Real NameDorrance (First name unknown)
Weight400 lbs
AbilitiesSuper Strength

Master Strategist

Genius Level Intellect
Team AffiliationsSuicide Squad
Secret Society of Super Villains
Base of OperationsGotham City

Bane is a fictional character in the Batman universe. He first appeared in the comic book titled Batman: Vengeance of Bane, and was created by Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench, and Graham Nolan.


[edit] Overview

Bane had a troubled existence from birth, spending his childhood in a terrifying prison on the island of Santa Prisca. During this time, he was used as a guinea pig for an experimental drug called Venom which gave him superhuman strength. His dependency on the drug was quite significant in the storyline, but also noteworthy was his high level of intelligence and quick strategic thinking has made him one of Batman’s greatest foes. Bane even became the first villain to “break the bat” in the now famous Knightfall storyline.

Aside from comics, Bane has appeared in many different animated versions of Batman, including Batman: The Animated Series. He also appeared in the movie Batman & Robin, but his character was not well received. Portrayed as a clueless dolt, the difference between his comic book creation was drastic.

[edit] Background

Born to serve the life sentence in prison given to his father, Bane’s childhood and early life was spent inside the prison Pena Duro, on Santa Prisca island. Through this restricted existence, Bane developed himself to extreme lengths. He bulked up amazing muscle mass through regular gym workouts, and his intelligence is nearly unmatched due to his keen interest in reading as he spends much of his down-time reading as much material as possible. Bane first committed murder at the tender age of eight, when he stabbed a criminal to death who was looking to gain information on the prison.

Bane is not without friends; His one ally is a teddy bear named Osito that he carries with him all the time. It is later revealed that Osito serves a very dangerous purpose, and that he was storing a knife within its body that Bane uses against anyone who threatens him. Eventually Bane was crowned the King of Pena Duro through his ruthless and violent nature.

Later, Bane was forced to be a test subject for a drug called Venom as the prison heads become alert of Bane’s rise to power within the prison’s walls. Venom, a drug that kills nearly all of its subjects, ends up giving Bane superhuman-like strength. The drug does not come without side effects though. Bane must inject the fluid into his brain using cables or else he will suffer from severe and life-threatening side effects.

[edit] Breaking the Bat

Bane breaking the back of Batman

A number of years later, Bane escaped from prison with help from some of his accomplices. Once free, Bane turned his attention towards Batman, whom he had heard many a tale about during his time in Pena Duro. Bane lives and breathes through instilling fear within those that stand against him, and he sees Batman as the fear in which criminals and citizens cower alike within Gotham City. Instead of rampaging the city in an attempt to attack Batman head on foolishly, Bane instead instituted a plan that consisted of freeing a number of inmates from Arkham Asylum, including the Joker, Scarecrow, the Mad Hatter, Cavalier, and Zsasz.

In the ensuing chaos, Batman is charged with rounding up all of the criminals. A very daunting task, he is successful, but completely exhausted and fatigued. The combination of Joker and Scarecrow especially caused him much trouble. Upon returning to Wayne Manor, Batman was greeted by the vicious Bane. The twos fight moved into the Batcave, but even within his own home, the Dark Knight was no match. Bane won the battle and then “broke the bat”, snapping his back to a point where Bruce Wayne became a paraplegic.

With Batman on the sidelines, Bane became a central figure in Gotham City, one of the leading criminal lords. During this time, Bruce Wayne chose a successor, a man by the name of Jean-Paul Valley, also known as Azrael. Jean-Paul was quite a different Batman though, a far more violent and uncaring version of Bruce Wayne. Azrael was unwilling to accept Robin as his partner in his succession to Bruce. Using an advanced armored suit, the “new” Batman battled Bane and was victorious. He was able to severe the tube infusing Venom to Bane's body, leaving the monster helpless against the heir to the new Bat throne.

[edit] Legacy

Following the vicious beating he received, Bane recovered from both his injuries, and his addiction to Venom. These events were portrayed while Bane served time in prison during Batman: Vengeance of Bane II - The Redemption. Eventually, Bane escapes from the prison and returns to Gotham where he fights side by side with Batman as they take down a crime gang attempting to distribute Venom to other factions. Bane hoped these good-natured acts served to redeem him for past crimes and with that he left the city without picking a fight with Batman. With his leave of the city of Gotham, he went in search of his father.

Bane later ends up on Santa Prisca, the island in which he served prison time as a youth. He encountered a Priest who he had met as a child and who also had served as a mentor for Bane. The Priest revealed that his father was one of four men: An English mercenary, a Santa Priscan revolutionary, a US Doctor, or a Swiss banker. While continuing his search in Rome, Bane encounters Talia Al Ghul, daughter of Ra's Al Ghul. When introduced to her father, Ra’s ended up choosing Bane as his heir after he felt impressed by the giant beast. Once united, Bane and Ra’s Al Ghul began an attack on Gotham portrayed in the “Legacy” storyline. Batman had to step in to stop their assault and was able to defeat Bane in combat.

[edit] Brothers of Terror

In “Bane of the Demon”, Bane is told by a Priest that his biological father was an American Doctor, and after further research, Bane begins to believe the man to be Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father. Bane then travels to Gotham and confronts Bruce Wayne with the news. They take DNA tests, and during this time, Bane stays with Bruce at his mansion and helps him fight off villains in the city. When the test results came back, it was revealed that Thomas Wayne was NOT Bane’s father. Bane leaves the city peacefully, and, with Bruce Wayne’s financial assistant, continues the search for his biological father.

