Heart of Ice (Batman: The Animated Series)

Heart of Ice
AirdateSeptember 7, 1992
Production Number14
Airdate Number3
Running Time22 minutes
Directed byBruce Timm
Written byPaul Dini
Previous EpisodeI've Got Batman in My Basement
Next EpisodeThe Cat and the Claw: Part 1

Heart of Ice is the 14th episode of Batman: The Animated Series. It first aired on September 7th, 1992.

[edit] Plot

An intimidating figure is holding a snow globe containing a spinning ballerina. The object closely resembles someone very important that was taken away from him. The man swears his revenge against those responsible. Meanwhile, Summer Gleeson is covering a news report about a number of crimes that have been committed lately against GothCorp, a company located within Gotham City. Apparently, items have been stolen from their many factories, with witnesses claiming that the perp wielded a giant freezing gun. In the batcave, Batman watches the report as he looks further into the objects stolen using his Bat-Computer. He is able to determine that when the different items are combined, they create a giant weapon. Knowing that one piece is still missing before the weapon is complete, Batman takes off for the last remaining GothCorp factory.

Later in the evening, an armored vehicle storms through the streets and crashes through the front gate of the factory. However, the batmobile is right behind in pursuit. The driver notices Batman behind him and alerts his boss who sits in the back, Mr Freeze. Freeze fires his gun onto the street behind him, freezing the road. The batmobile spins out of control, crashing into the side of a building. The armored car pulls up to a bay door, which Freeze covers in ice so they can crash through it. A couple of guards show up after hearing the commotion, but Freeze seals the door using his gun. While loading up the final parts needed for the weapon, Freeze and his men are surprised by Batman. He is able to knock out the henchman before confronting Freeze himself. Batman throws a batarang at Freeze, but he simply freezes the weapon. Freeze continues to fire his weapon at Batman, but he is able to avoid it. Eventually, Batman is knocked back against a heap of canisters and Freeze is able to hit Batman with his gun, freezing him. During the skirmish, Freeze accidently covered one of his henchman’s legs in ice. Freeze orders his men to leave him as they take off in their vehicle. Batman considers giving chase, but knows that he must attend to the half-frozen man.

Victor Fries with his wife, Nora.

Back at the batcave, Batman has placed the injured henchman into a chemical healing tank. Using it, Batman is able to melt the ice away from his legs and heal the man. Batman begins sneezing, admitting to Alfred that he has come down with a cold. Batman tells Alfred that he must leave for a meeting with ‘’Ferris Boyle’‘, CEO of GothCorp. Once there, Bruce asks him if someone would have a reason for stealing from his company. Boyle admits that a former scientist of GothCorp hated them very much, but that he had died. He was using company property for personal reasons, and when confronted by security, an explosion took place, killing him. Boyle then mentions that he is receiving an award later in the night for Humanitarian Industrialist of the year.

Meanwhile, Freeze sits in his base while his men finish completing the freeze cannon. Watching a report on Boyle’s award ceremony, Freeze wonders where his compassion was when ‘’she’‘ needed it. In the batcave, Batman searches through news articles relating to the factory explosion, but is unable to find anything. He tells Alfred that he’ll have to access GothCorp’s records to find anything. Before leaving, Alfred gives Batman a thermos full of chicken soup for his cold.

At the humanitarian ceremony, the guard in the security room is relieved by another guard. The man reveals himself to be Batman. He sneaks into the back room and pulls out a folder containing information on the explosion. In it, there are numerous photos of Nora Fries, wife of Victor Fries. There is also a video tape in the folder that Batman puts into a nearby VCR. Footage is shown of Dr. Fries in his lab where he has placed his wife, Nora, in a cryogenic container so a deadly illness within her body could not take her life. Suddenly, Ferris Boyle enters the area with security guards. He tells Fries off for using company property for his personal use. When the guards try to shut his project down, Fries grabs a gun from the guard. However, Boyle pushes Fries into a batch of chemicals, leaving him to apparently freeze to death. After the tape ends, Batman is surprised by Freeze who is standing behind him. He then fires his freeze gun at Batman.

Batman using his thermos to defeat Mr Freeze.

Batman awakens hanging upside down with his feet frozen. Mr. Freeze is standing below, who reveals that the suit he wears keeps him alive, as he needs sub-zero temperatures to survive. Freeze then leaves to go take care of Boyle. After he is gone, Batman is able to grab an icicle from nearby and free himself by jamming it against the ceiling. At the GothCorp building, Freeze arrives with the giant freeze gun and some of his goons. They park their vehicle outside of the building and begin firing the gun, creating a giant ice wall around the block. Batman soon arrives on the scene and is able to subdue all of Freeze’s henchman. Freeze then kicks open a fire hydrant, using his freeze gun to ride the water up as an ice pillar into GothCorp. Once inside, he confronts Boyle during the ceremony. Freeze fires his gun at Boyle, freezing the bottom half of his body. Boyle begs for forgiveness, but Freeze doesn’t want to hear it. From behind, Batman tries to stop Freeze from killing Boyle. However, Freeze is easily able to grab Batman and toss him across the room, as his suit triples his strength. Freeze then picks up Batman by the throat and begins choking him. In desperation, Batman grabs the thermos of chicken soup from his belt and smashes it against Freeze’s helmet, cracking it. The exposure to warmer air causes Freeze to collapse in weakness. Afterwards, Batman gives the tape of Boyle’s wrongful act to Summer Gleeson as a new story as Freeze is taken away to Arkham Asylum.

[edit] Cast/Characters

Character Voice Actor
Bruce Wayne / Batman Kevin Conroy
Alfred Pennyworth Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
Mr Freeze / Victor Fries Michael Ansara
Summer Gleeson Mari Devon
Ferris Boyle Mark Hamill

[edit] Background Information and Notes

  • This episode marks the first appearance of Ferris Boyle, Summer Gleeson, Nora Fries, and Victor Fries/Mr Freeze.
  • In 1993, "Heart of Ice" earned a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Writing in an Animated Program thanks to Pual Dini.
  • In 2005, Wizard Magazine selected "Heart of Ice" as the best episode of the BTAS
  • It was because of Mark Hamill's performance in this episode that got him the role for the Joker, as noted in the DVD commentary.
  • The tape of the accident that created Mr. Freeze features close-ups and jump cuts. If the recording was automated as it appears to be, this is not possible.
  • Mr. Freeze apparently has the only television that produces color as every other television in Gotham City is in black and white.

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