The Cat and the Claw: Part 1 (Batman: The Animated Series)

The Cat and the Claw: Part 1
AirdateSeptember 5, 1992
Production Number15
Airdate Number1
Running Time22 minutes
Directed byKevin Altieri
Story byLaren Bright
Sean Catherine Derek
Teleplay byJules Dennis
Richard Mueller
Previous EpisodeHeart of Ice
Next EpisodeThe Cat and the Claw: Part 2

The Cat and the Claw: Part 1 is the 15th episode of Batman: The Animated Series. It first aired on September 5, 1992.

[edit] Plot

Catwoman climbs up the side of a skyscraper in Gotham City as her cat sits atop her shoulder. Using her whip to reach a balcony high above, Catwoman looks inside of a nearby window and sees a diamond necklace. She removes a piece of the window with her claws and sends her cat inside. The animal is able to maneuver through the laser security and steal the necklace. Reunited with Catwoman, the two make their way back down the building as Batman watches from the rooftop. As Catwoman lands on another building, Batman steps in front of her. Catwoman dives off the side of the building, using her whip to land on top of another. She thinks she has escaped, but Batman is right behind her. The two continue their chase through the city, with Catwoman eventually knocking a stack of garbage cans onto Batman. Getting away, Catwoman makes her way up the side of an apartment complex as her cat is about to get run over by a vehicle. However, Batman is able to save the cat before it gets hit. Using a cat whistle, Catwoman summons her pet to her and blows a kiss towards Batman as she escapes. Standing on the street, Batman picks a piece of Catwoman’s outfit from his suit.

Catwoman fighting Batman.

Later in the evening, Bruce Wayne is up for bid at an Animal Rights Celebrity Auction he is attending. As women put up money for a date with the bachelor, Selina Kyle yells out a bid of $10,000, with no one matches. Bruce Wayne approaches Selina, flattered by her bid, as well as her beauty. Her secretary, Maven, hands the check to Bruce. Suddenly, gunfire is heard outside as cops chase after a vehicle with men firing a machine gun back at them. The criminals have stolen ammunition from the US Army. Bruce sneaks away and gets into his batsuit. Outside, he jumps on top of the vehicle and causes the driver to lose control as the van tips over. One of them men escapes from the crash and heads into the sewer. Commissioner Gordon arrives on the scene and thanks Batman for his help. He then tells him about a ruthless criminal named Red Claw being in the city. Batman promises to investigate further into the matter.

As her date with Bruce fast approaches, Selina Kyle puts the finishing touches on her makeup. Bruce soon arrives, handing her a bouquet of roses. Maven tells Selina that she has a phone call from her lawyer. He tells Selina about Multigon International outbidding her on a piece of land she had intended to turn into a wildlife preserve. The news outrages Selina, so Bruce makes a phone call to set up an appointment with the head of the company, Mr Stern. At the meeting, Stern tells them of his plans to build a resort on the land. Selina questions Stern's movies, as the land is deserted and serves no purpose other than as a living environment for wildcats. Afterwards, Selina promises to fight for the land as she leaves with Bruce. After they are gone, Red Claw appears and tells Stern to keep on eye on Selina so that she doesn’t complicate their plans.

Red Claw keeping an eye on Catwoman.

During a meeting held by one of the mob bosses in Gotham City, Batman drops in and demands information on Red Claw. He tells Batman that he doesn’t know anything, but will find out what he can. Meanwhile, Catwoman sneaks into Stern’s office after he leaves it for the night. Stern heads to the hideout of Red Claw. She is discussing the impending arrival of a train carrying a viral plague. Claw reminds them of its importance to their goals. Back in Stern’s office, Catwoman finds a stash of photographs and information concerning the land being fought over. As she takes pictures, Catwoman is spotted by a security camera. Claw and her men break into the office, but Catwoman has already escaped into the ventilation system. Once of the goons gives chase, but Catwoman has left a pile of cat-shaped spikes in his path. Reaching an elevator shaft, Catwoman climbs up until she reaches the roof. She grabs a piece of wood to barricade the door, but Claw and the others easily shot the blockade away.

Catwoman and Batman embracing in a kiss.

Attempting to escape, Catwoman jumps off towards another building. Unfortunately, she comes up short and holds onto the ledge as her cat escapes to safety. Red Claw pulls out a gun and fires towards Catwoman. She knocks her off, sending Catwoman falling towards the street below. However, Batman swoops in using his grappling hook and guides them to safety. The two embrace in a kiss as Catwoman thanks him for his help. Batman tries to take off Catwoman’s mask, but she stops him. As Batman attempts to take her in to the police, Catwoman kicks him away and escapes once again.

Arriving back in her apartment, Selina tells Maven about the information she found in Stern’s office. It details an underground abandoned military facility located at his company’s recently acquired land. As the two continue their discussion, one of Red Claw’s men sits atop a roof across the street, listening in on their conversation.

[edit] Cast/Characters

Character Voice Actor
Bruce Wayne / Batman Kevin Conroy
Commissioner Gordon Bob Hastings
Catwoman / Selina Kyle Adrienne Barbeau
Red Claw Kate Mulgrew
Mr Stern Herb Edelman
Maven Mary McDonald-Lewis
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