I've Got Batman in My Basement (Batman: The Animated Series)

I've Got Batman in My Basement
AirdateSeptember 30, 1992
Production Number13
Airdate Number20
Running Time22 minutes
Directed byFrank Paur
Written byChris Hubbell and Sam Graham
Previous EpisodeIt's Never Too Late
Next EpisodeHeart of Ice

I've Got Batman in My Basement is the 13th episode of Batman: The Animated Series. It first aired on September 30, 1992. This episode features the first appearance of Mr Freeze in the series. The episode rocketed the series to fame, after it won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing in an Animated Program.

[edit] Plot

The sun is setting in Gotham City as two goons dressed in coveralls are riding up the side of a skyscraper in a lift. They stop at one of the floors, which houses a rare and valuable egg-shaped object. They remove part of the glass from the window and are able to snag the egg using a motorized claw. With the treasure in their possession, the men continue upwards in the lift until they reach the roof. The two men, congratulating themselves on a job well done, are surprised by Batman. Just as he is about to apprehend them, Batman is knocked to the ground by a giant vulture. After the goons escape, Batman is able to fight off the vulture by kicking it off the side of the building, causing it to fly away. Batman then looks down and notices bird seed spread across the ground.

Sherman and Roberta playing detective.

The next morning, Sherman, a child with dreams of being a detective, is playing with an investigation kit of his with a friend named Roberta. They are suddenly surprised by Frank and Nick, two local bullies. They pick on Sherman until a bird is heard overhead. Sherman looks through a pair of binoculars, surprised to see a vulture in Gotham. He and Roberta hop on their bikes and follow the bird to an industrial complex. Roberta warns him that they are entering onto private property, but Sherman’s curiosity gets the better of him. Once inside, the children make their way onto a conveyer belt high above as the two goons from earlier rest on the floor below, waiting for their boss. Suddenly, the floor opens up and The Penguin rises up on a platform. He takes the precious egg from his men just as Batman shows up, using a net to trap the vulture as it is about to attack Sherman. He then drops onto the ground, hitting a lever that drops a ton of birdseed onto the Penguin and his men. Above, Sherman accidently hits a switch, starting the conveyer belt they are on towards some spinning blades. Batman is able to save them though and then ushers the kids outside.

Batman goes back inside to apprehend the Penguin, but he is instead hit with a cloud of gas from Penguin’s umbrella. Stumbling outside, Batman attempts to crawl into the Batmobile, but he passes out. Sherman and Roberta rush to his aid, pushing Batman into the vehicle. Penguin and his men appear at the doorway as the children hop into the Batmobile. Hitting random buttons, they eventually close the top as Penguin and his men jump on top of the vehicle. Racing through the streets, the goons are knocked off and the Penguin eventually uses his umbrella to fly off the Batmobile as it races under and overhang.

Arriving back at his house, Sherman lays Batman down on his basement couch as Roberta reveals the egg that they managed to get back from the Penguin. During this time, Penguin and his men are driving through the streets as his vulture patrols from above. Back at Sherman’s, Batman utters the words “Capsule” and “Visor” before passing out once more from the gas he was exposed to. Sherman’s mother checks on them before leaving for the store. Outside, Nick and Frank uncover the Batmobile under a pile of boxes while playing. Sherman rushes to them, telling the bullies to be careful. While looking around the car, Frank finds a container of “Antitoxin” capsules in the visor. Sherman instantly realizes what Batman meant and grabs the pills from him. Then, the vulture swoops down from above, but Sherman is able to escape back into his basement. He feeds Batman one of the capsules, but it doesn’t have any immediate effect. Nick and Frank also go into the basement, trying to escape from the vulture. At the front of the house, Penguin and his men arrive as they prepare to make their way inside to reclaim the egg.

Batman doing battle with the Penguin.

The Penguin uses his umbrella to disable the lock on the back door as they enter the house. Once inside, they are surprised by a bunch of traps laid for them by Sherman, who used Batman’s utility belt to find different explosives and ropes. The two goons are nearly incapacitated and the Penguin is tied up. Sherman believes they have succeeded, but the Penguin releases a knife from the end of his umbrella to cut the rope. The children head back into the basement and lock the door as Penguin and his men give chase. Batman has yet to wake up as the Penguin busts down the basement door.

Once inside, he grabs the egg and is able to cut Batman using his knife when he wakes up, kicking Penguin away. Batman then grabs a screwdriver off the table and he engages in a jousting battle with Penguin and his knife. After knocking the goons out, Batman kicks Penguin into the wall, causing boxes to fall on him. Sherman’s mother then arrives, finding the chaos that had ensued within her house. Afterwards, Sherman puts newspaper clippings up in the basement, detailing his capture of the Penguin and how the Gotham City Zoo has taken in the vulture as a new animal. Then, Sherman and Roberta, along with their new friends, Nick and Frank, head off to solve their next case; A missing cat.

[edit] Cast/Characters

Character Voice Actor
Bruce Wayne / Batman Kevin Conroy
Penguin Paul Williams
Sherman Matthew Brooks
Roberta Denise Marco
Nick Adam Carl
Frank Richard Gilliland

[edit] Background Information and Notes

  • Shouldn't the Batmobile have stopped moving after Roberta fell backwards since Sherman couldn't reach the pedal to keep it going?
  • Sherman accidentally pressed the off switch, which started up the conveyer belt. Shouldn't it have been the on switch?
  • Bob Kane thought of the idea of the Penguin after seeing a commercial were a smoking penguin appeared on screen.
  • Sherman and Roberta are somewhat similar to Encyclopedia Brown and his friend Sally, from the children's books.
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