Batman: Arkham Challenge Mode

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Challenge Mode is a recurring feature throughout Batman: Arkham allowing players to test their combat or stealth skills as Batman and/or other characters.


[edit] Combat

Combat can let the player battle waves of enemies with certain difficulties.

[edit] Predator

Predator allows the player to study their stealth abilities for each map.

[edit] Batmobile

Exclusive to Batman: Arkham Knight, players can test the Batmobile for race tracks, target practice or a hybrid map.

[edit] Playable Characters in Challenge Mode

[edit] Asylum

  • Batman
  • The Joker (PS3 DLC)

[edit] City

  • Batman
  • Catwoman (DLC)
  • Robin (DLC)
  • Nightwing (DLC)

[edit] Origins

  • Batman
  • Deathstroke (DLC)

[edit] Knight

  • Batman
  • Catwoman
  • Nightwing
  • Robin
  • Azrael
  • Harley Quinn (DLC)
  • Red Hood (DLC)
  • Batgirl (DLC)

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