Joker Venom

Victim suffering the effects of Joker Venom in The Laughing Fish.

Joker Venom is a poison, usually lethal, whose only known user, the Joker, is immune to it himself. The toxin causes the victim's facial muscles to pull up into what has often been referred to as a "repellent and ghastly grin." Some variations of Joker Venom have caused intense spasms of laughter, foaming at the mouth, yellowish discoloration in the eyes, skin and teeth. It first appeared, along with the Joker, in Batman #1 (Spring 1940) and has remained the Joker's signature weapon ever since.


[edit] Other Media Appearances

[edit] Batman (1989)

The venom is used by the Joker in Burton's 1989 Batman film, only he refers to it as "Smylex," which he describes as "the secret ingredient" in his "new & improved Joker Products" when he uses it to poison all beauty & hygiene products shipped to Gotham.

Earlier in the film, there is a shot showing what appears to be a stolen CIA file on DDID nerve gas, with a large stamp on the folder reading: "DISCONTINUED 1977." There are several photos of dead test subjects spread out across his desk, all with their facial muscles grotesquely pulled into "grins." A Rubik's Cube and party blower can also be seen on his desk. It is unclear if Jack Napier obtained this file earlier in his criminal career or was allowed access to it after, as the Joker, he murdered Carl Grissom and took over Grissom's criminal enterprises during the course of the film.

Candy Walker and Amanda Keeler, the first known Smylex victims.

Shortly before the Joker interrupts the Action News program with his "new & improved Joker Products" commerical, a female anchor correspondent reports on the first known victims of Smylex, fashion models Candy Walker and Amanda Keeler. She describes their reaction to recently applied make-up as a "violent allergic reaction," but she does not rule out the possibility of drug use. A few seconds later, however, the anchorwoman who has just given the report bursts into uncontrollable laughter and swiftly falls to the floor. She dies moments later, with the same "grin" on her face. Just after that, the Joker's commercial, in which he uses black-and-white cardboard cut-outs of the dead models, breaks in; both cardboard cutouts have superimposed lips saying, "Love that Joker!" The Joker adds, "I know what you're saying: where can I get these fine new items? Well, that's the gag. Chances are, you've bought 'em already!"

[edit] DC Animated Universe


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