Tim Drake

Robin as he prepares to battle.
Real NameTimothy "Tim" Jackson Drake Wayne
Weight140 lbs (63kg)
AbilitiesMaster detective skills

Highly skilled in martial arts
World-class Bo-staff
High level intellect

Experience in weapon combat
Team AffiliationsBatman Family
Teen Titans
Base of OperationsGotham City

Robin is a fictional character in the Batman universe. Though quite a few characters have taken up the name Robin, Tim Drake is the third and most current one to continue the 'sidekick legacy.' He first appeared in Batman #436, and became Robin in Batman #442. Tim Drake was created by Marv Wolfman and Pat Broderick.


[edit] Overview

Bringing Tim Drake into Detective Comics was very risky after the displeasure that fans had over Jason Todd, the second Robin. Due to them not accepting the second Robin, DC had him killed after a short run. The writing team tried a different approach with this in mind, such as having Dick Grayson accept Tim and showing off Tim's abilities early on.

Tim Drake is shown to be highly intelligent at an early age. He's self-taught in acrobatics, and has been vigorously trained by the Batman Family. Unlike the previous Robin's, Drake has modified his suit into a thicker, more durable armor, and given the suit a makeover after a tragic event, his suit being primarily red and black. Although Tim's main objective is to support Batman as his sidekick, he's proven himself time and time again in solo missions, including facing off against many of Batman's most vicious foes.

[edit] Background

Tim Drake's backstory goes as far back as Dick Grayson's. He is first shown in a flashback as a child being entertained by the Flying Graysons. He witnessed Dick and his parents pull off a quadruple somersault, something of which made the Flying Graysons popular. A few years later, Tim recognizes the same somersault performed by Robin in a battle between the Dynamic Duo and Penguin. Putting two and two together, Tim concludes that Robin is Dick Grayson, and in finding out Robin's secret identity, Tim immediately assumes that Batman is none other than Bruce Wayne, the man who took Dick in when his parents died. Tim would keep their secrets to himself, that is until a tragedy occured.

As time passed, Jason Todd assumed the role of Robin after Bruce fired Dick as his sidekick. However, Todd is brutally murdered at the hands of Joker, a death which Batman blamed himself for. This causes Batman to become a more violent vigilante. Tim, being at the right place at the right time again, catches Batman's odd behavior and decides to take action. He searches for Dick in hopes of convincing him to reprise his role as Robin and assist Batman. While Dick agrees to aiding Batman again, he flat-out refuses to become Robin once more after gaining his independence as Nightwing.

Tim Drake believes that Batman needs a Robin, and goes so far with his belief that he convinces Alfred Pennyworth to give him the Robin suit. With Dick and Alfred backing up Tim, Bruce eventually agrees to train and test him. Following months of harsh yet successful training, Tim's parents are captured by a villain known as Obeah Man. Batman assures that he will save Tim's parents whilst Tim focuses his mind elsewhere, solving a case involving a hacker who turns out to be Anarky. Batman's attempt to save Tim's parents fails, however, as Obeah Man poisons them. Janet Drake dies within minutes, whilst Jack Drake slips into a coma. Batman then decides against having Tim become his new sidekick, informing Tim that his emotions would get in the way of his judgement. It wasn't long after that Batman would have to eat his own words, though. In a confrontation with Scarecrow, both Batman and Bruce's girlfriend at the time, Vicki Vale, are captured. Tim responds by stopping the mad villain and freeing the hostages, but doing so without a cape under orders of Batman (and Tim was afraid of failing the mission under the Robin alias). After Tim's successful rescue, Batman agrees to him becoming the new Robin and hands over the mantle.

