Sam Hamm

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Sam Hamm

Sam Hamm is an American screenwriter who wrote screenplays for Tim Burton's Batman and Batman Returns. His script for Batman Returns was never used, however Daniel Waters kept some things from his version like the Christmas setting and Penguin & Catwoman as the villains. Since the first Batman film only hinted at Bruce Wayne's training, Denny O'Neil invited Hamm write a story arc showing a bit of his tutelage abroad for the DC continuity. The story was titled Blind Justice, which was first published in Detective Comics #598-600 in March, April, and May of 1989. Besides being a publicity stunt to fuel the already massive hype for the upcoming film, the story is also notable for being the debut of the Henri Ducard character, who ironically, was later used by David S. Goyer for Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins.

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