Blüdhaven is a small city close to Gotham City, and becomes Nightwing's playground after going solo. Before his arrival, the city was corrupted with "dirty uniforms" as well as a dangerous mastermind behind the curtains. Blüdhaven is an economically-troubled industrial city that many choose to avoid due to 'more important' neighboring cities such as Gotham.

[edit] Infinite Crisis

During the Infinite Crisis arc, Chemo is dropped onto the city with help from the society run by Lex Luthor, as par request of Deathstroke. Over 100,000 people are killed due to the high levels of toxin and radiation exerted by Chemo. Many heroes arrive on the scene in an attempt to save the city, including Superman, who throws Chemo into outer space.

Nightwing departs from Blüdhaven after he cleans up the police department, whatever was left of it after Chemo's disaster, and he leaves the city's protection up to Robin and Batgirl.

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