Blockbuster II.

Blockbuster is a fiction character in the Batman universe. Two particular men took on this role: Mark Desmond, and his criminal-prone brother, Roland Desmond. Roland has been Nightwing's greatest adversary during his time in Blüdhaven. He first appeared Detective Comics #345, and was created by Roger Stern and Tom Lyle.

[edit] Overview

Richard Desmond was a small-time crook who lived with his brother and mother in Blüdhaven. He soon worked his way up the ladder after a freak accident, gaining great knowledge as well as strength in the process. Richard's changes are similar to that of his brother's, who was a chemist in pursuit of super-strength. Richard eventually became the 'kingpin' of Blüdhaven, with his men working all around the city, even the police department.

[edit] Background

As a child, Richard Desmond wanted nothing more than to be mischievous. The older he got, the longer and more serious his criminal record became, from robbery to grand theft auto to murder, Richard was having fun. Unfortunately for Richard, he didn't spend much time on his studies like his brother did, and would often get caught in the act. It wasn't until his brother Mark developed a serum meant to give him super strength that Richard rose to power. Mark became a puppet to his brother, being used to commit crimes as he saw fit. Mark eventually joined the Suicide Squad, and was sent on his first mission without his brother's influence. Blockbuster I encountered Brimstone though, and was killed by the beast.

Richard's plans were put on hold without muscle, and he reverted back to petty crimes, that is until another freak accident occured. During an invasion from alians, a gene-bomb was set off on Earth, which had very negative effects on humans. Richard happened to be part of the group that suffered from the effects, with out-of-control seizures and other complications. The hospital he was taken into decided to give him a certain type of steroid, likely un-tested, to try and save him, but instead Blockbuster II was born. Unlike the previous Blockbuster, Richard retained his mind, and sold his soul to a demon named Neron for superior intellect, one that matches up to that of his brother's.

[edit] History

Blockbuster II, now armed with a keen body and mind, sought out a city to put his plans to action. Though he attempted to take control of the United States' capital, Washington D.C., Steel thought otherwise. Richard then fled to Blüdhaven, where his mother was staying, and slowly worked his way up the crime palace.

First confrontation.

Richard took down Angel Marin, who was at the time the crime lord of Blüdhaven, and soon set his followers out onto the city, such as Police Chief Redhorn and Torque, also known as Inspector Soames. Blockbuster's objective was to bring the criminal underworld together. Perhaps out of ill-faith or bad-timing, however, Nightwing moved into town shortly after, becoming the city's protector. Through various confrontations and intervening, Nightwing, with help of allies such as Oracle and Nite-Wing, foiled Blockbuster's plan time and time again, which drove the monster insane.

Richard Desmond's mother had eventually passed away, which sent Richard out-of-control for some time. He eventually came to his senses and set out bounties for Oracle and Nightwing, blaming Nightwing for his mother's death. Through the hired help, he learned of Nightwing's secret identity, and promised Nightwing that he will ruin his life, destroying everyone close to him. Believing to have Nightwing right where he wanted him in their final confrontation, Tarantula, a vigilante in her own right, intervened and shot Blockbuster II dead, Nightwing witnessing the event unfold right before his eyes.

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