Batman Family

Members of the Batman Family.

The Batman Family are considered to be a group of characters in the DC Comics universe who operate closely with Batman as well as affiliated with Gotham City. The members mostly consist of costumed vigilantes who have been given Batman's approval. They usually work similarily to Batman in mentality and crime-fighting, and look up to him as their leader, or the head of the family. Some members considered to be in this group are affiliated with Bruce Wayne's past, or through various organizations such as the Justice League.


[edit] Current Members

  • Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne's butler and ward. He's loyal and trustworthy, and has on many occasions saved Batman, Nightwing, and others, from death.
  • Dick Grayson, also known as Nightwing. Dick Grayson was the first Robin, Bruce adopting him after Dick's parents were killed before his very eyes. Dick now works "solo" as Nightwing.
  • Tim Drake, the current Robin. Tim is the third character to become Batman's sidekick, and holds true to it. He has a knack for finding out secret identities, which was the major factor in him becoming Robin.
  • Selina Kyle, who's alias is Catwoman. Once a cat-burglar, Selina now operates aside Batman. The two have often gotten intimate with one another, but understand that their differences keep them apart.
  • Cassandra Cain, the second Batgirl. Born to an assassin, Cassandra was a scarred child who knew only to kill, until reaching Gotham's vigilantes. Though silent, she became close to the Batman Family, with exception to Nightwing, and has been adopted by Bruce Wayne.
  • Barbara Gordon, otherwise known as the Oracle. She was Batgirl before her incident with the Joker in The Killing Joke, leaving her paralyzed from waist-down. Barbara now serves as an information broker to the family, often come to by many heroes.
  • Commissioner Gordon, Batman's most trusted detective on the police force. Gordon has a heart of gold and great mentality to fight Gotham's huge list of villains alongside Batman. He's lost his family, with the exception of Barbara, and his loyalty has been tested often, especially by Joker, but Gordon remains as the Commissioner of GCPD, taking down many crime organizations.
  • Stephanie Brown, who goes under the name Spoiler. Spoiler was created because of her father Cluemaster, she eventually enjoying the vigilante life. Spoiler would fall in love with Tim Drake, and 'fake death' after an incident involving Black Mask occured. Spoiler was also the fourth Robin, and only female to become Batman's sidekick.
  • Huntress, a member of the Birds of Prey. Her family was involved with the mafia, which cost them their lives. Huntress took matters into her own hands, and without guidance, she became rather reckless with hurting people. Huntress eventually shaped up when she gained support by Barbara.
  • Dr. Leslie Thompkins, doctor and family friend of the Wayne's. Leslie serves primarily as a medic for the family, treating their most fatal injuries. Leslie was close friends with Bruce's parents. She saved Stephanie Brown's life, but hid the information from Batman and company, which caused them to somewhat lose trust in her. Leslie currently works outside Africa.
  • Lucius Fox, work associate and close friend of Bruce. He knows of the family's identities, and assists them with management of funds, materials for their outfits, and also helps Bruce run Wayne Enterprises.

[edit] Deceased Members

  • Azrael, a rather violent vigilante who has worn the Batman mantle and assisted Bruce in bringing villains to justice. His body was never found.
  • Orpheus, a man who had gained Batman's respect, risking his life by going undercover into the criminal organization to revert to Batman, but was killed by Black Mask.
  • Harold Allnut, who helped Batman design and repair many of his gadgets. He was later killed by Hush in an effort to break Bruce down.

[edit] Former Members

  • Bette Kane, also known as Flamebird. She's gotten inspiration from Nightwing, even falling in love at one point, but has since worked alone after Nightwing didn't comply with her feelings. Flamebird has many useful gadgets and ability to aid her in battle.
  • Onyx, who was Orpheus' bodyguard. She becomes head of Orpheus' gang organization and a vigilante in her own right, and has worked with Oracle as well as Cassandra Cain.
  • Sasha Bordeaux, who used to serve as Bruce's bodyguard. She is now partially an OMAC cyborg, and is the Black Queen of Checkmate.
  • Harvey Dent, former district attorney. Two-Face eventually went back to being good, even getting surgery done to remove his disfiguration after being convinced by many that Gotham needed him. He protected the city whilst Batman, Robin, and Nightwing were away for one year in training, but went back to his old roots once Batman accused Dent of shooting some men.

[edit] Unknown Status

  • Jason Todd, who is currently Red Hood. Todd was the second Robin, though wasn't well-received. He was brutally murdered by Joker, a memory which haunts him and keeps him from completely becoming a trustworthy vigilante. Jason came back to life after the Crisis with the motive to save people, but do things his own way, without Batman's rules.
  • Edward Nigma, better known as The Riddler. After coming out of a coma, he has set up his own agency towards solving crimes, even assisting his old nemisis, Batman. It's unclear if this is just a plan by Riddler, or he really has turned over a new leaf.
  • Batwoman, also known as Kathy Kane. She has idolized Batman and wanted to save people like him, though she was killed by the League of Assassins. She came back after the Crisis as Kate Kane, but has not shown much interest in the Batman family other than helping Nightwing at one point.
  • Renée Montoya, currently working as The Question.
  • Talia al Ghul, mother of Bruce's son, Damian, and daughter of Ra's al Ghul.
  • Damian Wayne, Bruce and Talia's son. He's rather envious of Bruce's adopted members of the family, and is rather rash and hot-headed.
  • Bat-Mite, an imp version of Batman.
  • Holly Robinson, who once took up the Catwoman mantle for some time whilst Selina had a baby. She decided to search for a purpose in life, perhaps a new identity with her training, though she has become friends with Harley Quinn.
  • Darla Aquista, daugther of a Gotham crime lord. During a massive gang war, Darla was killed, but her father travelled the world with her corpse in an effort to bring her back to life. He came across Johnny Warlock who traded the father's life for her's. She was trained as an assassin to kill Robin, but ended up working with him to take down various metahumans before brought in by Shadowpact.
  • Simon Dark, a new figure and vigilante of Gotham, though his motives are unclear.
  • Jason Bard, an FBI agent who Batman and company come to from time to time, though in the recent arc, Bard mentions that he hasn't been contacted by Batman in weeks.

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