[edit] History

To better promote the new Robin, Tim Drake is given his own comic series, the first Robin to ever gain his own solo comic adventures. In his first mini-series, Batman sends Robin to Paris to learn various martial arts from well-known masters, most notably Rahul Lama. Lama teaches Drake healing arts as well as different forms of combat. During his stay there, Drake gets caught in the middle of a crime lord organization (Ghost Dragons) head up by Bane's father, King Snake. He meets up and teams with a former agent named Clyde Rawlins, and a high-class assassin known as Lady Shiva, who is also the mother of Cassandra Cain. Shiva is impressed by Robin's abilities and decides to train him with a weapon of his choice. Drake picks the bo staff, though Shiva was expecting a more lethal choice. After mastering the weapon and defeating Shiva in a sparring match, Shiva hands over a special collapsible bo staff that Robin can conceal under his cape.

The three acquaintances then continue their fight against King Snake, who has gotten a hold of a destructive plague in an attempt to rule the world. The battle spans from Paris to Hong Kong, where Rawlins falls to King Snake. Robin and Shiva defeat him, however Shiva's assassin ways get the best of her. She demands that Robin finish Snake off and become her weapon, but Robin refuses and leaves. Frustrated, Shiva throws King Snake off the roof, believing him to be dead.

[edit] Robin's 'Independence'

Robin then returns to Gotham City, officially becoming Batman's partner. After a few adventures together, Drake gets caught up with the previous Robin's killer, the Joker. In another mini-series (Robin II: Joker's Wild), Robin is left to fend off the Joker on his own, giving it his all to prove his worth against Batman's archnemesis. He manages to surprise and take down the Joker, escaping his clutches but all the while thinking about Jason Todd. Drake begins questioning his position as Robin, doubting his abilities along the way, although he managed to get past the psychotic Joker, he still feels that he hasn't lived up to the name yet, be it Dick Grayson's Robin or Jason Todd's.

Whilst clouding his mind, Drake's father comes out of his coma, though he needs therapy to gain the use of his legs again. Tim and his father were never close, but in his current position, Jack Drake feels as though he should bond with his son. Drake then sees one issue with being a superhero: Hiding his identity. During a third mini-series (Robin III: Cry of Huntress), Drake is hurt by the many excuses he has to make towards his friends and father, all the while combating the once presumed dead, King Snake. Robin receives help from Huntress, and together they defeat Robin's old nemesis. It was during this time that Tim meets his first love interest, Ariana Dzerchenko. Like Bruce and Dick's love life, Drake constantly had to break away from her to assume his superhero role. Ariana thought that she needed to take their relationship up a notch, and is constantly seen giving gestures for sex. Tim refuses, believing that the relationship is going too fast, and he eventually takes a break from her to handle King Snake. Upon returning, however, Tim finds Ariana dressed in a skimpy outfit and at the same time, her uncle appears. He tells Tim and Ariana that they are never to see each other again, forcing them to break up.

[edit] Enter Spoiler

Spoiler taking Robin apart.

Tim's single status was short-lived, however, as a battle with one of his enemies, Cluemaster, gave birth to Spoiler. Spoiler, also known as Stephanie Brown, is ashamed that her father stopped living up to his alias and refuses to leave clues. She steps in as a vigilante, making a costume of her own to aid Batman and Robin in tracking her father down, and eventually becomes attached to her crime-fighting role. It wasn't long before she bumped into Robin, the two growing closer and working together against various criminals. Through Tim, Spoiler is trained by various members of the Batman Family, such as the Birds of Prey and Batgirl. Tim also supplies Stephanie with 'bat-gadgets' to aid her in her crime-fighting role. Stephanie's love for Robin grows so much that she soon reveals her identity to him. Tim can't return the favor though, due to promising Batman that he'd keep his secret safe from her for the time being. Nevertheless, their relationship grows (though they hit many bumps along the way).