[edit] One Year Later

In One Year Later, Bane approaches the Hourmen looking for assistance, and to win them over, Bane told them about how he stopped the expanding drug epidemic in his homeland, but in the process, was captured and implanted with a new strain of Venom. Bane tells Rex and Rick Tyler (Hourmen) that he seeks their fathers help in ridding himself of the new addiction. It is revealed to all be a ploy though, as Bane was never actually captured or given a new Venom injection. In fact, he wiped out the entire drug cartel. Bane then captures Rex and nearly forces Rick to give himself Venom injections due to their research being a key factor in Venom's creation. The brothers are able to fight off Bane and eventually bury him underneath the Santa Prisca prison.

After Bane frees himself, he places Santa Prisca under martial law and starts a war within the country. Fire and Thomas Jagger are sent in to stop Bane by Computron. Thomas Jagger is the son of Judomaster, whom Bane killed earlier in his life. He nearly returns the favor but instead decides to let Bane live after having a chance at vengeance. Afterwards, Bane joins the Suicide Squad, but is soon betrayed by his fellow members and sent off to the prison planet.

[edit] Powers/Abilities

Bane is one of the most physically imposing characters in the Batman universe. Even before being given the Venom drug, Bane had incredible strength that surpassed nearly all of those around him. Once the drug took effect, he had superhuman strength. Bane is also a great intellect and amazing strategist, with Ra’s Al Ghul declaring Bane “has a mind equal to the greatest he has known”. He is also capable of speaking over six different languages and he has a photographic memory. Bane is also highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

[edit] Equipment

Bane is not one to use many weapons and armaments when fighting Batman and other foes. Aside from the Venom tube-feeding system, Bane mainly relied on his fists during confrontations. In No Man's Land however, Bane gained access to a number of highly destructive weapons as he became one of the most feared men in Gotham City.

[edit] Other Media Appearances

[edit] Television

Bane in Batman: The Animated Series

Batman: The Animated Series - Bane is depicted as a villain in Batman: The Animated Series, as well as its various spin-offs. In these depictions, Bane was noticeably different from his comic book counterpart. For instance, he was never able to defeat Batman in the animated version, and he was under-utilized, as the writers did not feel as if Bane was a legit and real enough character within their created world.

Bane first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series as an assassin hired by Rupert Thorne to defeat Batman. Bane eventually battles Batman aboard a large boat after Robin is kidnapped and he nearly wins their battle. Bane is about to break his back but Batman is able to use a batarang to cause a malfunction with the tube’s connected between Bane’s body. Before his body overdoses from Venom, Batman is able to sever the drug from his body, leaving Bane unconscious on the ground.

Bane would also appear in a Batman Beyond episode titled The Winning Edge. In this depiction, Bane is shown to be a rather weak character as his dependency on Venom leads him to the point where he needs it to just stay alive, and in his weakened state, Bane teaches someone how to make the drug. Eventually, it is mass produced and sold to people on the streets in the form of stickers.

A more violent and vicious Bane was shown in the series The Batman. In it, Bane is shown as a professional thief and assassin hired by Gotham's mob to find and defeat Batman. In their first encounter, Bane is able to hurt Batman badly. Bane once again has the tube-feeding system, but this time it is controlled by a dial on his hand. This gave Bane quite a weakness as the system was easily succeptible to electricity, and was his means of defeat on more than one occasion.

[edit] Movies

Bane as he appears in Batman & Robin

In the 1997 movie Batman & Robin, Bane is depicted as a criminal by the name of Antonio Diego. He is a very weak looking individual, but ends up being transformed into the monster Bane by Dr Jason Woodrue. This incarnation was rather disliked by many people who saw the movie as Bane was not the highly intellectual killer from the comics. Instead, he was shown as a lackey for Poison Ivy, incapable of expressing anything more than grunts and growls while following her every command in a very robot like manner. Bane still retains his super strength though.

Near the end of the film, Bane is defeated as Robin and Batgirl are able to kick off his feeding tubes as Bane attempted to strangle them. He then shrinks back down to his original size, but is not killed off. What happens afterwards is unknown.

Bane is also seen in the animated film, Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman. Here he is hired by Penguin to take out Batwoman, who was often foiling Penguin's criminal objectives. Bane succeeds on what he was hired to do: Capture Batwoman. He lures her in by allowing her to examine Penguin's ship, but before he would kill her, he un-masks her and notices a familiar face (the daughter of one of the crime lords). Batman arrives on the scene in time to rescue Batwoman and battles Bane throughout the ship, even as the ship was sinking. Bane injures Batman by ramming him into the ship, and shows his super strength by breaking out of a constricting, 'unbreakable' metal that Batwoman developed. As Bane proceeds to activate his Venom, Batman uses this chance to escape the ship, dodging Bane's attack by using his grappling hook.

[edit] Video Games

Bane as he appears in Batman: Arkham Asylum

Bane is featured in a couple of titles, including the Batman & Robin video game, Batman: Chaos in Gotham, Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu, and most recently, Lego Batman. Also, Bane has been confirmed as a villain in the video game, Batman: Arkham Asylum.

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