Starfire and Nightwing in their original costumes.
Real NamePrincess Koriand'r, Kory
Weight158 lbs
AbilitiesOf Tamaranean race, adopting their abilities

Possesses super-human strength and invulnerability
Able to fly and shoot 'Starbolts'

Trained in various levels of combat
Team AffiliationsTeen Titans
Base of OperationsTitan Tower
New York City

Starfire, also known as Kory, is a fictional character in the DC Universe. Born into the Tamaranean race, both Starfire and her jealous sister, Blackfire, were in line for the throne, until an alien group captured the two for experiments. Tamaraneans have the ability to absorb radiation and various forms of energy enabling them to fly and such, so the alien group decided on testing their limit. It gave birth to Starfire's 'starbolts' and with her newfound power, she broke her sister free and fled to Earth. There she met Dick Grayson and the Teen Titans, a team which she stuck with for many years. Starfire first appeared in DC Comics Presents #26, and was created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez.

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