Within a few months, Jack Drake regains the use of his legs with therapy from Dana Winters. Though she is much younger than Jack, the two eventually begin dating and fall in love. Dana helps Jack and Tim reconcile, managing to get Jack passed his tough exterior and Tim's distant connection. Jack's love for Dana grows stronger and he soon proposes to her. During this time, however, a powerful witch interferes and possesses Dana. Tim does his best to break her free, but not without help: Spoiler, Wildcat, and Black Canary aid Robin in saving his soon-to-be step-mother. After the chaos subsides, Jack and Dana get married. Shortly afterwards, Spoiler informs Robin that she is pregnant from a previous relationship. Tim takes on a fake identity to help aid Stephanie as she opts to have the baby. During the time of arrival, Tim is by her side, supporting Stephanie in delivering the baby. Stephanie, though with mixed feelings, gives the child up for adoption.

[edit] Young Justice

The orignal members of Young Justice.

Following some adventures as a sidekick to Batman, Robin gets called upon to deal with a boy with god-like powers. There he meets Superboy and Bart Allen, also known at the time as Impulse. They work together and manage to defeat the child, and afterwards the three young superheroes get to know one another. Immediately becoming the best of friends, Robin, Superboy, and Impulse founded a team of their own: Young Justice. The team recruits a variety of superheroes including Wonder Girl and Arrowette and become recognized by the Justice League, as Young Justice are sent on missions by their mentors. The team's mentors would also take a toll on their positions, however, as a debate with Batman hiding criminal plans from the League cause the Young Justice to question Robin's loyalty. Although Secret and other new members such as Lil' Lobo and Empress remain by his side, Tim is hurt by the Young Justice's remarks towards him and quits the team for some time.

Tim is eventually convinced to re-join the team but takes a backseat as leader, losing in a vote to Wonder Girl. He acts as a co-leader though, similar to Batman's position in the Justice League, members of the team coming to him for advice and tactics. Tim also proves himself to the team by saving the world from Secret, who of which was manipulated by Darksied. Unfortunately, the team disbands after the death of Donna Troy. Donna's death had a lasting effect on the Teen Titans, as well, the team also being disbanded for some time. Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire decide to remake the team, recruiting the three friends: Robin, Superboy, and Bart, who then became Kid Flash. The new Teen Titans would work in groups of two: Cyborg as the overall leader yet Robin would be acting as a temporary one when the team would split up.

The series Titans Tomorrow would soon follow, displaying the members alternated future selves. Tim meets himself in the future, and is surprised to know that he is Batman. Tim has said many times that he did not want to take up the role of Batman, that he'd rather be his sidekick, Robin, yet his apparent future depicted him as Batman. He becomes leader of the Teen Titans following Bruce's death, and becomes corrupt with revenge and power. The future Tim takes the handgun that killed Bruce's parents, and shoots Batman's entire rogue gallery dead. He becomes so demented that he even kills Cassandra Cain, Alfred Pennyworth, and his love during the time Bette Kane, who took on the role of Batwoman. Tim is disgusted by his future twisted self, vowing to keep his mentality and continue crime-fighting as taught by Batman.

[edit] War Games and Identity Crisis

During this time, Tim's father finds out that Tim is Robin, and through him, Jack Drake realizes who Batman is. Outraged by Tim's vigilante side, Jack threatens to reveal their identities to the world, but Tim makes a deal with his dad: To stop being Robin so long as Jack doesn't reveal Batman's alias. Tim's father accepts the deal, and Tim returns to a normal teen life involving school. Stephanie decides to act in Tim's place as Robin, but it's short-lived after she refused to obey Batman's orders. In order to redeem herself, Stephanie takes blueprint plans from the criminal underground, but that only makes matters worse. Many gangs begin to have shootouts and perform various criminal activity because of her actions, including Black Mask's gang. The gang wars erupt all over Gotham, Tim's school included. Without his outfit and gadgets, Tim manages to save his classmates from harm, though he was unable to save some staff and students throughout the building. It was then that Tim realized how much responsibility he held with him as Robin, and so, against his father's wishes, he took on the costume and joined in the fight to subdue the crimes. Jack Drake finds out about Tim's "betrayal," but understands how important it is for Tim to be Robin, how much good he's done under the alias.

