Batman (1966 movie)

Blu-Ray edition of Batman: The Movie
DirectorLeslie H Martinson
ProducerWilliam Dozier
Writer(s)Lorenzo Semple Jr
Release DatesJuly 30, 1966
Running Time105 minutes
Budget$1.4 million

Batman (later referred to as Batman: The Movie) is a 1966 film based on the hit Batman television series that aired during the decade. It was the first full-length feature film based on the character. In the movie, Adam West portrayed Batman, while Burt Ward played his sidekick, Robin.

The film centered around Batman and Robin as they attempted to stop Penguin and the Joker from getting away with holding a number of the worlds most influential individuals for ransom.

[edit] Plot

Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson are told about a yacht that has recently gone missing near Gotham City. The ship was under the command of Commodore Schmidlapp, and it was carrying a new scientific invention. Arriving back at Wayne Manor, Bruce and Dick slip into their costumes and become Batman and Robin. Taking the Batmobile to the airport, the Dynamic Duo gets into the Batcopter and heads towards the ship. Finding it at sea, Batman lowers himself towards the yacht using a ladder. However, he slips and falls towards the water, where a shark bites onto the ladder. Using ocean repellant bat-spray, Batman is able to free himself from the shark, which explodes upon impact with the water below.

While in a press conference, Batman and Robin deny the rumors of the missing yacht and scientific invention. Miss Kitka, a reporter from the Moscow Bugle, requests that the two heroes remove their masks, but Batman quickly opposes the idea. Afterwards, Batman and Robin meet with Commissioner Gordon and it is revealed that the ship they saw was merely an elaborate fake created using a projector. Accessing police records, Gordon finds that Penguin, Catwoman, Joker, and the Riddler are all at large and possibly working together. Meanwhile, on the yacht, Miss Kitka (now revealed to be Catwoman in disguise) meets with her three allies. Keeping Commodore Schmidlapp prisoner in one of the holds below, Penguin orders his men to prepare the submarine for departure.

Aboard the Batboat, Batman and Robin head out to see and find a suspicious looking buoy. Investigating further, they find a projector hidden inside which was used to create the fake yacht from earlier. Underneath them, Penguin spots Batman and Robin and orders torpedoes fired at them immediately. Using a transmitter on his belt, Batman is able to reverse the polarity of the weapons. However, a final torpedo gets by and is able to kill him and Robin. Luckily, a porpoise jumps out of the water and becomes a barrier, saving them. Back on land, Batman and Robin make their escape in the Batmobile.

With the villains grouped together inside their hideout in a boathouse, they discuss a plan to capture the Security Council of the United World Organization. But first, they must get rid of Batman. Catwoman suggests kidnapping Bruce Wayne and using him as bait for Batman. Later in the evening, Catwoman disguises herself as Kitka once more and goes on a date with Bruce. Back at her apartment, the two are surprised by Joker, Penguin, and the Riddler. They used rocket propelled umbrellas to arrive at their location. After a brief fight, Batman is kidnapped and taken to the boathouse as their prisoner. Using his quick thinking, Batman is able to free himself from the clutches of his enemies and escape by jumping into the water.

Following Batman’s escape, the Penguin reveals that the scientific invention aboard the ship is a dehydrator capable of turning human beings into dust by extracting the water from their body. The Penguin uses it on five of his goons, collecting their dust into test tubes. Batman would soon arrive back at the docks, this time accompanied by Robin. Making his way inside, Batman realized that both the villains and Kitka were gone. Finding a bomb, Batman grabbed it and threw it into the ocean, saving himself and the citizens in the area. The Dynamic Duo would then be approached by the Penguin, who disguised himself as Commodore Schmidlapp. They took him back to the batcave as their prisoner.

Once there, the Penguin would rehydrate the dust of his henchman to bring them back to life. However, they would be easily defeated by Batman and Robin. Batman would devise a plan to let Penguin steal the Batmobile and track him using the vehicle’s homing beacon. As the Penguin escaped, Batman and Robin followed him in the batcopter. In the submarine, the Joker saw them in the air and fired a torpedo, which would hit them. Falling to the ground, the batcopter safely landed on some foam rubber which was on display at an auction. Believing Batman and Robin were dead, Catwoman, Riddler, and the Joker arrived at the United World Organization. The Penguin arrived shortly after and regrouped with his comrades.

Interrupting the Security Council meeting, the Penguin used the dehydrator to turn the board members into dust. Collecting their remains into tubes, the group attempted to escape but they were stopped by Batman and Robin, who had tracked Penguin to the location. Catwoman threatened to kill Kitka if they came any further. Fleeing to the safety of their submarine, the Penguin instructed the group to issue ransom demands for $1 billion for each of the council members they kidnapped. Locating the group, Batman and Robin avoided homing missiles aboard their Batboat and fired bat-charges into the water, forcing their submarine to the surface.

The two sides engaged in a lengthy hand-to-hand fight, with everyone being thrown off the side of the boat. Batman would make his way back on top of the submarine, where he gave chase to Catwoman. She would fall and lose her mask, revealing herself to be Kitka all this time to Batman. Batman called the coastguard and alerted them to the capture of the villains. During the skirmish, the dust vials were broken. However, Batman used a super molecular dust separator to reorganize each individual’s remains. Back in the United World Organization building, Batman placed the dust of each council member back on their chairs and used water to rehydrate them all. As the council members came back to life and began arguing over world affairs, Batman hoped that the group would be able to come together in the future. Batman then repelled off the side of the building with Robin as the two headed home.

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