The Forgotten (Batman: The Animated Series)

The Forgotten
AirdateOctober 8, 1992
Production Number8
Airdate Number23
Running Time22 minutes
Directed byBoyd Kirkland
Written bySean Catherine Derek

Richard Mueller

Jules Dennis
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The Forgotten is the eigth episode of Batman: The Animated Series. It first aired on October 8, 1992.

[edit] Plot

Bruce Wayne is helping out at a local mission in Gotham City. One of the men working there tells him that volunteers and homeless people have been vanishing lately. After returnin to the batcave, Bruce hides his identity using makeup and a wig. He then drives off into the slums of Gotham City to find out why these people are disappearing. While walking around, Bruce is jumped by two men. He easily dispatches of them, but Bruce is then hit in the head from behind by a thug with a baseball bat. When Bruce awakens, he is chained to a bed in a house out in the desert. He is greeted by two men named Dan Riley and Salvo Smith, and when the duo asks Bruce his name, he cannot remember as his identity has been forgotten.

At Wayne Manor, Alfred brings some food for Bruce into his room only to finder his master is gone. Meanwhile, it is revealed to Bruce that he is in a slave camp. It is run by a man named Boss Biggis, a very harsh and uncaring individual. To prevent any laziness amongst his workers, Biggis orders one of the men to be thrown into "the box", which is a container that generates extreme heat under the sun and normally kills whoever is inside it. Afterwards, Bruce, Riley, and Smith go to work in the mine to find gold ore. The cave eventually begins to collapse above them, but the three are able to survive unharmed.

Bruce looking at his own reflection.

Later that night, Bruce has a dream where he is looking into a mirror at himself dressed in a fancy suit and he is laughing uncontrollably. Suddenly the figure changes into The Joker, and he grabs Bruce as they fall towards the street from a high building. The dream quickly flashes to Bruce standing on the street outside of the Mission, handing out money to homeless people. After awakening in a cold sweat, Bruce and the others head outside to work. After Smith makes a rise-crack towards Biggis, he is ordered into the box. Bruce and Riley fight off a number of the henchman until they are overwhelmed. Bruce and Riley are then locked in the containers as a punishment.

Worrying over his master, Alfred heads down into the batcave and finds one of the cars missing. He uses the batcomputer to initiate the tracking device in the vehicle. Following the signal to a wreckage yard, Alfred spots two men loading something into a van. He sneaks under the van and places to tracking device from the car onto it so he can follow them. Back at the camp, Riley tells Bruce about his family and how he might never see them again. This causes Bruce to have a vision of his own parents playing with him as a child. It quickly flashes to an image of their gravestones, and then Batman standing high above the city. Bruce has finally remembered who he is.

Alfred flying the batplane.

Kicking out the side of the container, Bruce escapes into a canyon as Biggis and his men give chase. Bruce rockclimbs up the side of a mountain and is able to get away. Just then, Alfred flies by overhead inside of the batplane. He was able to track down Bruce. Once landing, Bruce thanks Alfred and then buts on the batsuit. He heads back to the camp to stomp Biggis and the others. Facing a storm of gunfire, Bruce retreats into the mining cavern.

Once inside, Bruce dispatches of two of them quickly. This causes Biggis to panic and shut off all of the lights, hoping to hide him and his men. It doesn't work as Batman knocks out the rest of the henchmen. Biggis falls back away in fright, dropping the torch he was carrying into a pen full of explosives. Batman knocks himself and Biggis into a river below just as the cave explodes in a giant ball of flame. With the slave camp finished, Bruce stands outside of the Mission with Riley and Smith. Revealing his true identity to his friends, Bruce offers the men a job if they need one so they can return to more normal lives.

[edit] Cast/Characters

Character Voice Actor
Bruce Wayne / Batman Kevin Conroy
Alfred Pennyworth Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
Boss Biggis George Murdock
Dan Riley Dorian Harewood

[edit] Background Information and Notes

  • It is implied that after kidnapping Bruce, Biggis' men take the Studebaker to the junkyard. But how exactly did they know this was Bruce's car, since he was walking along on foot when they jumped him?
  • When Bruce and Dan Riley are fighting Boss Biggis' men to protect Salvo Smith, Riley punches a bearded guy, knocking him down. In the very next shot, of Biggis yelling at his men to get them, the same bearded man is shown in the background behind Biggis.
  • When Boss Biggis' men seize the prisoner in the green shirt, there is a bald man with glasses and a blue outfit standing amongst the prisoners. Later, when Biggis' men are bringing in new prisoners (as Bruce is escaping), this exact same man can be seen being taken from the truck, implying he is a new arrival.
  • One of Boss Biggis' men is named Paur; obviously a reference to writer Frank Paur.
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