Meanwhile, Stephanie is captured and brutally tortured by Black Mask in hope of getting information on Batman. With life-threatening injuries, Stephanie manages to break free and head to the nearest hospital, where Dr. Leslie Thompkins takes her in. Batman remains by Stephanie's final moments after Leslie claims that it's too late for her, a death which, though skeptical, Batman blames himself for.

Devastated by Stephanie's 'death,' Tim's heart is again struck by his father. Oracle let's Batman and Robin know of Jack's request to speak with them, the Dynamic Duo setting off to the Drake residence. Jack explains how proud he is of Tim, and after some discussion, agrees to let Tim continue his role as Robin. The duo get a signal on criminal activity and leave whilst Jack's home is broken into. Jack finds a gun on his dresser, and uses it against the intruder. In a standoff, Jack shoots the killer, Captain Boomerang, who unleashes a sharp boomerang into Jack's chest. The two kill each other before Batman and Robin return. As it turns out, the crisis involved was criminals getting a hold of some secret files as to who the superheroes loved ones were, many heroes stuggling to stay by all they cared for, to protect them. Unfortunately, Tim didn't make it in time to save his father.

As with Dick Grayson, Bruce suggests to adopt Tim, though he brings it up too soon, Tim still grieving over the death of his father. He decides to take up a request by Nightwing and watch over Blüdhaven. Though still underage, Tim creates a fake identity for a ward, his uncle Eddie, and 'moves' in with him. After long investigation, Batman finds out the truth, but understands Tim's position and praises him for covering up his tracks so well. After reconciling with Bruce, Tim finds his first investigation in Blüdhaven or rather, it finds him. A girl hoping to redeem herself in her clan, Rising Sun Archer is out to kill Robin. Robin uses his detective skills to track her down to her apartment, but finds her tied up with a note. The note contains a contract to kill both Robin and Batgirl, and after some deducing, Robin finds out that it is Penguin's doing. He unties Rising Sun Archer and convinces her that, in order to honor her ancestors, she should not be used as someone's puppet. He soon contacts Batgirl and the two take down the Penguin.

[edit] Infinite Crisis

Following an offer from The Veteran, who wished to recruit Robin into his team (he refused), Jason Todd returns as Red Hood, infiltrating the Titans Tower and immobilizing the rest of the team. He faces Tim to see just how good he really was, the battle ensuing to the Hall of the Fallen Titans, where Tim is defeated. Jason asks Tim if he ever thought of him as a good person, and Tim replies simply, "yes," before Jason knocks him out. Jason rips off the 'R' symbol on Tim's chest before leaving, and has found a new respect for Tim, even being a little jealous of him, having friends like the Titans and proving his worth as Robin.

During the Infinite Crisis, Robin finds himself teaming up with The Veteran's team in order to save metahumans from the OMAC project, which involved super cyborgs looking to rid the world of metahumans. The team succeeds in defeating the OMACs, and Wonder Girl arrives to ask Tim to assist her in fighting Superboy-Prime. Robin teams up with the Doom Patrol, the Teen Titans, and the Justice Society of America in an attempt to bring down the crazy and powerful android who's hell-bent on destroying Connor Kent, also known as Superboy. Robin is soon put in charge of the teams by Superman, who went off to aid Nightwing with the incident in Blüdhaven, the Society dropping Chemo on the city.

Because of the rough encounters, Superboy's body becomes "diseased," as he stresses himself out to the point where his body is deteriorating for energy. Robin immediately breaks into Lex Luthor's research lab and gets assistance in formulating a cure for Connor. He succeeds and aids his best friend in battle again. Superboy later joins up with Nightwing and other heroes against Superboy-Prime, and Superboy manages to stop the monster, but at the cost of his own life. Robin joins the rest of the heroes in their final assault against the Society and brings them down, though the crisis left many injured or killed. After the events of the Crisis, Bruce, Dick, and Tim go on a search to find themselves again, their purpose, to retrace their steps as superheroes. It was at this time that Tim customizes his outfit into the red and black one he has today in honor of his friend, Superboy's colors.

