Real NameVictor Zsasz
AliasMr Zsasz


Zsasz the Slasher
Weight150 lbs
AbilitiesHigh Intelligence
Master Manipulator
Team AffiliationsSecret Society of Super Villains
Base of OperationsGotham City

Victor Zsasz is a character found in the DC Universe. He was created by Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle. Zsasz first appeared in the comic Batman: Shadow of the Bat #1. A renowned serial killer, Zsasz uses a knife to cut a tally mark onto his body whenever he murders someone.


[edit] A Killer Born

Zsasz was born into a very wealthy family. Much of his early life was spent throwing his money around, hoping to make himself happy in the process. Zsasz was often a rather somber individual, and the biggest hit to his existance came at the age of 25 when his parents were involved in a tragic boating accident. Driven to depression, Zsasz lost all of his money by gambling it away one night in a Gotham City casino. Afterwards, Zsasz went to the top of a bridge with plans to throw himself over the edge, killing himself. Before he could, a homeless man approached Zsasz asking for food or money. After getting denied, the man came at him with a knife. Zsasz was able to fight back and the homeless man was stabbed with his own knife, killing him. The experience was a revelation for Zsasz, as he soon realized that humans are nothing but pawns in the world, and that existence means nothing. Zsasz then grabs the knife and cuts the first of many tally marks into his body on his arm.

[edit] Criminal History

Zsasz made his first appearance in the Shadow of the Bat comic series, during the Batman: The Last Arkham storyline. In it, Zsasz was an inmate at Arkham during a time when Jeremiah Arkham, current head of the facility, was reconstructing it. Zsasz paid one of the contractors working there to build him a secret package out of the building into Gotham. Once completed, Zsasz used the opportunity to commit many murders around the city. Since the killings had some many similarities to that of Zsasz, Batman knew he was up to something so he had himself incarcerated at Arkham Asylum. During his time there, Jeremiah Arkham treats Batman very poorly, and we find out this is due to Zsasz controlling his mind like that of a puppetmaster. Batman also eventually figures out about the secret passage that Zsasz used to get out, and after this is revealed, Zsasz kills the contractor and attempts to escape but is eventually tracked down and recaptured by Batman and Nightwing.

Zsasz would later appear during the Knightfall storyline. After Bane orchestrates the mass breakout at Arkham, Zsasz is able to free himself. Zsasz then holds a bunch of girls hostage at a boarding school. After Zsasz kills two policemen sent to arrest him, Batman arrives and the two engage in combat. Manipulating his mind, Zsasz drives him to near insanity and Batman almost kills Zsasz in the process. Zsasz would be returned to Arkham after being captured.

The most recent appearance of Zsasz is in Batman: Cacophony, which has Zsasz killing a married couple and almost their child before Batman is able to swoop in and capture Zsasz. During this issue, Batman says that Zsasz is the enemy that he hates most of all.

[edit] Powers/Abilities

Even though he doesn't have any powers or supernatural abilities, Zsasz is still well-equipped to take on Batman. He is a very fit individual, but his very best skill and weapon is his mind. Zsasz is capable of infecting the minds of those around him, almost like a parasite. He always seems to know exactly what buttons to press to drive people out of their minds. His insanity makes Zsasz a very dangerous individual.

[edit] Other Media Appearances

Zsasz in the film Batman Begins.

[edit] Film

Zsasz appears as a minor character in the film Batman Begins. Portrayed by Tim Booth, Zsasz is depicted as a brutal murderer working for mob boss Carmine Falcone. District Attorney Rachel Dawes attempts to put him behind bars, but due to testimony from Dr Jonathan Crane, he is instead shipped off to Arkham Asylum. He is able to escape later in the film during the breakout orchestrated by Ra's Al Ghul. Once free, he attempts to capture and kill Rachel Dawes, but she is instead saved by Batman.

Tally marks are visible on the neck of Zsasz, and he remained at large at the end of the film.

[edit] Video Games

In the Batman Begins video game, Zsasz is chained to a wall and interrogated by police detective Arnold Flass. Later on in the game, Zsasz confronts Rachel Dawes after his escape, except this time Rachel uses a taser gun to take Zsasz down.

Zsasz also appears in the DS version of the Lego Batman videogame, and it has already been shown through screenshots and news articles that he will be a villain in the upcoming release of Batman: Arkham Asylum.

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