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The Scarecrow
Real NameJonathan Crane
Weight140 lbs
AbilitiesMaster of Fear
Capable hand-to-hand fighter
Team AffiliationsInjustice League

Injustice Gang

Secret Society of Super Villains
Base of OperationsGotham City

The Scarecrow made his debut in 1941. He invents a fear toxin and intends to make the people who fired him bow down to him and eventually wants to take over the government.

In his human form, he is Dr. Jonathan Crane, and in most continuities, works at Arkham Asylum.


Scarecrow has only been portrayed by Cillian Murphy on screen, in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. He is shown to be working at Arkham Asylum as both a lawyer and a doctor, and is shown to be appealing insanity for all of his clients so he can experiment on them. He is the only film villain to date who has been seen in two consecutive films.

The Scarecrow was scheduled to be in the sequel to Batman & Robin, alongside Man-Bat and Harley Quinn. However, after the poor ratings received by Batman & Robin, the plan was dropped.

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