this invisible enemy nabs his greatest treasure of all; His daughter. Seenoevil.jpg
18 Beware the Gray Ghost Boyd Kirkland Tom Ruegger, Grain Wolf, and Dennis O'Flaherty November 4, 1992
A copycat criminal has been setting off explosions all over Gotham City in similar fashion as a villain from The Gray Ghost, a cartoon Bruce Wayne used to watch as a child. Batman now seeks help from the shows aging lead actor before this new threat destroys the city for good. Grayghost1.jpg
19 Prophecy of Doom Frank Paur Dennis Marks and Sean Catherine Derek October 6, 1992
Nostromos, a self-proclaimed psychic, has conned several rich individuals into putting massive amounts of money towards a trust fund in preparation of a "great fall." Things turn quite sour when Nostromos orders an attempt of Bruce Wayne's life to scare his followers into believing him. Now Batman must expose this fraud for what he truly is. Prophecyofdoom.jpg

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