[edit] One Year Later

After taking a year-long trip with Bruce and Dick, Tim returns to Gotham and moves into the Wayne estate, gesturing a healthy relationship towards Bruce. Tim soon receives an unknown message regarding Batgirl, threats sending him on errands, and failing to do them would result in her death. Tim rushes out to find Cassandra, and comes upon a dead body in a Batgirl outfit. Shocked at first, Tim slowly un-masks the woman and finds that it's Lynx, a hired assassin. Before Gotham's Finest arrive on the scene, Tim takes the mask in hopes of finding out who is trying to frame Batgirl. Whilst running tests on the mask at Wayne Manor, Lady Shiva arrives to inform Tim of the recent death of Nyssa al Ghul, leaving the League of Assassins up for grabs. Tim focuses on his investigation, vowing not to let another person close to him die. He finds a clue in Batgirl's cowl written in a specific code. After deciphering it Robin's next objective is with Cassandra's father, David Cain. Robin abides by what the code asks of him, and breaks David out of Blackgate Prison. David informs Tim that his daughter is head of the League of Assassins. Tim, skeptical at first, finds out the truth after he confronts Cassandra.

Cassandra believes that she is meant to be a killer, and asks Tim to join her. Tim refuses as Cassandra shoots her father, apparently killing him. Tim then becomes hellbent in bringing Cassandra to the police, and fights through her League of Assassins before an explosion interrupts the battle. When Tim returns to the scene, he finds Cassandra's league to be dead, and his mini-camera still intact, which recorded everything. Tim notices David Cain managed to get away in the recording, and is able to clear his name from the footage.

Tim is interrupted from his search for Cassandra by Owen Mercer, a man who has taken up the Captain Boomerang mantle. He claims that he wants to be friends and let bygones be bygones, but Tim is not convinced. Captain Boomerang understands but asks for Tim's help on locating a devastating bomb planted by the Joker. The two end up working well together, and though Tim still has his doubts about Boomerang's motives, he shows his gratitude and respect. It was after this point that Bruce asks Tim to think about adoption again, due to everything that Tim has been through, and the memories that the new Captain Boomerang brought him. Tim accepts with tears and a hug, much to Bruce's surprise.

Sibling rivalry would soon follow after Tim moves into Wayne Manor, in Dick and Jason's old room. Bruce's illegitimate son Damian arrives on the scene, and confronts Tim about being his father's true sidekick and son, threatening to kill Tim if he doesn't leave. Though Tim understood Damian's position, he would not give up his role as Robin. Damian, short-tempered as he is, fought with Tim in the Batcave's trophy area, soon winning the battle by sucker-punching Tim into the T-Rex on display. Damian would proceed in stealing Jason's Robin mantle from the Batcave anc claiming it for his own. The two would have no choice but to team up, however, when Ra's al Ghul attempts to resurrect himself by sacrificing either Tim or Damian.

Tim and Steph reunite.

Following a run-in with Joker, which Tim was captured but able to escape, Tim notices a familiar figure prowling rooftops. Through some chasing, he realizes that it's Spoiler. At first, Tim thought he was imaginating her being there because he missed Stephanie, but they fought in a confrontation and Batman was on the scene, verifying Spoiler's existence. Batman and Robin chased Spoiler down to her apartment, Robin pinning her to the wall, demanding to know who she was. Stephanie revealed herself to Tim, much to his surprise. She explained that Dr. Leslie helped her escape to Africa to start a new life, and to get away from Black Mask because her identity had been compromised. Batman spoke up explaining that he somehow knew, as the girl he stayed by in the hospital was similar to Stephanie, but was actually a dying patient placed there to help cover up. The two reconcile and enjoy each other's company once again.

[edit] The 'New' Teen Titans

After the many devastating loses that the Teen Titans had suffered, Nightwing had disbanded the team. Tim decided to bring the Titans back, however, as he thought about his friend Superboy, how he would like to see the team still going strong, and in his honor. Tim banded together a few new members such as Ravager, Deathstroke's daughter, and Cyborg, who had recently re-awakened and found out about Superboy's death. Tim misses his friend so much that he is attempting to re-create him with use of Connor's DNA, a secret that Tim and Wonder Girl share, and it was that gesture that convinced Wonder Girl to re-join the team. The team would soon find work again as Deathstroke appears with a Teen Titans team of his own, Titans East, whose sole puropose is to torment Robin. He captures Tim and keeps him underground, mocking him for his losses with a trophy room filled with Superboy and Spoiler's costumes, and old clothes that belonged to his parents. Cassandra Cain is then ordered to inject Tim with a serum that would make him Deathstroke's puppet, a serum that Cassanra was poisoned with herself. Robin manages to break free and inject Cassandra with an antidote he developed for Ravager, and Batgirl, along with original Titans members, Nightwing, Donna Troy, and Flash, help bring down Deathstroke. Batgirl does not take well to being manipulated, and attempts to kill Deathstroke, but Nightwing arrives in time to stop her. An outraged Cassandra disappears into the night.

Soon after the chaos subsided, Tim receives news of his close friend, Bart Allen, being killed by the Flash rogues. He holds a funeral in honor of his friend, which many superheroes attend, and gives the eulogy. Robin then inserted a CD that Bart had given him in case of his death, showing him as Kid Flash, mentioning how lucky he is to have friends like the Titans, and how proud he is of all the heroes. Bart also mentions that he hopes to have lived up to the Flash's legacy. Robin would later encounter a new rival known as Dodge, and develop feelings for a girl named Zoanne. Aside from these distractions, Tim would confess his feelings to Cassie Sandsmark, the current Wonder Girl, and she returned his affection. A visit from the Titans of Tomorrow would uplift Tim's spirit even more, as Connor and Bart were among the members coming to aid in an invasion, Tim realizing that he will find a way to clone his two best friends, though he would have been more comfortable not knowing what his future analysis was. To clear his head, Tim attempts to do a normal interactive event: Date Cassie. Their love for one another is short-lived, however, as Cassie, though confessing her feelings for Tim, believes that she is not ready to give into them and may just be using him. During this time, another toll would strain the titans, as another group of evil Teen Titans, known as the Terror Titans, infiltrated Titan Tower. The Titans would later fall to the new group, though Ravager would save them, she became extremely violent and nearly killed Clock King for huting Tim. Ravager apparently joins the team after overhearing Tim and Cassie talk about her status as a member of the Titans. With Ravager gone, Miss Martian leaving the team, Marvin being murdered, and Wendy left in a coma, the status of the Teen Titans has been fading, and Tim leaves the leadership role to Cassie until he feels he is able to be more productive again.

[edit] Batman R.I.P.

During the recent Batman R.I.P. story arc, Batman has gone missing, and Tim leads the investigation in hopes of finding him. He recovers a notebook that Bruce wrote in during isolation training, trying to better understand the minds of the criminally insane. Robin and Spoiler follow the book and some whereabouts, leading to locations such as Penguin's base and random thugs in alleyways. Robin learns that Spoiler has been thwarting the investigation, though, and proceeds to find the truth on his own. Stephanie was told by Batman to keep Tim from knowing anything, as he wants Tim to truly gain his independence as Robin. Tim, on the other hand, believes that his mentor has gone insane, especially after their year-long trip.

Tim Drake taking on the mantle of Red Robin.

Tim's investigation is put on hold when Jason Todd pays him another visit. Jason has taken over the Gotham gangs and requests help from Tim in cleaning up the streets. Tim naturally refuses because, as Dick mentioned, Jason's ways were too radical. The two would have a little duel, with Tim gaining the advantage much to Jason's surprise. He noticed Tim had become much stronger since their last encounter, admiring the current Robin's will to go on. Their battle is interrupted by Ulysess Armstrong, also known as General, one of Tim's most lethal villains. Jason is shot in the leg by a random gang member's shooting and sent to prison, whilst Tim tracks down the General, who was teasing Jason by wearing the Red Robin costume. Through critical deducing and Tim's peak detective skills, he manages to find out who the General was working for: Anarky. Following him to his lair, Robin is left in a booby-trapped building, narrowly surviving it as it explodes. Tim had suffered a concussion as well as head burns and injuries from the blast, resulting in him taking up the Red Robin mantle to cover them up. In addition to being the third Robin, Tim is ironically the third person to wear the Red Robin costume.

[edit] Red Robin

Although Batman was pronounced dead during the events of Final Crisis, Tim refuses to believe this and continues the search for his mentor and adopted father, looking for any leads he could find about Bruce's whereabouts. He keeps his new persona, Red Robin, for this journey likely for various reasons. As mentioned, he has some wounds on his head that would require time to heal and he wants to cover those up, but there's also the matter of his sibling rivalry with Damian Wayne, who is now Dick's sidekick. Rather than step on Damian's toes, Tim doesn't mind the new Robin in town, and there's no simple way of saying "no" to his half-brother without igniting a flame. Tim's role as Robin is "suspended" to him until he finds his mentor, and returns by the rightful Batman's side as his partner.

[edit] Powers/Abilities

Tim Drake possesses the peak performances of a human being engaging in extensive exercise and training. He has great agility, stamina, endurance and strength, being trained by Batman and Nightwing in various forms of martial arts, as well as being trained by well-known masters around the world. Tim also keeps up his intellect, being the top of his class. He has extensive knowledge on criminology, even before Bruce's teachings, deducing years ago that Dick Grayson was Robin, and connecting that to Batman's identity. Tim has a knack for finding one's secret identity, and is often sought out by other heroes in need of tracking an alias for that purpose. Tim Drake also has background knowledge on computers, though not as much as Oracle, and various sciences. Through Batman, Tim has learned various languages.

[edit] Equipment/Vehicles

Tim Drake is the only Robin to really alter the outfit various times. Tim's version of Robin stands out with more modifications and armor with the suit. He alters it to primarily red and black in honor of his best friend, Conner Kent, and like Batman, has a Utility Belt for many gadgets. Hidden in Tim's cape is his bo staff, which is collapsable and unbreakable, and he uses it for defense. As far as vehicles go, Robin favors the motorcycle, though he is often prowling rooftops rather than driving.

[edit] Other Media Appearances

[edit] Television

Tim Drake as Robin in B:TAS.

Tim Drake has appeared in The New Adventures of Batman, which was the new season following Batman: The Animated Series. The Robin suit on display in the batcave has already donned the red and black that Tim wears today, Tim taking it on the episode, "Growing Pains," his father having some history with Two-Face. Tim is seen as a poor kid living on his own after his old man takes off, only to be found dead near a lake. Tim, though a child, manages to show great athleticism, and after saving Gotham from a poisonous gas that Two-Face was going to release, Tim earns Batman's trust as the new Robin. He appears throughout the series after, even showing his bond with Dick Grayson.

[edit] Film

Though not seen in any live-action films, Tim Drake is a main target of Joker in the future series animated film, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. Here, Tim is 40 years older, and is said to be forbidden by Bruce Wayne to become Robin again. He is seeked out by Terry McGinnis, the new Batman, for help on Joker's whereabouts. As it turns out, Tim was implanted with a chip, courtesy of the Joker, and it caused him to get controlled by the clown. Terry managed to save Tim by using one of Joker's buzzers, destroying the chip and ending Joker's existence for good. Tim is later seen with Bruce in the hospital, and the two reconcile about their differences from the past.

Robin is also seen in a few episodes of Static Shock, and has a role in Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman. Tim Drake is also mentioned in the Birds of Prey television series by Barbara.

[edit] Video Games

Tim Drake appears in various video games as Robin. His first playable appearance was in Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu, and he was Batman's joyful sidekick in the recent video game, Lego Batman. Robin, along with Batman and Nightwing, have been seen in the upcoming MMO, DC Universe Online.

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